Protect your neck

Bad vibes or negative energy have a way of sneaking into your life, no matter if it's in the form of self doubt you inflict upon yourself or if you're being thrown a bad mojo by a negative person.

Sometimes your going through a phase of life that is so challenging and hard you don't think you can make it.

We are all about clearing the air, trying our best to keep postitive and sunny and grabing at whatever can give us the strength to get through. 

The saying "life's too short" strikes way to close to home & we intend on spending everday as happy and fully as we can. 

Call us superstisious, but we have always been strongly pulled towards talismans to keep us and our loved ones safe from negitive energy in the world. Like Dumbo & his feather, if you belive it works, then it works. 

So next time the hair on the back of your neck stands up and you feel the bad mojo flowing grab one of these gorgeous charms to ward off any evil the world is trying to throw at you. 


Pull out the big guns with Jennifer Meyer's Evil Eye

Glow in a tiny Opal Hamsa from Minilali

Vintage pink Italian Figa deflectsbad energy right off of you

Stack this rose gold band in with your rings. 


Protect your loved ones by gifting this tiny Evil eye by Jewlen Jule

What are your go-to symbols of protection and positivity?