V-day gifts for that cute dude in your life...yes some of them deserve gifts too.

3 weeks and counting until the totally made up day of romance is here!  Valentines day!   Now let us be clear... being forced to be romantic on one day when there are 364 other days to show it as well seems silly.  But hey...we love any reason to show your love, snuggle, eat chocolate and GET GIFTS!

But what about that awesome man in your life be it your boyfriend, guy friend, dad, husband, baby daddy...the guy that makes your life better just by being in it.  The guy that makes you blush, smile giggle and laugh (even scream, turn to fire and slam doors some times).  Valentine's Day should be a two way street..because hey...these dudes should shower us with love, attention and gifts EVERY DAY so it only makes sense if we return the favor :)  

Here are our favorite guys gifts to fit in everyones budget...

  1. Nixon Watch- How cute is this gold and black watch from Nixon.  We are such big Nixon fans and this watch is one of them.  Plus it won't break the bank!
  2. Vintage Helmet Bag- Mens messenger bags are so hard to find.  Well cool looking ones at least.  This one is perfect for the guy in your life that travels with his laptop
  3. Wooden Toothbrush- Just beginning to think you want him to move in or sleep over?  Well give him a set of "yours/mine" wooden toothbrushes to tell him its time
  4. Areaware Drink Rocks- LOVE these drink rocks for the gentleman in you life.  Not sure why we love these so much but they are awesome
  5. B&O Portable Speaker- Got a music lover?  Take it from us...guys LOVE these and the sound quality is incredible.  You can toss them into any bag for portable music that sounds like its on big speakers
  6. Tom Dixon Pen- Any design guy will love this gold pen.  Tom Dixon is a master of cool
  7. Sonos Speakers- Sonos changed the game to the way you listen to music/radio at home.  Put a speaker anywhere in your house and connect it to your phone and voila...instant sound system.  
  8. Sudden Instant Coffee- This isn't like any other instant coffee you know.  This makes Via by Starbucks taste like old water.  And the packaging is perfection and it gets delivered monthly!
  9. Norden Candles- There are 2 candles I would by over and over for everyone and every room.  One of them is any scent from Norden.  The perfect (unfruity unflowery) scents warm up the room without overpowering it. And when the candle is done you have a stunning earthenware vessel 

Valentine's Day may be a forced and made up holiday but it's also a really cute one that shines a light on anyone you love in your life and makes us remember how important they are.  Show your loved ones a lil V-day love...