You Say Peasant Like It's A Bad Thing......

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

There is something undeniably sexy and timeless about a peasant blouse. Over the years many of the most iconic, stylish and beautiful women have considered them a wardrobe staple. If you don't already have a few left over from high school, it's time to fill your closet with this easy to wear, easy to mix and match pieces. Paired with your old Levis or dressed up with all your gold jewelry, make sure you dip into the Peasant trend this summer. 

As always, we made it easy for you to shop the look by rounding up our favorites for you. 

The Reformation 

The Reformation 

Once again The Reformation, our favorite sustainable, eco-friendly fashion label has nailed everything we dream of. The Kiera Top is the perfect laid back yet unbelievably sexy piece that defines this look. 


Eri + Ali

Eri + Ali

Putting a modern spin on this timeless look is easy with Eri + Ali's beautiful jumpsuit. Easy and effortless this style will set you apart this summer, in fact it's so easy and effortless, it may be hard to wear anything else. 

Free People 

Free People 

The About Time top from Free People gives you just the right amount of coverage on top to go a little short on the bottom. We love the open lacework of this beautiful top. 

The General Store

The General Store

This delicious vintage piece from The General Store is making our hearts race in all the right ways.  It's a one of a kind, so get it quick if you are getting all the real deal feels. 


Flynn Skye

Flynn Skye

If you need us this summer we will be over here in this loose, flowing number from our girl Flynn Skye. Available at Prism Boutique  you couldn't find an easier, more perfect summer dress. 


This summer let's be proud to look like peasants, it's a really, really good thing. 





High waist zone. Pretty and sexy (yup seriously) high waist bikinis

Google Images

Google Images

We know...we know...a sexy high waist bikini that doesn't look like I'm wearing granny panties to the beach?  Yes.  Welcome to's very supportive and forgiving of those with tramp stamps that we accidentally got in the late 90s, those of us who's gorgeous babies decided to leave a parting gift in the way of an unfortunate pooch (and we don't mean a cute puppy), and those of us who make a bakery jealous with our day old muffin top.  

So what happened was we saw our stunning and stylish friend, Sophie, owner of Broome Street General, wading in the pool effortlessly in her Janessa Leone hat and beautiful high waisted bikini.  Now to be fair,  she could wear a Brazilian bikini and look amazing, but there was something so chic so timeless about her swimsuit.  So of course like any good fashion stalker of those more stylish, I drooled and asked her where she got her suit.

After trying on our new high waisted look we were obsessed!  Bye bye muffin tops and 90's back tattoos...hello "Let's vacation off the coast of the south of France!"  Here are our top picks that won't make you feel like Grandma Selma or break the bank!  (Ps it's funny how some tiny pieces of fabric cost soo much!)

1   //   2   //   3   //   4   //   5   //   6   //   7   //   8   //   9  

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 

See?  tres chic!  Trust'll thank, Sophie...for shining the light on these pretty little helpers.  

Now get out there and get your toes in the water.  Be proud of who you are, how beautiful and magical your body is and remember...all bodies are beach bodies...just throw a swim suit on and voila!

xoxo TWH

Mother's Day shopping guide on Prisim!

TWH along with the lovely ladies: Dayna of  Prisim , Meg of  Beard & Bonnet  and Sabrina of  Vigor & Sage: 

TWH along with the lovely ladies: Dayna of Prisim, Meg of Beard & Bonnet and Sabrina of Vigor & Sage: 

This week we were lucky enough to be featured on Prisim Boutique's website along with some other awesome mamas. Curating a Mother's Day wish list from this dreamy store was a snap. Please go check out Prisim to see our choices along with all the other beautiful Mama's picks. 

Here, we are going to give you the why behind the what. 

Find out what drew us into the lovely pieces we selected from Prisim! 

1. We each made a list of our dream items and this Muse Forever ring by Vanessa Mooney was right up at the top on both. The rainbow topaz is stunning as is the diamond shape of this ring that any Mama would swoon over. Score some major Baby-Daddy points by bringing this home to your girl fellas. 

2. Remember Mood rings? We were obsessed with them as kids, it was like magic to watch the stone change colors. Well, this Jenny Bird Mood Bracelet is bringing it back and it’s better then ever. We think these would make the perfect “Fairy Godmother" gift for your kids to give to that special auntie/friend that you couldn’t do this motherhood thing without.  We are all about our co-mamas. Show them how much their friendship and support mean to you. 

3. Nothing compliments a messy mom bun like a simple and stunning slender gold chain. We love this Sagittarius Arrow choker from one of our favorite jewelry lines 2Bandits. 

4. 4. Hats off to Mamas everywhere. Prisim is our go-to spot for hats and did we mention we may have an addiction to hats?  For Mother’s day on our wish list and course it is from the delicious Janessa Leone. It is the perfect white for long beach days & while this hat is definitely a generous gift for the mother of your children… By wearing this hat all summer, think of the money you’ll be saving in the future on lasers to repair sun damage! "See Babe, it will actually save you money in the end." *Shoppers Logic*

5. While we know that moms love their uniform of leggings or boyfriend jeans with a great T-shirt and a flannel ‘round the waist.. Yes, we all do it. 

It is amazingly nice to be given a beautiful dress that is easy to throw on and instantly makes you look pulled together. We love this Rue Stiic White Kimono Dress- The wear any time any where and with anything dress. 

6. Another one of our absolute favorites is Gunn & Swain and they do not disappoint with this Berto Blanket- This, a bottle of wine, my man and a campfire or;  this, a bottle of wine, a beach and my girlfriends.  Either option will be gladly taken and your girl may ask for both, because she deserves it. 

7.  If there is one thing a Mama needs, it is sleep. Giving a new mother, or even an old pro- a night of beautiful, heavenly sleep will make you a hero. This amazing Dream Weaver Mist by Fat & The Moon is just the ticket. Have her spray it around her sleeping areas before bed to not only relax her but to help ward off any evil mojo  or negative energy thats trying to invade her world. 


8. One Piece, thats all you need. We have long ago given up on being surprised when we show up wearing the exact same clothing items, sometimes you and a friend are so similar in your fashion choices, it is like your on the same wave length… But, even though we are sometimes wearing the exact same thing, we each have our own very distinctive style of wearing it. We never look like twinsies. So It isn’t a shock that we both added a one piece to our wish lists. Not only are they crazy sexy, they are also perfect for actually playing with your kids on the beach! The fact that one pieces are so on trend right now is a score for mothers and their post-partum tummies everywhere! For the Snake Print go here,  Green Dream go here.


9. It’s easy to forget your wild side in the day-to-day chaos of family life. Show her that she is still your dream girl with this sexy, flirty body suit from Free People. 

10. What ever you buy for your magical baby maker, be sure to add one of these lovely flower arrangements by Vigor & Sage / Beard & Bonnet to your order. 

Don’t forget to add one for your mom & your mother-in-law as well! 

Thanks again to Prisim for having us and please don't forget to go and check out their site... We promise you will not have a hard time finding something you love. 

Happy Mother's day weekend everyone! Share the love.