Ladies & Gentlemen...... DREAMCAR

This Mother's Day weekend, the Mamas are taking a back seat around here as we celebrate our men. These amazing men make it possible every day for us to be the best mother's we can be. Both of our families are truly lucky enough to be teams, our husbands get down and dirty with the kid care while making us feel like the only girls in the world while working every day to take care of endless business.

I don't know how we ended up with the best husbands on Earth, but we really did. So today we celebrate these beautiful, sweet, smart men. 

The day is finally here, DREAMCAR the full-length album is out today, available for purchase and streaming worldwide and we couldn't be more excited or proud. 

After years of keeping this Supergroup under wraps while they were writing, recording and having the best time being creative together, we are over the moon that you all get to hear this beautiful album.

From that first demo, we knew that what DREAMCAR was making was incredibly unique and special and we know we are biased, but there is NOTHING like this out there... This band has a sound that is new, yet you feel like you've already loved it forever.  

We are so proud of the love, creativity, integrity and talent that these artists worked so hard to infuse into every sonic inch of this record. 

Thank you, boys, for the gift of this music. Thank you for teaching our children that when you are passionate and work hard on your craft, nothing can stop an artist from creating- it's in your soul, you can make magic happen. 


DREAMCAR killing it at Coachella - Photo- Amy Dickerson

DREAMCAR killing it at Coachella - Photo- Amy Dickerson

While you have probably heard the singles, nothing beats going for a long drive in your car and really absorbing an album in its entirety.

Take the time to fall in love with this record, you will be so happy that you did. 

Photo: Steve Erle

Photo: Steve Erle

Here is how you can get your hands on this beauty. 

Your Local Record Store, Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Target 

Happy Mother's day weekend to all of you hard working Mamas out there!