Cut me off.

Baby... Dirty Dancing

Baby... Dirty Dancing

Some things never change and never go out of style. As american as apple pie, denim cut offs are a staple in most of our closets. 

Even a tried & true fashion staple goes through evolutions though, and every once in a while, we need to refresh our collection and add a few new pairs. 

Birkin: Dream girl 

Birkin: Dream girl 

Now, our favorite thing to do is go old school and cut off an old pair of jeans. But sometimes we like to splurge of a special pair.

We have gathered up a few of our favorite ways to wear denim right now. 

 Of course we turn to our dream girl Alexa Chung for a simple how-to-guide. 

This gal can do no wrong when it comes to throwing together the perfect outfit. We love how her shorts are fitted but not too tight or short.  If you don't have a pair like these in your closet already, we've got you covered.  

1. Madewell: High-rise Denim Boy Shorts  2. Free People: High waisted Zipper shorts

These shorts are perfect for a pulled together yet stylish look. 

The other big trend in denim shorts lately is what my husband likes to call the "Diaper" and... As much as I will never admit it to his face, he is right... If you are not careful with this look you can end up looking like you are wearing a giant denim diaper. 

All joking aside, the loose and slouchy denim shorts by brands like One Teaspoon are amazing and they can look super sexy and delicious.. Especially if you are Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us. 

This Aussie with the drop dead stunning gams (Do ALL Australians have these insane legs?) is the queen of the baggy short. She manages to pull off this look with so much style.  

Here are a few of our favorite baggy shorts. 

1. One Teaspoon: Bandit Short  2. One Teaspoon: Black Short 3. H&M: Boyfriend Short

However you wear your denim... You can't deny you are happy to be able to pull those cut offs out of your Summer clothes pile! Summer... We welcome you with open arms!