Sexy Not Silly

Valentine's day is approaching and this year as women we are feeling EXTRA empowered so we decided to take sexy back.

Lingerie is one of our all-time favorite things, the sensual, smooth, silky feel of the fabric makes you feel so confident. Except when it doesn't.

We hate the feeling of lingerie that is "too much"... It can instantly make you feel silly rather than sexy and that can really put out a fire. Corsets and garters and bustiers can be really fun if you are in the mood to be someone else, but today we gathered up a few sexy pieces that make us feel like beautiful, emboldened versions of ourselves and that is as sexy as it gets. 

Hello gorgeous! It's hard not to love this sheer ruffly teddy from Flora Nikrooz. This piece stricks the perfect balance between beautiful and naughty. 


There is something about a sky high slit up the leg of your nightie that just feels decadent. This Out From Under slip is dark and sexy. 


Striking that perfect balance between cute and sexy... Our favorite place to be. We are in love with this Chelsea28 top we want to wear it with our vintage levis. 


Dear Santa, Valentine angels, birthday goddesses, husbands and anyone who may be listening. This insanely beautiful Haori Kimono from Fleur du Mal is not only crazy expensive it's SUPER practical... Because every time you put it on, you feel instantly beautiful, strong, sexy and feminine AND it saves money because you wouldn't even need anything to wear underneath. 

Except maybe these heart booty Valentine's panties from Free People. 

Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you feel loved, valued, cherished and confident this year.