Taste the rainbow

With temperatures going up fast in Lala land we can do nothing but dream of lazy days on the beach in a tropical land.  Dreaming of air scented with plumeria blossoms, sandy toes and skies filled with rainbows from a warm summer rain.  But alas this is reality and we may not be able to gaze into tropical rainbow filled skies but we can remind ourselves of vacation days by wearing the rainbow. 

Be the rainbow...

  1. Love this silver and rainbow hair.  So pretty that it's hidden beneath the silver strands
  2. Mara Hoffman never..ever lets us down.  We all need this dress in our lives
  3. How pretty is this french manicure!
  4. Hi cute tee!  Nice rainbow placement
  5. This rainbow strapped dress is so pretty! Ugh it just sold out!
  6. Create your own rainbow magic in your room with this rainbow light caster
  7. This Sydney Evan ring is call our names.  Dear Santa...we are ALWAYS good (ish)
  8. Oh hello perfect manicure.  Hi...rainbows and the evil eye?  In! (Vogue Mag)
  9. Love these tye dye Converse we found on Etsy...maybe its time for a good DIY

Dreaming of rainbow filled beach days...and these jeans...

Need to make these asap... calling   Fort Lonesome   asap!

Need to make these asap... calling Fort Lonesome asap!

xoxo TWH