And we have a long, long way to go...

What a year! We could go on and on about every single bone we have to pick with our current administration, and if you follow us on Twitter, then you get to hear it all the time. 

As disheartening and maddening as this moment in our country is, we can't help but feel empowered and mobilized... Sort of like a bucket of cold water being splashed on your face... WE ARE AWAKE NOW!!! 

It seems every morning we are waking up to face another injustice or mistruth from our government. The dread and depression of November is gone, this winter & spring we feel empowered and emboldened. Our voices are loud and our numbers are many... We find so much comfort in the sisterhood of like minded women! 

Since this whole election cycle started we have found so many kindred spirits, its always so nice to share not only our outrage but our work.... To see a friendly mom or grandmother at school drop off and say... "Did you call your congress person?" "Here take these mailing labels for the postcards, you're going to be writing to your Senator quite a bit this year..."   Because this is nothing new, women have had to fight for countless years for what we know is right and just and human. 

So today, be proud of your fight. Be proud to be a member of the resistance! Wear your heart of your sleeve... Or your resistance on your chest. 

Today we have rounded up a few of our favorite badges of honor - or t-shirts- for all you beautiful, bold rebels out there fighting the good fight. 

A. First, we have the most iconic shirt from this year- The Future Is Female- Did you know this shirt was actually originally designed in the 1970's for Labyris Books, the first women's bookstore in New York City. The design endured and hit a new surge of popularity during Hillary Clinton's campaign for President.  Although in truth, this shirt represents so much more... It has become a symbol for our generation of what we can look forward to as so many marginalized groups of people take hold of their power & our countries future. 

B. Who doesn't love Ruth Bader Ginsburg? The 2nd women ever appointed to the Supreme Court, she has fought long and hard for women's rights and equal rights throughout her career. 

C. Ahhhh the amazing Dior - "We Should All Be Feminists" shirt.... So good... So expensive. We can dream, though can't we. A percentage of the proceeds go to Rhianna's charity.   

D. Strong As A Mother- We just fell in love with everything about this phrase. As mothers, we know that every day we have to be the strength for our families. Be proud of how hard you will fight for your children's future.

E. We Are The Resistance - Oh Carrie Fisher, how broken our hearts still are. We are so proud that you have come to symbolize strength and power and rebellion for all of us. 

F. Cory Booker 2020 - YES!!!! We can't say enough how much we love Cory Booker... I mean talk about a light in the darkness! This man shows up and fights for all of us every day... Women, Men, LGBT, Immigrants, Muslims, Animals... Cory Booker has all of our backs. Plus, please follow him on Twitter, because the way he explains things really helps you wrap your head around all the insanity happening in Washington these days.   

Fight on America.