Valentines for your man

Vintage Valentine

Vintage Valentine

The husband, the boyfriend, the baby-daddy... It is always hard to find the perfect gift for our fellas. We have rounded up a few perfect gifts for a few different types of guys. So if you are loving up on a wilderness lover or a music loving techie, we've got your back. 

I'll Snuggle You So Hard: So, your man's favorite thing to do is Netflix & Chill? Grab him this insanely cozy robe from Wings & Horns and snuggle right in. Perfect for the Hugh Hefner inside everyman... You could always wear a Bunny Suit if he's paying to much attention to Mr. Robot and not enough to you. 

The Outdoor Type: Is there nothing that lights your fellas fire like sitting in the middle of the woods and being all manly and beardy? Does your guy get up to surf early morning dawn patrol? Are you freezing when you tag along with him?  We have been coveting these Polar Stuff Sleeping bag/Onsies thing-a-ma-bobs for so long. (Thats the technical name) 

Music Man: We know a few of these... For the guy who constantly listens to music in every room of the house, this beautiful wooden "Get Up Stand Up" speaker from Marley is the perfect gift. Bluetooth ready and so beautiful on the kitchen counter or in his office. 

Cabin Porn: One of our favorite Instagram pages to daydream to is Cabin Porn. Although not related, this book Hide and Seek: The Architecture of Cabins and Hideouts by Sofia Borges is a perfect coffee table edition to his dreams of a cabin escape. 

Mixologist: Does your man fancy himself a modern day mixologist? Are you tired of your bathtub being used for his home brew beer experiments? Do you just love a good gin & tonic? This at home gin mix kit by W & P Design is perfect for your guy. 

The Baby Maker: Now who's man doesn't love to make some babies?! Or at least practice the art of baby making. This sexy dust from Moon Juice promises to heat you up in all the right spots. Mix a little of this magic potion into both you & your partners drinks and you will be having quite the Valentines date. 

We would like to take a minute to express with all our hearts our deepest love and thanks to our forever Valentines and our Baby-Daddies for holding it down for our families. To our husbands & to all the Fathers and partners out there working their asses off everyday to keep their families floating. What you do is never not noticed, never taken for granted. Even when the days are long and we are all tired from raising these little humans.... There is no one else we would rather fall asleep on the sofa next to. We are beyond lucky to have such legit men in our lives supporting us. Thanks for being you. 


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