Fall in....to fall fashion

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Tonight we noticed a slight chill in the air...a small dare I say breeze when exiting the pool.  We had to wrap our towels quickly in the 70 degree air (insert laugh here...look...we are in LA 70 is basically fall for us!) so immediately I screeched..."Oooh!  It's almost sweater weather!"  Which then got me thinking...' What am I looking forward to wearing when the temps dip below ...eh..ehhm...70'?

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The most exciting thing about this falls fashion is anything goes!  There is no one thing that is "happening" just like life...anything goes!  The only thing I noticed (which makes this ex-ballerina VERY happy) is we went from clean minimalist to maximalist....voluminous, oversized and slouchy.  Done done and done!  

Here are our fave and budget friendly picks for what we are adding to our closets this fall

How fun fashion is getting...the versatility lends itself to being an individual...no more cookie cutters and crazy trends!  Be you!

xoxo TWH

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