Protect Your Neck.....


Winter, we love you so very much, we have been waiting for you for what seems like ages and you're finally here! So while we revel in the very few months of "cold" weather we get here in Southern California lets discuss sweaters. Turtlenecks, mock necks, rolled necks, whatever you want to call them we just can't get enough of these high necked cozy knits. 


Eternally fashionable a'la our baby Jane in the photo above you can make a giant turtleneck cozy and chic or you can take a note out of our other muse's book.... Because are you really anything if you're not Bridget Bardot in the backseat of a limo making a turtleneck look as sexy as you've ever seen one? 


We've done the dirty work for you a nd rounded up our favorite pieces for this winter. Whatever your budget we have got the perfect knit for you. 


Chunky sweaters are probably our very favorite sort of sweater, paired with old jeans, a calf length skirt, vegan leather leggings or the perfect cargo pant you can't go wrong. 

1. Pink Lady- We are loving this super afordable light pink knit from H&M. 

2. Red Hot- Okay, so maybe this perfect knit from Mr. Mittens costs an arm and a leg... But we can all dream. 

3. Winter White- Cropped and fuzzy this Free People knit is the perfect number to match with your high waisted jeans. 

4. All Is Fair- Maybe the perfect Fair Isle sweater, we can not get enough camel this year. 


Sweaters can be super sexy as well, as our girl Bridget proved so we have you covered with these two choices to spice up your winter. 

You can knock them out coming or going in these two knits. 

1. ALC - open in the front with the perfect V neck, Andrea Lieberman you never go wrong. 

2. Rag & Bone- Business in the front, party in the back.. We are in love. 

Winter we welcome you with open arms, and not just because it's an excuse to stay in overnight and overeat while watching our favorite Holiday movies... But maybe mostly thats why. 


You know where to find us... 



The cutest Halloween

Cute isn't always the first word that comes to mind hen you think about Halloween, but this year thats exactly what we are finding everywhere. With Halloween on a school night its hard to make it a huge celebration, so we like to make it as special as we can for the kiddos and sometimes that just means a really cute dinner table set up before you hit the streets for some Trick-Or-Treat fun. 

Oh Martha! 

Oh Martha! 

Here are a few of our favorite Halloween finds to spice up your dinner table! 

Skull Plates Cute & Creepy

Rose Gold Webs?

Yes Please

Learn ho to DIY these adorable ghosts on Ohhappyday! 

Learn ho to DIY these adorable ghosts on Ohhappyday! 

Love Bugs 

Kids Love Fancy Cups

Even More Sugar!!



Halloween can be pretty cute if you want it to be! Thanks to Bonjour Fête for being basically the most wonderful one-stop party shop out there! 

Happy Halloween! 


Bunny Hop

Oh Easter! If you know us at all you know we love any holiday that gives us a chance to surprise and delight our kids with stories of magic and imagination. 

So, of course, a giant bunny who loves everyone and wants to give treats to all the kids in the world while he (or she) magically hops all over the world in one night leaving perfect baskets in every home and pooping jelly beans is right up our alley! 

Each year we send each other snap shots of what we find for our baskets and trade ideas for amazing goodies. Yes, our kids are beyond lucky and spoiled.... We love to see their eyes light up and the joy the magic of this day brings... 

Not every child is so fortunate. So please in the spirit of Easter, consider donating to this amazing organization. Operation Easter Basket puts together Easter Baskets for disadvantaged youth ages birth - 16 in the Southern California area. Last year they gave out a little over 2,400 baskets! Run by Long Beach, California's one-man-super hero Justin Rudd this is an amazing local organization to contribute to. 

That magic we love to see light up our own kids, should belong to every child. 

Now as far as tradition goes, do you have any Easter Traditions that you love? For some reason the Easter Bunny always leaves our baskets right by the front door... Maybe because he doesn't have a lot of time... Bunny's got shizz to do.  (It also helps with little eyes trying to peek!) 

This year my family is leaving town on Easter morning... Crack of dawn style, so I wanted to not only get the baskets done early so I can pack and prep for trip... I wanted to include items that would keep the boys busy on the plane. 

TWH- The Mess Before The Calm

TWH- The Mess Before The Calm

We also tend to favor small gifts and books over an abundance of candy. Although, a basket with out a chocolate bunny is just not a real easter basket. 

Say hello to the Farm Sanctuary chocolate bunny in a box! (Also comes with chocolate vegan cream eggs... Say WHAT?!?!) Order yours here

TWH- Easter Treats

TWH- Easter Treats

This year we were super excited about these little Easter Crackers from Meri-Meri. Not only are they adorable, but each one has a fun surprise for the kids to find inside. 

We are also ALWAYS excited for any chance to give our kids books. This year The Day The Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt & Oliver Jeffers topped our list. 

Art is king at our house, so these travel colored pencil cases were a perfect score for a family about to get on an airplane. 

Mix that with a coloring book featuring each kids current obsession and we are golden! 

TWH- Yes my oldest loves Manga- Yes this book is PG 13, Yes they will giggle at the girls in tiny bikini tops. The Easter Bunny is cool. 

TWH- Yes my oldest loves Manga- Yes this book is PG 13, Yes they will giggle at the girls in tiny bikini tops. The Easter Bunny is cool. 

We have both been searching high and low for a great easter egg, thats not really an egg, but also not crumby plastic. Well, behold how Target just seems to answer all our dreams again. 

TWH Spritz Wooden Eggs

TWH Spritz Wooden Eggs

These Spritz wooden eggs are not only beautiful and fun for the kids to color, they will last forever. 


If we needed more proof that we share a brain, Erin sent me pictures of her girls basket prep... And yep... 

TWH Easter Basket Prep

TWH Easter Basket Prep

Market Baskets... Check. 

Art Suppies... Check.

Stuffed Animals... Check. 

TWH- Easter Basket Line Up

TWH- Easter Basket Line Up

Most importantly, do NOT forget the chocolate that you can steal from the Easter Basket... That is one of the best parts of any holiday. You better not touch their chocolate bunny, so make sure you fill at least one giant golden egg with the good stuff. 

TWH- Chocolate Theif

TWH- Chocolate Theif

Happy Easter Basket Shopping to you from the TWH girls.