Anti-aging light masks...

"A wrinkle merely indicate where a smile has been"- Mark Twain

Wrinkle.  It's a hard pill to swallow.  But why?  It truly is a mark of a life lived well.  A mark of laughter, experience, life lived and battles fought.  So why does our society despise them?  Is it because we all want to stay looking as young as we feel?  Or is it society saying we need to look "perfect" (what ever that is)?  Well what ever it is, most of us see a wrinkle and begin to obsess.  

Recently we each started hearing about LED red light masks.  A non-cancer causing UV free wave length of LED lights that are said to boost collagen and treat existing acne.  So of course we each bought one!  Younger looking skin with out shots, lasers or needles???  IN!  

Here are the top ones we found for your viewing or buying pleasure (links below)

one // two // three // four // five // six //

So follow us on our journeys to see if these wizards of science work!

Mieke- Week 1 

Mieke- Week 1 

Wrinkles or no are perfect.  You are beautiful. 

xoxo TWH