As typically happy people we admittedly get giddy about a lot of menu at Veggie Grill,  peony season, even new gel pens get us a nutso inside.  SO, imagine our excitement when we saw this!

Yep!  Marimekko x Target collaboration is coming April 17 just in time for tax rebate day!  The collection contains 200 pieces of the most beautiful spring-happy prints from the Finnish design house.  Marimekko is known for their gorgeously happy, mod, non-trendy bright prints and was made famous in the '60s by Jacqueline Kennedy and then again after a tragic almost bankrupt decade by Carrie Bradshaw.  

Their (almost) 200 pieces for Target are nothing short of perfection! They are offering girls, women and housewares... we can't wait!  Here are our top picks we can't wait to (virtually) stand in line for!  

Right?!?!  Most pieces are under $50 (that Hammock is $65!!!)  so people...GET...YOUR...TAX...REBATES...READY!

Hopefully Target is ready for the onslaught of fans and their site doesn't crash like it did for the Missoni launch!


xoxo TWH