High waist zone. Pretty and sexy (yup seriously) high waist bikinis

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We know...we know...a sexy high waist bikini that doesn't look like I'm wearing granny panties to the beach?  Yes.  Welcome to 2016...it's very supportive and forgiving of those with tramp stamps that we accidentally got in the late 90s, those of us who's gorgeous babies decided to leave a parting gift in the way of an unfortunate pooch (and we don't mean a cute puppy), and those of us who make a bakery jealous with our day old muffin top.  

So what happened was we saw our stunning and stylish friend, Sophie, owner of Broome Street General, wading in the pool effortlessly in her Janessa Leone hat and beautiful high waisted bikini.  Now to be fair,  she could wear a Brazilian bikini and look amazing, but there was something so chic so timeless about her swimsuit.  So of course like any good fashion stalker of those more stylish, I drooled and asked her where she got her suit.

After trying on our new high waisted look we were obsessed!  Bye bye muffin tops and 90's back tattoos...hello "Let's vacation off the coast of the south of France!"  Here are our top picks that won't make you feel like Grandma Selma or break the bank!  (Ps it's funny how some tiny pieces of fabric cost soo much!)

1   //   2   //   3   //   4   //   5   //   6   //   7   //   8   //   9  

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 

See?  tres chic!  Trust us...you'll thank us...er, Sophie...for shining the light on these pretty little helpers.  

Now get out there and get your toes in the water.  Be proud of who you are, how beautiful and magical your body is and remember...all bodies are beach bodies...just throw a swim suit on and voila!

xoxo TWH