Holiday Hostess Gifts

Tis' the season for holiday parties! Every weekend is filled up with a parties and thank goodness we aren't throwing one this year because it takes a lot of work! 

We all know how bad it feels to show up to a party empty-handed, so here are a few of our favorite hostess gifts. 

Wine, of course... But not just wine, make your party contribution stand out by adding a special touch to your favorite bottle of Rosè, we love this rose gold bottle stopper plus glass charm set from Umbra

A beautiful gift for someone you know pretty well is a box of vintage Christmas Ornaments. Now, we say you have to know them pretty well because you have to know that they will "GET IT".... 

We once wasted a ton of money and time searching down a vintage Fisher Price plastic record player for our friend's son... This was way before they re-released them... Anyway, we searched e-bay found one, cleaned it and we were so proud of that gift... But in the end, they just thought we had given them an old used toy! We learned a life lesson, vintage gifts only go directly to the vintage loving!

But trust us, for the right person this will make their heart soar! 

It's a well-known fact that everybody in the Universe loves a candle, especially this one. 

Le Labo candle in a beautiful black glass vessel is a gift that keeps on giving. The smell is out of this world the candle's aroma comprises a secret blend of 26 ingredients, including notes of amber, coco, vanilla, cedar, musk, and of course, sandalwood.

Now you can walk into any event fully armed and prepared to thank your lovely host & hostess.

Have fun, be safe.






Oh Christmas Tree!

I don't think there was ever a year we were more eager to wash the Thanksgiving dishes and get straight to Christmas. Our houses are pretty much ready to go and it's not even December. 

This year was a hard one for a lot of us and so the promise of a cozy-snuggle-by-the-fire and be close to the ones you love holiday seems like a dream. 

But this year we are wondering "What about the tree?" 

About 6 years ago we both bought white Christmas trees they were fun and fresh and unique and we LOVE them. Plus they were inspired by the most Christmas-y of all girls. 

Oh Winona- you give us heart eyes. 

Oh Winona- you give us heart eyes. 

This year I am craving something different, I have a longing for a beautiful, green traditional Christmas tree. 

A few things about this craving are giving me pause though and here is what they are. 

1. Nothing breaks my heart more than the drive down the alleys of California and looking at all of those discarded trees in the trash the week after Christmas. I mean, ever since I was a little kid I hated that sight, those poor trees. 

2. While I used to be a pro at stringing a Christmas Tree with lights, the years I have had a pre-lit tree have shown me that you don't need to have scratched up, sap covered arms all month! I know that may sound lazy but hey, I've got three kids to wrangle, I don't have hours to string and UNSTRING a tree with lights. 

So then I started thinking, maybe we should get a potted tree that way we don't have to cut down a beautiful tree. After a little research into this, I am finding it so hard to find a potted Christmas tree place! 

I found a few that rent and deliver which is super awesome. 

We love this idea in theory but it costs quite a bit and the selection isn't that large. Please fill us in if you have more information about potted tree vendors or potted tree rentals. 

Another option is purchasing another faux tree the problem with that is storage... My husband may kill me if I take up all of our garage space with faux Christmas Trees... But a girl can dream and here are a few of our favorites. 

The prettiest trees I have found are on and of course they are super expensive... But today (Monday the 28th of November) they are having a Cyber Monday sale and the prices are WAY, WAY discounted! 


Target always comes through with great style for a pretty reasonable price. 


This pretty little tree from Hayneedle comes with this basket base and is pre-lit. 

Luckily for me, my family won't let me put up the tree till December 1st... So I have a few days to think about it. 

What is your tradition? What is your plan for this year? Let us know in the comments.  Growing up I never would have considered a faux tree but now I see that it can make life a lot easier. 






You wear the (faux leather) pants in this family...

Our fashion icon wearing a fashion icon.

Our fashion icon wearing a fashion icon.

It's here!  It's really happening!  Fall is here and we can not be happier about it.  Sure sunny weather 330 days a year sounds dreamy but when are we supposed to get to be cozy and dress in layers?  We have never met a slouchy sweater we didn't like.  In fact we stock pile them for chilly days and nights.  Then when the temps dip past 65 we run straight home and throw on a faux fur topper.  

Kills it every time.  

Kills it every time.  

But what is our favorite part about the chilly weather...besides turmeric lattes, fireside snuggles and layers?  (Faux) Leather pants.  No piece of clothing is more versatile or iconic.  No piece can go from morning coffee and school runs to date night and dancing with the flip of a shoe.  They can be sexy, casual, work appropriate and elevate any single item in your closet.  

We find any excuse to wear them. The new versions don't look like plastic but high quality leather and the best part? No animals were harmed for the sake of fashion AND they are a fraction of the price of animal skin!  Double win!   

 Here are or favorites right now!  

one // two // three

Shoes are the real heros in every outfit.  They tell the story you are trying to tell.  They can take any outfit and make it casual, effortless, dressy, funky, chic...  Here are the top 3 shoes that look AMAZING with faux leather pants for every occasion.

one // two // three

We weren't kidding when we said ANYTHING looks great with these pants... Here are the tops in our virtual carts and in our closets right now that we can't wait to pair with our new "leathers"

one // two // three // four

How easy was that!?  One piece that can transition to anything you need it to be?  Done!

How would you wear them?  

xoxo TWH

Real Women Fake It!

Oh Stella McCartney, how we love you

Oh Stella McCartney, how we love you

There is a long-running debate of faux fur vs. actual animal fur and we have to say we fall solidly on one side. Ever since I was little I remember the feel of fur giving me the Heebie-Jeebies and in the 80's when I was a kid fur was everywhere. I would sneak my little hand out to touch it and then recoil inside at the feel of it under my hand... No movement and no heartbeat... It always just instinctively felt wrong. Faux fur in the 80's and 90's was pretty horrible in its own way... It looked like unbrushed hair and it felt like plastic.

But do you know what happened? Somewhere in the last 15 years, faux fur took on a whole new life, inspired by the desire to change the world and save the animals people with amazingly superior brains used special science skills that are WAY over our heads to perfect faux fur! 

Yes, you heard that right... Now you can wear sumptuous, soft faux fur with a beautiful drape and you can feel really good about it! 

For us, at Things We Heart that is really something to celebrate! We love to show that you can be chic and stylish without hurting a single animal, because make no mistake, those fur-keychains hanging from luxury handbags came from someone who needs it more than you. 

Sorry for the graphic photo friends, but that is actually the very least of it. We are not here to judge or cast shame on anyone if you or someone you love chooses to wear fur, that is their choice and they have a right to it. We are however here to try and educate you on the reality of fur. Because being educated about what you put in and on your body is what we are all about over here at T.W.H. 

For instance, did you know that 50 million (yes million) animals are violently killed every year for use in the fashion industry? 

Did you also know that even when you are trying to buy faux fur in many cases that faux fur is actually dog and cat hair? (I know gross! Just as gross as wearing a bunny or fox!) To make sure that the faux fur you are buying is actually faux follow these simple guidelines

If you would like to know even more about the realities of the fur industry - watch this video

Now that we have covered the educational portion of our post, let's move on to the fun part! Beautiful faux fur fashions! 


From left to right we break down a few of our favorite fall faux pieces. 

1. Give us all the pink! This fluffy faux dream from one of our favorite brands, Unreal Fur is the perfect match for your vintage Levi's. 

2. Sophisticated and fun, this lovely gray and pink number is also from our friends at Unreal Fur... Are you starting to see why we love them so much? 

3. Make a statement in this bright coat! As bold as it is beautiful Zara delivers on this one. 

4. Winter dreams come true in this long line striped faux coat. While researching for this post we found this amazing site called where EVERYTHING is 100% faux and 100% fashionable! 

5. We love a great scarf and we love Carven throw this over pretty much anything to step up your outfit. Thank you to the fashion forward brands like Carven for using faux fur. 

6. Silence + Noise came correct with this camo and faux fur parka! We can't wait to work this into our Mom uniform rotation for Fall. 

Remember, there is NO SUCH THING as cruelty-free fur... If a brand claims that they don't kill the animals, or that no creatures are hurt please take the time to research this claim. We have never found this to be a reasonably true statement.







Sweater Weather

Ok California friends, what we have been waiting for since September has finally arrived! Sweater Weather is here, at least till 11:30 when you have to peel your sweater off your sweaty body before you get heat stroke!

Alas, where  we live our Fall is fleeting and we will take it while we can! As we hear a collective dreamy sigh sweep through Southern California we pull out all our old cozy sweaters and realize we need a refresher on our sweater collection. We have put together some of our favorite knitwear choices to make shopping easy for you. 

 We love playing with proportion when we get dressed. If we have on something tight on the bottom, it's loose on top and if it's tight up top we want loose and flowy on the bottom. 

One of our favorite silhouettes has always been very voluminous tops with a great pair of old Levi's or our favorite faux leather pants. It's the balance that keeps your outfit interesting and modern keep that in mind as you shop this Fall. 

A. The cozy and roomy Storm Turtleneck Sweater from J.O.A would be perfect paired with denim cutoffs, black tights, and boots that never quit. 

B. Perfect for that Southern California in-between weather this pretty Joie Jolena sweater is topping our list. 

C. If you died and went to turtleneck heaven this beauty would be waiting to greet you. Pair this TopShop Chiffon Sleeve gem with a wide leg, high waisted trouser or some faded denim overalls.

 D. We love it when Fashion's it girls who really get fashion team up with great brands and this Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28 open backed sweater is case in point. 

E. Madewell continues to steal our hearts with this clever Convertible Turtleneck Sweater. Not only is this idea genius, the deep cabernet color is always one of our favorites for Fall. 

F. The Sarah Sweater from Heartloom couldn't be more on point for Fall 2016 with the cut-outs in the shoulders and the nice loose shape, but with the classic color and weave, something tells us this sweater will go on looking current for years. 

Grab yourself some chai tea and your favorite cozy sweater because Fall is officially here. 




Eleven Elevens & More Instant Halloween Costumes

Laura Izumikawa @lauraiz  - You need to see this Insta Feed! 

Laura Izumikawa @lauraiz - You need to see this Insta Feed! 

These days with the run-around-can't-sit-still-always-must-be-doing-ness of the world, a quick and easy costume is just what the doctor ordered for Halloween. 

So when you get that last minute invitation to a fun Halloween party, don't stress, we have you covered with a few super simple... From your own closet costumes that are sure to be a hit! 

If your closet is missing a few items, we have got you covered. 

We always recommend a Goodwill hunt for Halloween costumes, but for your shopping ease, most of the items we are featuring today are from Amazon. Easy one stop shopping! 

We see you,  Millie Bobby Brown! We know! We know! We ALL want to be Eleven from Stranger Things... But, you need to be prepared that wherever you go this year, there will be at least 11 Elevens! This is pretty much the perfect easy-but-cool costume. 

Eleven: Stranger Things

Eleven: Stranger Things

You can also get real crazy and dress up like Joyce! 

Let's reach back a little further in time for a slightly more unique costume.

When Erin & I write our memoirs we will probably title it... Our life in Winona Ryder Costumes. Every year we can't help but jump at the chance to be one Winona character or another.... The list is so amazing.... Kim from Edward Scissor Hands, Lydia Deets from Beetlejuice, Lelaina from Reality Bites... And of course. Veronica from Heathers. 



Perfect for a group costume with some girl friends. The key is remembering that each Heather has her own color so just have each girl dress in either red, yellow, green and for Veronica blue. Bust out those blazers and tights! 

Blue tightsPleated SkirtChecked BlazerBlue Ruffle BlouseMary JanesCroquette Set

Are these getting too complicated? We have the world's easiest costume for you then. It's still pretty cute but it's sitting in your closet and it's a classic. 

Risky Business

Risky Business

Yep! The classic standby Tom Cruise in Risky Business. You know you've always wanted to do it. 

We hope we helped you out at least a little bit this year, the possibilities are endless and you don't have to buy a lot. Go look through your closet.... What can you find? A witch? Frida Khalo? A classic ghost in a sheet? Halloween is supposed to be fun so let's keep it easy! 


Velvet Underground...Our favorite velvet pieces for fall

Crispy mornings,  hot coffee,  opaque tights,  and snuggles by the fire...these are a few of our favorite things we look forward to every fall.  The moment we see a golden leaf fall from our favorite trees we dream about bundling up and pulling out our sweaters from the back of the closets and bathing in velvet.  Oh yes,  we said it...VELVET!  Admit it,  you loved the sound that made when it rolled off your brain.  Then you remembered these...

Juicy Couture Velvet Tracksuits....No words.

Juicy Couture Velvet Tracksuits....No words.

But no fear...seriously don't worry..those Juicy tracksuits are long gone.  The velvet we are talking about are the ones so stylish you won't look back at photos and cringe or look like Aunt Selma in a crushed velvet too tight dress.  The velvet we love is sumptuous, stylish and luxuriously bold.

Behold...the new velvet underground...

  • one-  Throwing this pink velvet daybed cushion in the corner of any room covered in pillows is like your own personal opium den...PINK!
  • two- This paisley velvet blazer takes your daily uniform of a tee and jeans and turns it up to 100
  • three- How pretty are these ink blue lace up booties?  See comment above..
  • four- Ditto for these embossed stunners!
  • five- Oh hello dream embroidered bomber!   We would wear you everyday
  • six- Love these velvet skinnies paired with a yummy sweater for fall.
  • seven-  Be cozy and sexy at the same time?  Yup with this rose colored body suit its possible.
  • eight-  This delicate velvet bow choker automatically up styles your outfit from day to night.
  • nine-  Seriously?!  WE NEED THIS VELVET MILITARY BLAZER!  Sorry to yell but come on!

These pieces automatically up the ante of any outfit or would you wear it?  

Happy Fall!  

xo- TWH

SWEAT(shirt)ER Weather

We still dream of having this sweatshirt and now even more..Will...our style guru forever

We still dream of having this sweatshirt and now even more..Will...our style guru forever

Most people in the US LIVE for the first day of fall...they can't wait for the first leaves that fall to the ground, pumpkin spice lattes, tights under everything... but us?  Oh we wait for it so we can wear our sweats to bed then roll to the streets like we meant it.  Nothing says fall like bed to street fashion :).  A few weeks ago we raved about our closets favorite coziest sheets to the streets items and we are on a roll.   

Look we are moms..wives, friends, shoppers, cooks, maids, cleaners, supports, hypnotists, but we are also cozy loving, fashion obsessed girls.   So what a better way to look cute night to day than a great sweatshirt!  



  1. The Great- Sweet but not sloppy..this embroidered star sweatshirt is perfect
  2. Mate the Label- Remember the tee we LOVE so much??  Here is its cozy mama
  3. Urban- Vintage french surplus sweatshirt...OUI! 
  4. Vintage- Nothing is more delicious than a vintage sweatshirt
  5. Monogram Studio- How chic is this beauty? 
  6. OC- Here it is... we are not label girls but this one is great...especially after seeing Will in it

The cutest part about rocking a great sweatshirt is what you pair with it.  Roll outta bed...throw your hair up and pair your it with great jeans...or even better some cute (faux) leather pants, sneakers and a great bandana...

Voila...insta chic and crazy cozy. Bring it on fall!

How would you wear it?


A t-shirt a day...

It's no surprise that we are obsessed with t-shirts.  Like stalk each other, ebay, friends, stores obsessed.  We have never met a great tee we didn't like.  And lucky for us, since the vintage look denim trend is huge...t-shirts are back in a big way.  

We are totally in love with the new breed of vintage-esque tees.  Not vintage but there is so much love and graphics put into them they are just as great.  

Here are a few we are dreaming of, drooling over, dressing in this fall...

  1. GET IN OUR CLOSETS!  Dear Mate the Label...we everything you have...including this The Smokies tee
  2. I stopped dead in my tracks and gasped when I saw I just need to find my size
  3. We are HUGE Sugar High Love Stoned fans and this Love Stoner tee has us all in love
  4. Not sure why this tee makes us so happy...but maybe because we are little BBs...

Better make room in your closets!  We are.... which is your fave?

xoxo TWH

No Hassle with these tassels!

For as long as we can remember tassels represented something exotic, luxurious and a little naughty. Not only are they always associated with flappers and burlesque dancers in our minds, they are also tied together with rich velvet curtains and beautiful, ornate homes. 

Scarlett O'Hara made a dress out of velvet curtains. 

Scarlett O'Hara made a dress out of velvet curtains. 

Right now we are lusting after log shoulder brushing tassel earrings. 

Beaded and blue like these by Bauble Bar, Sleek easy and classic black Adia Kilbur. Detailed and beautiful enough for Cleopatra, by Lizzie Fortunato or just the most perfect shade of mustard gold tied in a simple knot by Vanessa Mooney we are crazy for tassels right now. 

Every time we get dressed, we just know we need these earrings to push our outifts over the top. 

Because, if you can crop George out of a picture of Amal Clooney because her tassel earring is getting all the attention.... Well you know that's one hell of an accessory. 





Lounging Around

google images

google images

After weeks of non stop planning, flower mart trips, balloon store visits (we are very particular about our color combos) marigold stringing, party supply renting, 3 ft balloon blowing we are ready to snuggle up, lounge about and get lost in a good book or the September Issue thats calling our names... oh wait!  We are moms, go getters, wives, women, chauffeurs, care takers, lunch makers, path runners, weight lifting ladies... we have no time to lounge but it sounds dreamy!

As soon as we got home after a 12 hour day of party prep and champagne drinking, all we wanted to do was throw on cute cozy clothes and sleep but instead we threw on old sweats and our husbands tees.  Now that's not to say that look isn't cute (because it is one of our faves) but sometimes its nice to let the sweet feminine side out with a splash of cozy.  It would be nice to think we were the girls that threw on slips and negliges but we aren't so the next best thing are cute yet cozy clothes.  Here's a few we are putting in our virtual carts right now

1  //   2   //   3   //   4   //   5   //   6   // 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 

Best part of snuggling up in these?  You can wear them out the door and no one will be the wiser that you are in your jammies.

Throw on a pair of high tops, a vintage tee and an army jacket and you are ready to run around...take them off when you get home and your ready for wine...see?  We save you time and money!  Double duty living.

converse // obey  // tee

How ever you lounge just're worth it!  Relax...snuggle...



We are so excited to share with you that this weekend we will be working our little butts off putting together a beautiful anniversary celebration.

Yep, we told you event planning was in our future and the future has arrived! 

Starting early this morning we will be down in the Los Angeles Flower Mart * Also known as heaven on Earth! We invite you to follow along on Insta Stories & Snapchat as we shop, craft & maybe suck down a little helium.... Seriously. 

After so many years of kids parties and baby showers we are extra grateful for a chance to put together a real, grownup party.... With champagne! 


Don't forget to follow along. 

XOXO- Mieke & Erin


From Summer With Love

Perry Ellis- 1993

Perry Ellis- 1993

Marc Jacobs 1993 Grunge Collection for Perry Ellis may have ended up costing him the job as the companies Creative Director and Designer... But for most fashion lovers it is one of the holy grails of style. 

Today we take a cue from this collection as summer winds down and we dream about the first crisp days of fall... I know it seems so far off, but with kids going back to school in less then a month, it's closer then we think. 

The beautiful summer dresses you have been loving on these hot days can easily be transitioned into your wardrobe once the nights start to cool down. All you need is some tights, a denim jacket and the perfect booties. 

We put together three amazing early fall outfits using some of our favorite summer dresses. 


This beautiful Autumn peachy dress from  Christy Dawn will look unique and fresh with navy blue accents. We love unexpected but harmonious color combinations. 

Urban Outfitters sells the perfect dark navy tights

We love the idea of carrying your tight color down to your shoes so we fell for these blue boots. 

The lace up Sam Edelman give a vintage flare while the blue velvet Daisy Street boots give it a completely modern look. 

There is nothing modern about this next look we put together for you. It is pretty much what Bridget Fonda wore in Singles.... But there is nothing wrong with that! 

Kimchi Blue always nails the simple, affordable but cute basics. Like this perfect little red dress. 

Wear it with knee sock tights to push the 90's look all the way home. 

Of course, you would be lost without some docs. We love the classic styles in Vegan Leather or these cute Cherry Red

You can pull this same summer dress to fall fashion trick in the evenings too! 

Kate the Great 

Kate the Great 

Oh pink silky satin we love you with tough black accent pieces... It's that ballerina dream. 

This Reformation Gia dress is the perfect shade and the perfect simple shape. 

Pair your dress with this soft faux leather biker jacket that is on SALE right now. 

We love footless tights.... They add the perfect amount of casual to a dressy outfit. 

Splurge on a great pair of blush mules like these Halston Heritage beauties available at The Outnet right now. 

We will enjoy these last warm months of summer... But we can't say we aren't dreaming of Fall. 



Taste the rainbow

With temperatures going up fast in Lala land we can do nothing but dream of lazy days on the beach in a tropical land.  Dreaming of air scented with plumeria blossoms, sandy toes and skies filled with rainbows from a warm summer rain.  But alas this is reality and we may not be able to gaze into tropical rainbow filled skies but we can remind ourselves of vacation days by wearing the rainbow. 

Be the rainbow...

  1. Love this silver and rainbow hair.  So pretty that it's hidden beneath the silver strands
  2. Mara Hoffman never..ever lets us down.  We all need this dress in our lives
  3. How pretty is this french manicure!
  4. Hi cute tee!  Nice rainbow placement
  5. This rainbow strapped dress is so pretty! Ugh it just sold out!
  6. Create your own rainbow magic in your room with this rainbow light caster
  7. This Sydney Evan ring is call our names.  Dear Santa...we are ALWAYS good (ish)
  8. Oh hello perfect manicure.  Hi...rainbows and the evil eye?  In! (Vogue Mag)
  9. Love these tye dye Converse we found on Etsy...maybe its time for a good DIY

Dreaming of rainbow filled beach days...and these jeans...

Need to make these asap... calling   Fort Lonesome   asap!

Need to make these asap... calling Fort Lonesome asap!

xoxo TWH

High waist zone. Pretty and sexy (yup seriously) high waist bikinis

Google Images

Google Images

We know...we know...a sexy high waist bikini that doesn't look like I'm wearing granny panties to the beach?  Yes.  Welcome to's very supportive and forgiving of those with tramp stamps that we accidentally got in the late 90s, those of us who's gorgeous babies decided to leave a parting gift in the way of an unfortunate pooch (and we don't mean a cute puppy), and those of us who make a bakery jealous with our day old muffin top.  

So what happened was we saw our stunning and stylish friend, Sophie, owner of Broome Street General, wading in the pool effortlessly in her Janessa Leone hat and beautiful high waisted bikini.  Now to be fair,  she could wear a Brazilian bikini and look amazing, but there was something so chic so timeless about her swimsuit.  So of course like any good fashion stalker of those more stylish, I drooled and asked her where she got her suit.

After trying on our new high waisted look we were obsessed!  Bye bye muffin tops and 90's back tattoos...hello "Let's vacation off the coast of the south of France!"  Here are our top picks that won't make you feel like Grandma Selma or break the bank!  (Ps it's funny how some tiny pieces of fabric cost soo much!)

1   //   2   //   3   //   4   //   5   //   6   //   7   //   8   //   9  

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 

See?  tres chic!  Trust'll thank, Sophie...for shining the light on these pretty little helpers.  

Now get out there and get your toes in the water.  Be proud of who you are, how beautiful and magical your body is and remember...all bodies are beach bodies...just throw a swim suit on and voila!

xoxo TWH

Fancy Camping = Glamping

The Urban Dictionary states, 


Going camping, but with glamour. A combination of the two words. It's like regular camping , but with nicer things than usual, being warmer, and more comfortable. Glamping isn't done by usual outdoor types who climb mountains.

This sounds about right to us. While we love the great outdoors, we also love pillows & private bathrooms! Go ahead and scoff, we don't care.  The only tent we want to sleep in is the magical kind from Harry Potter that are deceptively dialed in inside. 

To us glamping is the perfect family vacation. The kids still get to run around exploring and getting dirty, our husband gets to build a fire and we get to decorate our own little cabin. Now that is Heaven! 

This weekend will be our annual trip, and since it isn't our first time at the rodeo, we thought we would share a few sure fire tips on what to bring along to make your vacation amazing and seamless. 

Your packing list should include the boring basics... 

*Disposable plates & utensils (Sorry Mother Earth, we got you the rest of the year) 

* Cooking pots, pans & cooking utensils

* Dish soap, sponge, dish towels

* Bath towels

* Camping chairs & firewood

* Sunscreen

Those are the basics... But now for the frills! Our favorite part of this trip is making up a cozy little oasis for our families to chill and to do that you are going to want to bring along a few extras. 

These Gerson lanterns have such a great retro vibe and your kids will love to carry them around they come in red or green. 

The Colman propane stove is a must have especially if you have dietary restrictions or kids that are picky eaters. 

Our mexican blanket collection just won't be stopped. We are absolutely in love with Tribe & True and their selection. You can throw them over picnic benches, spread them out for a picnic or bring them down to the beach. Plus they make everything look prettier. 

Stay snuggly in the Polar Stuff sleeping bag onsie. We can't tell you how obsessed we are with these. 


The Fly: watercolor by  SleepyBowie

The Fly: watercolor by SleepyBowie

If you couldn't tell already we are also not the biggest bug fans, we don't want to hurt them... We just want them to stay far, far away from us. Tired of the boring citronella candles, we love these pretty terra-cotta pots from Williams-Sonoma. On the complete opposite side of the aesthetics coin is Murphy's Mosquito Candle and although this packaging actually hurts us, this product is legit in so many ways. Not only is it completely DEET free, it is made with blend of numerous essential oils to keep away mosquitos. When you factor in that a portion of the price of each of these candles goes to Nothing But Nets a charity that helps in the fight to prevent Malaria in sub-Saharan Africa this candle is pretty F-Ing beautiful. 

Now even very good people can be very bad people. Once the kids go to bed, gather the parents by the fire and play one of our favorite games ever, Cards Against Humanity! 

So bad... But so, so good. 

Nothing says summer to us like a peach and white whine sangria. So whip up a pitcher and watch the sun go down. You're going to need a pretty pitcher for that beautiful sangria, and why not make it unbreakable. 

Speaking of unbreakable, as all you mamas know our kids are far from it! If you are a helicopter mom like we are then this is the first aid kit for you! Don't leave home without it. It may not be pretty, but it sure has you covered in pretty much every event imaginable... And even the ones your boys get into that you could't even imagine were possible. 

If you need me this weekend, you know where i'll be. 








TWH lip plumper challenge

Love her art!  Need this one too from   Theaestate

Love her art!  Need this one too from Theaestate

Got unplump lips?  Wish you could have those covetable pillow lips ( I am NOT talking to you, have the most perfect lips in all of the land hence the reason I am doing this test and not you...lucky!) like those famies you follow on Insta ...PS THEY ALL HAVE INJECTIONS... you're welcome :)  

Duh right...DUH...but didn't want to post the others we can always head to   The Beauty Soiree   to see some that might surprise you!

Duh right...DUH...but didn't want to post the others we can always head to The Beauty Soiree to see some that might surprise you!

Well guess what?  Wanna know what store bought plumper works best?  We are here to help!  We traveled to our local Ulta (not local at all but they have a wider range of products from low to higher end so we started there to make plump lips assessable for us lip challenged.  



Still not feeling the plumpers and wanna really plump them with injectables?  Well please be careful who you go to.  Please do NOT go to someone who gives coupons out or even if they have a ton of followers and are Insta famous.  Go to a reputable injector, read reviews, talk to is YOUR face and have to handle with love.  Now for our picks...

So here are the results! (PS did we mention none of the ones we chose are tested on animals?)

Peppermint oil-  While this had a tingling and breath freshening effect it just left my already dry lips (i need to drink more h2o) even more dry feeling

NYX Plump It Up (in Lisa)-  We both use this everyday for the color alone.  Its beautiful and helps our lips feel fuller but its more of enhancing than plumping

Buxom Lip Polish (in Allison)- Great color and texture with a slight tingle and plumping effect.  The gloss itself made my lips look slightly larger

*THE WINNER!*   Soap&Glory Extreme Plump XXL-  Ok that name is SUPER dramatic...super.  There is not extreme or even XXL happening BUT it definitely did the job.  Very tingly and my lips stayed pretty fillish for about 10 min.

And to see me in bad lighting with a big pimple on my chin nerding out in my first YouTube video on the Thingweheart channel look no further... dont feel bad if you have to fast forward! 

Need a list of more cruelty free brands from Sephora or Ulta?  Here you go

What are your favorite lip plumping products?  Comment below telling us and maybe we will give those a whirl too!

Happy Lip Hunt!  

xoxo TWH

And we all float on...

Photo: Slim Aarons 

Photo: Slim Aarons 

Summer, summer, summertime... Let's just sit back and unwind. Oh summer, how we love you. With the count down on till the end of the school year (5 more days!) we can't help but have pol and beach days on our minds. 

Today we are sharing with you our top floats for summer fun. The pool float industry went crazy a few summers ago with the Giant Swan and now there is no stopping the amazing floats you can grab just about anywhere. 

Photo: Slim Aarons

Photo: Slim Aarons

With all these beautiful options you can't go wrong. You will also be spending a lot of time in the sun as you float around on these lovelies. *Honestly, the kids will give you maybe 10 minutes of peace tops. 

But while you're floating be sure to use your sun screen. I know we are like a broken record the way we keep repeating this (go here & here for more in depth info) .. But if you're in the sun, wear your sun screen! Your skin and your children's skin will thank you. 

Right now we are crazy about the new sunblock company LET IT BLOCK the kind folks over at LET IT BLOCK sent us a few samples to try out, so we have used all three formulas. 

I loved how well it rubbed in, of course as with all mineral blocks, you get a slight white film.. I feel like it was hardly noticeable at all with LET IT BLOCK. I'm super partial to the SUN DMC. 

Not only is the packaging super fresh, the pouch style packages are so easy to tote around, plus they are recyclable with less waste then the usual sunblock packaging. We also love that they are 100% vegan and cruelty free. 

"Formulated using minerals as the active ingredient combined with other high-quality ingredients, LET IT BLOCK sunscreens protect against both UVA and UVB rays and provide water-resistant protection for up to 80 minutes. Key ingredients include aloe vera, blueberry extract and a whole host of other plant oils and extracts like cranberry, grape seed, kiwi, strawberry, hemp and goji, which are full of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins that combat unwanted free radicals, fight against pre mature skin aging and guard against harmful UV rays." 

Photo: Slim Aarons

Photo: Slim Aarons

Be stylish & safe this summer. 





Cut me off.

Baby... Dirty Dancing

Baby... Dirty Dancing

Some things never change and never go out of style. As american as apple pie, denim cut offs are a staple in most of our closets. 

Even a tried & true fashion staple goes through evolutions though, and every once in a while, we need to refresh our collection and add a few new pairs. 

Birkin: Dream girl 

Birkin: Dream girl 

Now, our favorite thing to do is go old school and cut off an old pair of jeans. But sometimes we like to splurge of a special pair.

We have gathered up a few of our favorite ways to wear denim right now. 

 Of course we turn to our dream girl Alexa Chung for a simple how-to-guide. 

This gal can do no wrong when it comes to throwing together the perfect outfit. We love how her shorts are fitted but not too tight or short.  If you don't have a pair like these in your closet already, we've got you covered.  

1. Madewell: High-rise Denim Boy Shorts  2. Free People: High waisted Zipper shorts

These shorts are perfect for a pulled together yet stylish look. 

The other big trend in denim shorts lately is what my husband likes to call the "Diaper" and... As much as I will never admit it to his face, he is right... If you are not careful with this look you can end up looking like you are wearing a giant denim diaper. 

All joking aside, the loose and slouchy denim shorts by brands like One Teaspoon are amazing and they can look super sexy and delicious.. Especially if you are Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us. 

This Aussie with the drop dead stunning gams (Do ALL Australians have these insane legs?) is the queen of the baggy short. She manages to pull off this look with so much style.  

Here are a few of our favorite baggy shorts. 

1. One Teaspoon: Bandit Short  2. One Teaspoon: Black Short 3. H&M: Boyfriend Short

However you wear your denim... You can't deny you are happy to be able to pull those cut offs out of your Summer clothes pile! Summer... We welcome you with open arms! 









Rainbow Sherbert & Cotton Candy

This Spring and Summer we are stocking up on pastels from cotton candy pink to rainbow sherbert peach. These pastel colors make us feel light and airy and add just the touch of fun. 

Today we rounded up some of our favorite picks for you to dig into.  


Zara, Zara, Zara... You really make our wold spin. All of the above jackets are from our favorite go-to spot. 1. Pastel Bomber 2. Baby Blue Faux Leather 3. Pink Faux Leather 4. Long Beach Cali Bomber

The second I saw that Long Beach Bomber I had to have it and between it and the pink faux leather I've been in Pink Lady Heaven all month. 

We love this cute basic T with a twist, the Peach Patch shirt from Mate the Label.  Perfect with your baggy jeans and messy bun. 

Don't forget the most important part of any shopping list... The shoes. Tried, true and never not cute. We just can never seem to have enough Converse. I actually had this exact pair when I started dating my husband! Everything comes back full circle. 



Now you are perfectly ready for summer and those long sunny days and lots of warm sandy days.