From Summer With Love

Perry Ellis- 1993

Perry Ellis- 1993

Marc Jacobs 1993 Grunge Collection for Perry Ellis may have ended up costing him the job as the companies Creative Director and Designer... But for most fashion lovers it is one of the holy grails of style. 

Today we take a cue from this collection as summer winds down and we dream about the first crisp days of fall... I know it seems so far off, but with kids going back to school in less then a month, it's closer then we think. 

The beautiful summer dresses you have been loving on these hot days can easily be transitioned into your wardrobe once the nights start to cool down. All you need is some tights, a denim jacket and the perfect booties. 

We put together three amazing early fall outfits using some of our favorite summer dresses. 


This beautiful Autumn peachy dress from  Christy Dawn will look unique and fresh with navy blue accents. We love unexpected but harmonious color combinations. 

Urban Outfitters sells the perfect dark navy tights

We love the idea of carrying your tight color down to your shoes so we fell for these blue boots. 

The lace up Sam Edelman give a vintage flare while the blue velvet Daisy Street boots give it a completely modern look. 

There is nothing modern about this next look we put together for you. It is pretty much what Bridget Fonda wore in Singles.... But there is nothing wrong with that! 

Kimchi Blue always nails the simple, affordable but cute basics. Like this perfect little red dress. 

Wear it with knee sock tights to push the 90's look all the way home. 

Of course, you would be lost without some docs. We love the classic styles in Vegan Leather or these cute Cherry Red

You can pull this same summer dress to fall fashion trick in the evenings too! 

Kate the Great 

Kate the Great 

Oh pink silky satin we love you with tough black accent pieces... It's that ballerina dream. 

This Reformation Gia dress is the perfect shade and the perfect simple shape. 

Pair your dress with this soft faux leather biker jacket that is on SALE right now. 

We love footless tights.... They add the perfect amount of casual to a dressy outfit. 

Splurge on a great pair of blush mules like these Halston Heritage beauties available at The Outnet right now. 

We will enjoy these last warm months of summer... But we can't say we aren't dreaming of Fall.