EGBOK- Everything's Gonna Be OK



In the words of the guru that is Bob Marley, ".....Cuz every little thing's gonna be alright...singing don't worry bout a thing"

Over the last year we have gone through many changes in our lives great and not so great (like most of us).  Don't get us wrong, we are the luckiest girls out there.  We count our blessings daily if not hourly!  But life can be tricky and unkind and filled with wolves in sheep's clothing.   It can be scary and daunting and make you start all over again at the bottom of the mountain just when you think you have made it to the top.    But, it is in these times where we say to each other "EGBOK".  Everything is Going to Be OK.  And it is.  Yes, there will be struggles, and stress and sadness but there is also such beauty and love and strength and power (the good kind) and courage.  

Some people get tattoos to remind them that it is all going to be OK,  some have daily mantras, and some need to still find their reminders but we all need to remember it really is going to be great if we work on making sure it is.  I know that sounds confusing but it's true.  That (almost annoying) saying, "count your blessings" is true.  So another fun way to remind ourselves that all is great is by putting it all over our homes creating little pretty reminders. 

Here are our favorite things to scatter around our homes right now for life's little reminders....

one // two // three // four //

one- This LED light up sign from Target has us all like....giggly!  What a fun way to wake up your walls and heart

two- Love this poster we found on Society 6 (one of our fave e-commerce sites ps)  The bold graphic hung simply with bright washi tape is a perfect reminder

three- Oh you just get us!  This stunning brass sculpture is incredible and will look amazing in a bookshelf or alone as a stand out piece to make you remember it's going to be ok

four- Dreaming of this Oh Joy for Target vase set.  No better way to tell yourself and everyone around you that EGBOK than with bright gold and flowers!  This is screaming for some Peonies

We can't wait to sprinkle our homes with reminders....So how ever you decide to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix make sure it's with a pure heart, a big (even if wary) smile, and open arms. 

We are all in this together.  Find strength and beauty in the struggles.  Drink some coffee, make strong arms and seize the day.    We love you.  

xoxo TWH