Festival Survival Guide

Couple at Woodstock 1969 - Photo by unknown

Couple at Woodstock 1969 - Photo by unknown

We all know that festival culture has changed about as much over the years as festival fashion. 

Gone are the days of naked, free loving, happy hippies. These days festivals are slick and polished... Festivals are big, big business.  

Kate Bosworth & Husband at Coachella in 2015

Kate Bosworth & Husband at Coachella in 2015

This is NOT a fashion post, that will come soon. Today we give you the modern survival guide for a music festival. These are the little things you may not think of, or are likely to forget and we want to remind you; don't head into the Indio Valley without them. 


1. Don't miss a great photo or a call from the sitter! 

The Anker PowerCore-  This super duper little booster pack will change your life. Seriously, my family swears by ours. The fastest most powerful battery booster that you can get, the Anker can charge multiple devices at the same time. That means you can keep it in your purse and charge not only your own phone, but your partner in crime's as well. 


2. Fanny packing for a hands free good time- 

Having your hands free is a pretty amazing feeling and so is not panicking when you realize you left your purse on the grass by the EDM tent. Do yourself a favor and find the perfect waist purse, belt bag or fanny pack today. We love this easy faux leather one we found on Amazon


3. Sunblock - Because you don't F* around with your face. 

This mighty little bottle of mineral based sunblock will wonders when it comes to preventing serious sun damage. Fits right inside any small bag, plus saves you from melanoma and wrinkles. WIN-WIN! P.S- Don't forget the SPF chapstick as well! 


4. Macrame water bottle holder- yep it's real.  

You know how sometimes you think of something that may or may not exist? For example, "Wouldn't it be rad to have a macrame water bottle holder for Coachella".... Well, proof positive that if you can think it up, someone is making it and selling it on Etsy. Like this score from the FlyButterCompany

While most festivals won't let you bring in your own bottled water, make sure you buy yourself a big bottle as soon as you get in and stay hydrated all weekend. 

Kate Moss- Festival Queen

Kate Moss- Festival Queen

Have fun, be smart, wear sensible shoes, bring a hat.... See how fast we slip into Mom mode?