Things we really want for Galentines/Valentines day... A guide to pass on..and on

Ladies and much as the big V day is nothing more than a made up day to make us buy things, share love and chocolate (sounds like a perfect day to us!), it simultaneously can make us feel either alone, loved, happy, sad, envious or upset for some reason, we all still care about it a little bit.  

We want love and adoration all year round right?  And who needs a spotlight glaring on the fact that your significant other/partner was either forced to "appreciate" us or forgot to do just that.  So we put together a simple gift guide for the things girls really want to make it easy for everyone. I mean if we are buying and getting gifts we might as well get/give something really good...right?!   

And no...contrary to what the Ads say...we DO NOT want a giant teddy bear!  We are not 5 year olds.

And no...contrary to what the Ads say...we DO NOT want a giant teddy bear!  We are not 5 year olds.

Here's our girls guided gift guide for that girl in your life, whether she's your BF or GF.  

vday galentines.jpg
  • Decor Obsessed $65-  Our favorite poster and perfect for the big Vday.  Created by Super-Rural, this poster is quickly become iconic and timeless. 
  • Sparkle Lover $225- This modern emerald baguette ring from Tiny Armour is sweet and chic at the same time.  We are obsessed with ours and get compliments daily.
  • Hostess $3/pc-  Pale pink stemless champagnes flutes?!  Perfection by CB2  
  • Style File $96- Love everything about Lee Coran bags.  Not only are they minimal and chic but they are eco, animal and wallet friendly.  We can't stop buying them... Get yours at BSG asap
  • Homebody $60 Who doesn't want a beautiful and sexy robe? Exactly. PS get it with Amazon Prime for those procrastinators. 
  • Candle Lover $38- You can not go wrong with a beautiful candle and the sensual offerings of this Catbird Ghost Rose one makes it a winner lit or unlit on a shelf.
  • Lux Lover $36- The smell alone of this lovely skin polish from Herbivore Botanicals will drive anyone crazy and the soft skin you get after...dreamy
  • Health Nut $200-  From Fitbit comes the newest way to stay in check.  This (iwatch-y type) gadget tracks your workouts, heart rate, music and even has workouts for you and can show you appointments and texts!
  • Foodie $30-  Pink Himalayan Sea Salt grater?  Yes please!  Even if you/they can't cook...this gorgeous stone at CB2 will make it look like you can.

And P.S. most of us do not want cheap/slutty lingerie either.  That's more of a gift for them...


Tweet, prrint, text or email this guide.  Get what you really want :) and always SPREAD LOVE!

xoxo TWH