Hats off to you!

Spring is heading our way and if you, like us, live in Southern California you can feel the heat. 

Over the years our love for hats has grown into something of an obsession. We can't think of a better way to top off a cute outfit AND keep your skin safe from the sun.

Here is a quick little round up of 4 of our favorite hats right now. 

Get an early jump on summer by ordering yours today!

1. Lack Of Color- Russo Hat

We are out of our heads over this brand from Oz... The land of beautiful people and beautiful things. Lack Of Color nails it with this frayed brim straw hat which manages to perfectly capture the laid back beachy vibe we are feeling. 

2. Urban Outfitters- Straw Baseball Cap

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Easy and fun are the words that come to mind when we see this little straw baseball cap from U.O.... Also, how nice to be able to actually sit back in your car seat while driving in this hat? (Because the brim is all in the front... So you can lean back.... I hate driving in hats because I can't sit all the way back....Anyone else have that problem when they drive in hats? Anyone? Oh, just me?)

3. Lack Of Color- Sunny Dip

Normally we would try not to repeat a brand in our shopping list, but Lack Of Color is so good we had to bring it back. 

This sea grass boater is dreamy. 

If you live in So-Cal or are visiting the area, try and pop in to Prisim Boutique to check out their selection of these cute hats. 

4. Old Faithful- The Roll Up Visor Special

HDE- The Amazon Special 

HDE- The Amazon Special 

Not just for Grandma, the roll up visor has gotten us through a couple summers now. Light weight, easy to roll up and stash in a suitcase or beach bag, we honestly can't say enough about these wide brimmed visors. At under $10 a pop you can stash one in your car so you never get stuck roasting in the sun again. This spring we are loving the navy option. 


Whatever you do, take it from us and try and keep that pretty face out of the sun! Lasers are expensive and skin cancer is no joke... Best to wear that sunblock and rock a cute hat!