Throw a bow on it

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It doesn't matter how old you are, you're never too old to top yourself off with a bow.  And NO we are not talking about this kind of bow....although we totally would if our "mom boobs" wouldn't slip and sag out of the bottom!

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We are talking about the fashion kind.  Not sure if its the cold weather or the fact that holiday gifts are right around the corner but we get really into bow adornment in our closets and on the streets.  

There is something so sweet yet so chic and perfectly in line with the holidays about a bow.  Here are a few of our favorite bows of

the season...and the best part they won't break the bank!  You're welcome :)

(from top left to bottom right)

topshop silver heel // asos faux cropped top // ulla johnson jumpsuit // jcrew dress // freepeople fishnet socks // urban outfitters tie top // zara floral blouse // zara velvet shorts

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You deserve a bow...because you're a GIFT!

xoxo TWH

Pajama to live in "men's" pajamas

Being a hardworking woman ain't easy.  We take on the world and the world takes us on.  Our days start before the sun goes up and ends long after the moon has risen.  So when that cozy bed is calling us the last thing we want to worry about is being "cute or put together".  We want snuggly sweats, big tushed undies (cuz sleeping in a thong is seriously the most uncomfortable thing ever...sorry hubbies) and a worn out tee.  But then to be honest, it would be really nice to wake up and start the day looking kinda put together...kinda?!

And the irony is we sit here in vintage tees and sweats researching and typing this.  So this is more than a post...this is a call to action!  It's time to look great going to bed so you can look just as great (minus the sheet marks, puffy eyes and bed head) when you wake up.  It's more for us than our's like putting on lipstick or's like a pinch on the bum and a tiny shot of "I got this"   

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Now, throwing on some really lovely lingerie is amazing too but there are days where cozy is just where it's at..and our favorite way to be cozy and sexy at the same time is in men's pajamas (but the ones for us).  They are crisp, clean and cute!  Plus you can let it ALL hang out!  Look ma' no bra!  Here are our favorites right now... 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

Guess what looks great with these pajamas?  Converse or even sexy heels...get our drift...Out of the sheets onto the streets...

xoxo TWH

Lounging Around

google images

google images

After weeks of non stop planning, flower mart trips, balloon store visits (we are very particular about our color combos) marigold stringing, party supply renting, 3 ft balloon blowing we are ready to snuggle up, lounge about and get lost in a good book or the September Issue thats calling our names... oh wait!  We are moms, go getters, wives, women, chauffeurs, care takers, lunch makers, path runners, weight lifting ladies... we have no time to lounge but it sounds dreamy!

As soon as we got home after a 12 hour day of party prep and champagne drinking, all we wanted to do was throw on cute cozy clothes and sleep but instead we threw on old sweats and our husbands tees.  Now that's not to say that look isn't cute (because it is one of our faves) but sometimes its nice to let the sweet feminine side out with a splash of cozy.  It would be nice to think we were the girls that threw on slips and negliges but we aren't so the next best thing are cute yet cozy clothes.  Here's a few we are putting in our virtual carts right now

1  //   2   //   3   //   4   //   5   //   6   // 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 

Best part of snuggling up in these?  You can wear them out the door and no one will be the wiser that you are in your jammies.

Throw on a pair of high tops, a vintage tee and an army jacket and you are ready to run around...take them off when you get home and your ready for wine...see?  We save you time and money!  Double duty living.

converse // obey  // tee

How ever you lounge just're worth it!  Relax...snuggle...