Don't gloss over it!

Officially addicted to glossy lips? We are right there with you, we keep lip gloss stashed in every purse, in our cars, in our husband's cars, and our desk so we are never without.

Red lips are fun for a big night out or a rough day after. (We love to wear red lipstick on a rough day, it feels like a protective mask) Nothing beats natural glossy lips for every day. 

As gloss addicts, we have done the research for you to compile a few of our favorite CRUELTY-FREE products because it can be hard to keep track and nothing feels better than looking good and feeling like you are doing your part to help the earth and all it's Earthlings. 

1. Kat Von D Beauty

We can't even stand how perfect these glosses are from Kat Von D Beauty, yes that Kat Von D, the gorgeous tattoo artist with the tiny stars tattooed around her eye that makes us crazy jealous in a good way.  The fact that they are 1000% vegan & cruelty-free is the icing on the cake, the colors are texture are dreamy. Forget the Kylie Lip Kit, go get yourself every-single-color.  


2. Tarte LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Gloss-

Available in 10 different shades each one as pearly and sparkly as the next, Tarte has nailed the perfect moisture-rich gloss. Just the right amount of shiny without being tacky. The most popular color is Fearless which is nearly nude with just a touch of color. 


3. 100% Pure Natural Lip Balm

Some days you just want a really simple lip balm, and these delicious and adorable lip balms from 100% Pure are giving us all sorts of butterflies in our tummies. Avocado, shea, and cocoa butter, these lip balms have been infused with fruit to put the perfect little stain on your lips. Choose from peach, strawberry, pomegranate, or cranberry. 

Shine on your crazy diamonds. 

Our favorite facial sunscreens. It's never too late to start being safe!

We all hear it...every day...wear your sunscreen!  As girls who grew up literally in the sun in sunny California, spending endless days at the beach or by a friends pool, we know as much as anyone just how important sunscreen is.  The suns rays are responsible for premature aging, skin damage, and the worst of all, skin cancer and melanoma which is one of the deadliest forms of cancer.  

SPF is really personal to us...not just for the vanity reasons because hey, we are getting older after all and would love to slow down the aging process as naturally looking as possible, but because we have both had to deal with our own scares.  Mieke and I have both heard the scary words "We have to test that".  A while ago, Mieke noticed an odd patch on my ear that looked much like a hot iron burn.  It turned out to be cancerous cells on the tip of my ear that had to be sliced away leaving my ear with a cute but not fun divot.  I now get my ear checked every 4 months and apply a Chemo cream to attack and kill the cancer cells.  Mieke had a spot on her nose that was pre-cancerous that she had to treat with Chemo cream that in essence burnt away her pre cancerous skin cells.  Had we used more sunscreen regularly we probably could have avoided that all together.   We were both lucky to catch and treat ours early.  So with that we are hear to tell you... WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!  

We have gone through a ton of different brands of facial sunscreen hoping to find the magic one. The one that doesn't look like we are coated in chalk or that looks like an oil slick.  And most importantly one that protects as well that is safe for our skin.  Oh yes...there are TONS of sunscreens more suitable for the trash than your body...and yes they are all from the big brands. We see you Johnson&Johnson, Neutrogena, Unilever etc...

Here are our favorites through the last 2 years

Tarte Tartegaurd SPF 30- I LOVE THIS!  It is totally mineral based, cruelty free and chemical free with almost zero white cast!  Most days people actually say I am glowing...and it's not's my sunscreen.  Its great under makeup (light dusting of powder is required so it doesn't look too "glowy"

Glossier Invisible Shield SPF 30- The newest kid on our block.  I bought this purely for using under makeup in the summer and it is incredible!   You wouldn't even know it was on.  It is lightweight, clear and not a bit greasy!  It is not mineral based so it's not the safest but Glossier is very good about what they do put into their products and this one is about a 4-5 on the safety scale.  (see below)

SkinMedica Total Defense & Repair SPF 30-  Mieke currently uses and loves this one in it's tinted form and this was one of my past go tos.  Not only does it protect you from harmful rays but it also helps repair your skin from past sun damgage!  WIN!  The tinted one can be worn as a sheer makeup so it's a triple threat.  While not mineral based, the SPF ingredients are about 4-5 on the safety scale.  (see below)

Avene Mineral Ultra Light SPF 50-  LOVE this one!  While rummaging through my cabinet I found an old bottle and remembered how incredible this is under makeup.  It is mineral based and 50 SPF so there is a slight white cast but a little blush and you are good to go.  It is not greasy and totally lightweight.  A perfect summer sunscreen.

Rodan & Fields Reverse SPF 50- Another incredible age rewinding AND sun protectant sunscreen.  Antiaging and anti sun damage?  We are so in!  Not mineral based but ingredients are 4-6 on the safety scale.  (see below)

IT Cosmetics Anti Aging Armour SPF 50-  As lovers of IT Cosmetics we can NOT wait to try this one!   So far we have loved all of their products and this one seems almost too good to be true.  But after doing the research it is not!  Mineral based, sheer, lightweight, skin perfecting and cruelty free...just ordered it and it's on its way to our cupboards.  

Chemical components and safety in sunscreens...

Actual image of a truck driver and the sun damage done to his side of the face from the drivers side window. 

Actual image of a truck driver and the sun damage done to his side of the face from the drivers side window. 

Tell us in the comments what your favorite one is!

xoxo TWH

Anti-aging light masks...

"A wrinkle merely indicate where a smile has been"- Mark Twain

Wrinkle.  It's a hard pill to swallow.  But why?  It truly is a mark of a life lived well.  A mark of laughter, experience, life lived and battles fought.  So why does our society despise them?  Is it because we all want to stay looking as young as we feel?  Or is it society saying we need to look "perfect" (what ever that is)?  Well what ever it is, most of us see a wrinkle and begin to obsess.  

Recently we each started hearing about LED red light masks.  A non-cancer causing UV free wave length of LED lights that are said to boost collagen and treat existing acne.  So of course we each bought one!  Younger looking skin with out shots, lasers or needles???  IN!  

Here are the top ones we found for your viewing or buying pleasure (links below)

one // two // three // four // five // six //

So follow us on our journeys to see if these wizards of science work!

Mieke- Week 1 

Mieke- Week 1 

Wrinkles or no are perfect.  You are beautiful. 

xoxo TWH

No Hassle with these tassels!

For as long as we can remember tassels represented something exotic, luxurious and a little naughty. Not only are they always associated with flappers and burlesque dancers in our minds, they are also tied together with rich velvet curtains and beautiful, ornate homes. 

Scarlett O'Hara made a dress out of velvet curtains. 

Scarlett O'Hara made a dress out of velvet curtains. 

Right now we are lusting after log shoulder brushing tassel earrings. 

Beaded and blue like these by Bauble Bar, Sleek easy and classic black Adia Kilbur. Detailed and beautiful enough for Cleopatra, by Lizzie Fortunato or just the most perfect shade of mustard gold tied in a simple knot by Vanessa Mooney we are crazy for tassels right now. 

Every time we get dressed, we just know we need these earrings to push our outifts over the top. 

Because, if you can crop George out of a picture of Amal Clooney because her tassel earring is getting all the attention.... Well you know that's one hell of an accessory. 





TWH lip plumper challenge

Love her art!  Need this one too from   Theaestate

Love her art!  Need this one too from Theaestate

Got unplump lips?  Wish you could have those covetable pillow lips ( I am NOT talking to you, have the most perfect lips in all of the land hence the reason I am doing this test and not you...lucky!) like those famies you follow on Insta ...PS THEY ALL HAVE INJECTIONS... you're welcome :)  

Duh right...DUH...but didn't want to post the others we can always head to   The Beauty Soiree   to see some that might surprise you!

Duh right...DUH...but didn't want to post the others we can always head to The Beauty Soiree to see some that might surprise you!

Well guess what?  Wanna know what store bought plumper works best?  We are here to help!  We traveled to our local Ulta (not local at all but they have a wider range of products from low to higher end so we started there to make plump lips assessable for us lip challenged.  



Still not feeling the plumpers and wanna really plump them with injectables?  Well please be careful who you go to.  Please do NOT go to someone who gives coupons out or even if they have a ton of followers and are Insta famous.  Go to a reputable injector, read reviews, talk to is YOUR face and have to handle with love.  Now for our picks...

So here are the results! (PS did we mention none of the ones we chose are tested on animals?)

Peppermint oil-  While this had a tingling and breath freshening effect it just left my already dry lips (i need to drink more h2o) even more dry feeling

NYX Plump It Up (in Lisa)-  We both use this everyday for the color alone.  Its beautiful and helps our lips feel fuller but its more of enhancing than plumping

Buxom Lip Polish (in Allison)- Great color and texture with a slight tingle and plumping effect.  The gloss itself made my lips look slightly larger

*THE WINNER!*   Soap&Glory Extreme Plump XXL-  Ok that name is SUPER dramatic...super.  There is not extreme or even XXL happening BUT it definitely did the job.  Very tingly and my lips stayed pretty fillish for about 10 min.

And to see me in bad lighting with a big pimple on my chin nerding out in my first YouTube video on the Thingweheart channel look no further... dont feel bad if you have to fast forward! 

Need a list of more cruelty free brands from Sephora or Ulta?  Here you go

What are your favorite lip plumping products?  Comment below telling us and maybe we will give those a whirl too!

Happy Lip Hunt!  

xoxo TWH

Product Obsession...Shea Moisture.... its time we shower them (and you) in love

My shower game.... minus the hair ties, razors and scrubby gloves

My shower game.... minus the hair ties, razors and scrubby gloves

The single hardest thing we have discovered when trying to go au natural in our homes (i.e. staying clear of parabans, synthetics, SLS,  artificial scents (did you know they use beaver butt glands as some kinds of vanilla scent and flavor and scent?) artificial ingredients, no animal testing... ) is a finding a great bathroom product.  Sure, there are soaps here and there as well as a few (very underrated) makeup brands and some personal hygiene finds but when it comes to something we love for us as well as our entire family it has been really difficult.  And even more difficult is finding a product that is totally safe for us, the planet and the animals AND that works great.  

Cut to 5 years ago when my last bottle of $25 dollar California Baby bath soap was empty (to be fair it was a large bottle and their products are great for kids).  I began using Honest Company because I loved the smell and what they were offering as far as "Earth and Family Friendly".  After reading the label I thought "Wow for a natural product there sure are a lot of unknowns in here".  

So I used up that bottle and searched for yet another baby/mama/planet safe choice.  After wandering the isles at Target I saw this -

The best smell ever  .  You will want to eat your children...even more than you already do!

The best smell ever.  You will want to eat your children...even more than you already do!

It was as if the heavens opened.  I smelled the body wash first and instantly wanted to pour it all over myself took a deep breath asI braced myself to read the label.  To my surprise it was just this:

I quickly told Mieke about it and she had already discovered the hair line for her boys.  Since then  all of my shower products as well as most of my girls are Shea Moisture.  The fact that Target has it is dreamy and makes it way easier to use family and planet safe (and great) products.  

BeFunky Collage.jpg

The Shea Moisture line of products is so extensive it's crazy and both of us have only scratched the surface!  Do we switch it up and try something new or stick with our faves?  Until then we will dreamily and happily use up our Peace Rose and Shea deliciousness.

As if all of that weren't enough, Shea Moisture gives back to communities around the world.  Not off one of their products...but ALL of them.  Here is a little snippet from their site

Community Commerce…

Give Back and Fight Poverty!

10% of SheaMoisture Community Commerce sales go to women-led businesses, to support communities that supply ingredients for our products, or to support The Sofi Tucker Foundation. We founded Community Commerce to support these communities, especially those that source and make some of the key ingredients in SheaMoisture products. We help fund training and infrastructure to help them manufacture their own high quality goods in their countries, and get fair prices for their goods and labor. This helps them to earn a better living and support their families, making a better life possible within their communities. It’s not a donation. It’s an investment in a fairer world. In the spirit of the holiday…


Read more about the other causes they love and support here.

They are cruelty free and organic, their product line includes a whole line for men as well as's a one stop (earth saving, and family friendly) shop!

Heaven for our bodies, our kids, our world and environment...

Heaven for our bodies, our kids, our world and environment...

Let us know your faves too!

xoxo TWH

**This is NOT an ad..we have not been paid OR compensated for this post.  We simply love discovering and curating great products for ourselves and you!**

Caught red handed...err lipped

The last time I wore red lipstick when it wasn't for a costume. Circa 2004! I miss my pre baby boobies too!

The last time I wore red lipstick when it wasn't for a costume. Circa 2004! I miss my pre baby boobies too!

So you may know my perfect partner in life...Mieke Dumont.  We refer to each other as "Jinx" because we basically share a brain.

Jinx jackets with custom embroidery. Ph:   Steve Erle.    Bad photo quality: Erin Lokitz...Sorry STEVE!

Jinx jackets with custom embroidery. Ph: Steve Erle.  Bad photo quality: Erin Lokitz...Sorry STEVE!

We love much of the same style, tastes in fashion and interiors, parenting, love, friends...I mean the list goes on and on but there is one thing we absolutely do not share and that is the ability to look good in bright lips.   Yes, the girl can pull off any hair color and lip color and I am insanely the best, most loving way ever!  

Yep...that's her.  STUNNING in every!

Yep...that's her.  STUNNING in every!

I dream of having cotton candy colored hair and fucshia lips but I just don't have the skin tone for it and add in dark hair its almost impossible for me to pull off anything that doesn't have the word "Nude" or "Buff" in it.  As seen in my boring lip time line below.

Until now...thanks to the Make Up Guru, Gregory Arlt, and his support of me diving bravely into color, I found out us golden under toned, freckled, brunettes can have a pop of color too!  

Smiling because the red is working!  

Smiling because the red is working!  

Here are my 3 favorite reds that don't make me look like a hussy, a Kardashian, or like I'm in costume.  They are the perfect true reds without being pink, orange or too blue.  (PS you can only buy the Marc Jacobs with a special card at Sephora so we found the same color in a different brand)

The yummiest lipstick by Marc Jacobs in So Rouge.

The yummiest lipstick by Marc Jacobs in So Rouge.

The loveliest true red by Marc Jacobs in So Rouge.  Its exact doppleganger is by Bite in Gazpacho (below)

Bite (and Marc Jacobs) deliver HUGE jolts of color and feel luxurious.  We actually adore the bite better for its more matte appearance and staying power. 

Loreal Infallible

Loreal Infallible

Goes on smoothly with a ton of pigment.  It is slim enough to get every line perfectly and matte enough for me.  The red is a darker brick red without being burgundy or vampy.

Happy girl with her perfect red lip from Urban Decay

Happy girl with her perfect red lip from Urban Decay

The reason I found out I too can be like my stunning jinxy....Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Liner in Rocksteady.

It's not the name of the color that sold us...Its the color of Rock Steady by Urban Decay that made us fall in red heaven.  Its the perfect true red, not too blue or orange and definitely not too pink.  Its creamy so you don't feel like you need a lipstick on top. 

Red is a great way to instantly bump up your daily style!  It feels like you're "ready" even if you're just in jeans and a tee with a clean face!  But a little fancy too.

xoxo TWH

Ready To Go in my Urban Decay...maybe :)  Still a bit shy to go outside with red lips :)

Ready To Go in my Urban Decay...maybe :)  Still a bit shy to go outside with red lips :)

PPS Thank you for not laughing!  Selfies are not my thing...i get so embarrassed :) 

Beauty-full. Our daily beauty routines

We all want to stop the clock when it comes to aging.  Not the wonderful part of it, the beauty of wisdom and life experiences and the daily reminders of how far we came into being the amazing women we are, but the wrinkling dull skin part.   Yup that one.   

Fillers can only do so much until they make you look like a different person, a fish face or cat woman.  Botox and lasers can help "halt" the process but they are expensive and you have to keep going to keep the "anti aging" up and sometimes can steal all the emotions of life from your gorgeous face.  (not to mention not looking natural ad putting chemicals in your body)

You all know how important it is to drink water and your skin benefits just as much as your insides do.  But what happens when you need more than a little extra water?   Back to the basics is what we are doing.  Back to an easy beauty routine where the products we love help our mama skin get that glow back to when we used to get 8 hours of sleep and didn't run on coffee and kids left overs and sweet kisses.  

Here are our favorite products at the moment.  They are all easy to get, use and will help you get your glow back!  We promise...

AM/PM Routine-  In order of use. 

1.  CLEANSE-  Get rid of all the dirt, makeup, night creams in one easy step with our favorite cleaner, Purity by Philosophy.  It cleanses, tones and hydrates in one step.

2. SERUM-  So loving Murad's Gylco Firming Complex right now! Our skin looks dewy, firm and fresh every time we use it.  

3.  EYE TREAT-  We talked about Philosophy's Time in a Bottle before and we still love it!  It brightens, tightens (a little) and smoothes.

4. MOISTURIZE-  There are not enough words to explain how obsessed we are with Dr Jart!!!  This Ceramidin Cream is THE BEST THING EVER!  We feel plump and moisturized all day and wake up glowing!  Dream come true

5. PROTECT-  None of the others matter if you are not using an SPF.  Tarte's non-chemical Tarteguard SPF 30 is amazing.  Non whitening and besides protecting against damaging UV rays it helps you skin become smooth, firm and brighter with botanical ingredients.



How ever you take care of your skin, remember, you are beautiful.   Your glow starts from within.  


xoxo TWH


Just Browsing...

It is no secret that women spend countless hours thinking about their eyebrows. Not all women, but some. We definitely fall into the "countless hours" category. 

Because, let's face it.... Somewhere between Brooke Shields and her glorious thick brows and Cara Delevingne's deliciously full brows, the 90's happened.

And while the fashion world is revisiting the choker necklaces and floral dresses juxtaposed with flannel plaid that was Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis, many women who were young and naive in the 90's are living with the fallout of the over plucked brow.  Will an eyebrow, once so mistreated ever return to us?

Take heart ladies, if Drew can do it then so can we. many times we have been asked for a brow guide. Many times we have gone on searches for guidance only to end up puzzling over some diagram that looks like this. 

Sorry... We just can't. We look at this and feel as confused as we would looking at a menu in a foreign country where we don't speak the language. You can take a guess at the basic jist of it, but who knows whats going to end up on your plate. Or worse, your face. 

TWH can only offer this advice to anyone still suffering.... Put down the tweezers. Go for as long as you can without plucking.

Not. One. Single. Hair. Yes it will feel like you have two itchy caterpillars on your forehead but it must be done. We have done it, it sucks but it works. 

Los Angeles has a eyebrow guru and her name is Kristie Streicher she has a signature style called the feathered brow and it all starts with grow out. How can you look at a diagram and know how to follow it if your brows have already lost their natural shape and arch due to over plucking? Kristie's explanations actually make sense.

You can read more about Kristie and her Brow Rehab on Goop here

This is what Kristie's the feathered brow has to say. 


If you have always wanted a more natural looking, full eyebrow, then Brow Rehab is the answer. It’s a process that can require 3-12 months to complete. We begin by showing you what your eyebrow potential can be during the “grow out” phase of the process. There are various phases of hair growth that you will learn, each of which takes time and patience. Frequently, before and after photos are taken to document the process. Appointments are scheduled every 4-6 weeks with NO tweezing, waxing, or trimming between visits. That can be quite challenging for some, but committing to the “Brow Rehab” process will allow the greatest growth potential for your eyebrow and will help to coordinate the growth phase, ultimately allowing all the eyebrow hairs to grow simultaneously every 4-6 weeks. This is the secret to a natural looking brow.
$50 – $150

To see Kristie in person for your brow rehab you can find her here

Read one woman's experience on

Read one woman's experience on

If you can't stand to let them grow out all at once we have heard of another method where you let them grow in one row at a time. Allow your hair to grow in one row at a time pluck the hair under that row until it filled in and continue so forth row by row until you have thick brows. 

We think this could work... But also think that once you pick up tweezers anything could happen. Tweezing is so fun it is hard to control yourself. 

The other option is to just fill in your brow. We love a thick heavy brow and use a slanted brush and a powder to fill in our own brows. 

Here are some of our favorite brow tools.

A. Even though we are encouraging you to put down the tweezers. When you need them, you better have the best. Tweezerman

B. We couldn't live without our Mac Angled Brow Brush use it to feather in a dark brow powder and make your brows pop. 

C. This SUPER affordable brow kit from N.Y.C New York Color is a long time favorite of ours. Buy one just to keep in your car for brow emergencies. 

D. T Leclerc eye brow pencil. The brow bush in the back and the perfect smudge proof pencil in the front. This is perfect for a simple quick and neat brow fill in. 

E. Sometimes your brows need a little landscaping, and when that happens we love our brow scissors from Tweezerman

F. Just kidding! Totally messing with you guys. We have never used this fun looking contraption, but we feel like if you need it... Go seek out the help of a professional. 

Remember you are not alone in the struggle... Along with bad tattoos and poor boyfriend choices the 90's and early 2000's left many women fighting the same struggle. 

But remember... If we can do it, you can do it!