Throw a bow on it

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It doesn't matter how old you are, you're never too old to top yourself off with a bow.  And NO we are not talking about this kind of bow....although we totally would if our "mom boobs" wouldn't slip and sag out of the bottom!

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We are talking about the fashion kind.  Not sure if its the cold weather or the fact that holiday gifts are right around the corner but we get really into bow adornment in our closets and on the streets.  

There is something so sweet yet so chic and perfectly in line with the holidays about a bow.  Here are a few of our favorite bows of

the season...and the best part they won't break the bank!  You're welcome :)

(from top left to bottom right)

topshop silver heel // asos faux cropped top // ulla johnson jumpsuit // jcrew dress // freepeople fishnet socks // urban outfitters tie top // zara floral blouse // zara velvet shorts

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You deserve a bow...because you're a GIFT!

xoxo TWH

Hippie Hippie Shake

With the summer and outdoor concert/festival season in full effect we are pulling all of our favorite "hippie" gauzy yumminess from the backs of the closet and draping them on our (faux) sun kissed bodies.  



From the time we were in middle school we were begging our moms and friends to drive us to thrift stores to score the perfect hippie top or dress.  And we are still just as obsessed but instead of scouring the thrift stores (one day, i tell myself, one day when all the kids are in school) we are scouring the inter webs.  

Designers all over are popping up all over with the newest kind of hippie duds....thank you Nicole Richie...thank you for making hippie cute again.  You may have used them as maternity dresses but no one cared, you looked perfectly chic.

There is nothing like the feeling of nothing on your body when its hot out and these pieces feel just like that.  Gorgeous yummy nothingness.

And PS nothing is cuter than these pieces with black tights and booties in the winter so thats a double score for your closet.  Its almost like you made money...right?! Get out there and get your hippie on!

Here are our picks of the season-

1. urban  2.barneys  3.ascot  4.shopbop  5.spell  6.spell  7.raga  9.ebay 

Not sure what shoes to wear?  Here are a few of our favorites to go with the gauzy dreams-

Converse- Seriously Con hightops go with EVERYTHING and hippie pieces are no exception.  

Booties- Just look at #two and #six above!  Booties are a great way to up the ante and outfit

Gladiators- We have never met a gladiator we didn't like!  And there is a slight modern throwback vibe when you pair them with these yummy clothes.

PPS Going to a fest or outdoor concert?  Check out our previous post on the essentials you may forget to pack!

xoxo TWH

The Minimalists

The Minimalists

Little Surfer Girl

Malia Jones- our first crush

Malia Jones- our first crush

Theres just something about a girl surfer.  They just have a natural sexiness, effortless style.  Is it because they are in that moment totally at one with nature?  Is it because they have incredible drive and passion (and bodies)?  Or is it simply because they are just rad and can hang with the boys like no other. 


What ever it is, I have always been in love with all things surf, even though my days as a beach bunny/surfer lover at Third Point Malibu have sadly come to an end and even sadder that my days on a board ended even longer ago...and after 2 days.

So nothing could make this beach bunny (at heart) happier than the new breed of beach wear.  Now we can all imagine we just carved a fresh swell at dawn when in actuality we can barely duck dive :)

No matter what your body type there is something for you in the surfer girl chic beachwear this summer.

Cover your top- The new rash guards protect you from the sun and look incredible chic.

Love this   Free People   tie back rash guard.

Love this Free People tie back rash guard.

The day I have this the day I buy this   Mara Hoffman   rash guard stunner.  Its perfection. Not too sexy and not too covered up.  

The day I have this the day I buy this Mara Hoffman rash guard stunner.  Its perfection. Not too sexy and not too covered up.  

Oh   Mara  !  You are our spirit animal!!!!

Oh Mara!  You are our spirit animal!!!!

Cover your tush- Got great abs? But want to cover your cheeks? The new surf pant is perfect for you. 

Roxy Pant

Roxy Pant

We are loving the new surf pant.  Made of neoprene much like its wetsuit cousin.  There is a major sexiness to them right? Throw a tee on top of them after the beach and you are done!  

Are these from  Roxy ?  Any one...any one?  Bueller?

Are these from Roxy?  Any one...any one?  Bueller?

LOVE these neoprene pants from   Urban

LOVE these neoprene pants from Urban

Cover most of it old school style but new wave with the new spring suits

Oh hey sweet n sexy spring suit from   Free People

Oh hey sweet n sexy spring suit from Free People

How cute is this  vintage-esque spring suit from   Billabong  s capsule collection.  This could get me surfing for sure.

How cute is this  vintage-esque spring suit from Billabongs capsule collection.  This could get me surfing for sure.

Its never too late to become a surfer or at least dream that you are one.  Get your hair salty and your toes sand and let the sun kiss your skin...(but wear SPF!)


xoxo TWH

All eyes on you

One of the most popular talismans spanning all cultures, religions and eras is the "evil eye".  

It has been said that the evil eye as protection started B.C. by the Greeks and Romans to shield ones self from bad luck and bad relationships from having too big of an ego. Through the years it has become protection from others giving you an "evil glance" from envy, jealousy and anger that curses you.  

What ever it means to you whether you believe its powers or not, we can all agree there is something quite special and beautiful about it. 

We could have a post 3 miles long with our fave jewelry picks of the Evil Eye but fear not...

You may have read about our undying love for everything Mara Hoffman does and how we are still coveting her Eye rug even a year later but she really is the Queen of making the Evil Eye gorgeous.

We also missed out on her stunning pillow but when both of us received these amazing pillows for our homes our thirst was satisfied!  And I gasped out loud when I found them online at Urban Outfitters researching this post and saw that our wallets were satisfied too.

Speaking of the amazing Urban Outfitters how gorgeous is this mobile?  Perfect for a nursery, kitchen corner, living room, bedroom...shall we go on?

This piece was actually the catalyst for this post.  WE ARE OBSESSED with this Rylee and Cru onesie.  A certain little bunny girl would look quite cute in it.

This Chaser shirt from our faves at Ascott and Hart makes us flutter with glee and we can mini me it with the bunny.  Voila!

No time for a mani?  Seriously...who does...right mamas?  These nail wraps from Pixie Market will fix that problem for you.  Your digits will be on point...literally.

Cover your un-pedicured toes in these summer ready espadrilles from who else but Soludos x Jason Polan.  

Dying for this stunning clutch by Ourlieu.  Its a perfect summertime staple to elevate any outfit.

After years and years of seeing the same Eye rings over and over when we came across this Jacqui-Aiche ring we were instantly smitten. 

For fashion or superstition the Eye is here to stay...even 3000 years later :)

And PS...Mothers Day is a week away guys... Just saying..  ahhhemmmm...JUST SAYING this Established Jewelry  bracelet is unreal. Un-real.

Guys,   this Established Jewelry bracelet   will last you quite a few mothers days if you know what we mean. 

Guys, this Established Jewelry bracelet will last you quite a few mothers days if you know what we mean.