A t-shirt a day...

It's no surprise that we are obsessed with t-shirts.  Like stalk each other, ebay, friends, stores obsessed.  We have never met a great tee we didn't like.  And lucky for us, since the vintage look denim trend is huge...t-shirts are back in a big way.  

We are totally in love with the new breed of vintage-esque tees.  Not vintage but there is so much love and graphics put into them they are just as great.  

Here are a few we are dreaming of, drooling over, dressing in this fall...

  1. GET IN OUR CLOSETS!  Dear Mate the Label...we want..no...NEED everything you have...including this The Smokies tee
  2. I stopped dead in my tracks and gasped when I saw this...now I just need to find my size
  3. We are HUGE Sugar High Love Stoned fans and this Love Stoner tee has us all in love
  4. Not sure why this tee makes us so happy...but maybe because we are little BBs...

Better make room in your closets!  We are.... which is your fave?

xoxo TWH