Real Women Fake It!

Oh Stella McCartney, how we love you

Oh Stella McCartney, how we love you

There is a long-running debate of faux fur vs. actual animal fur and we have to say we fall solidly on one side. Ever since I was little I remember the feel of fur giving me the Heebie-Jeebies and in the 80's when I was a kid fur was everywhere. I would sneak my little hand out to touch it and then recoil inside at the feel of it under my hand... No movement and no heartbeat... It always just instinctively felt wrong. Faux fur in the 80's and 90's was pretty horrible in its own way... It looked like unbrushed hair and it felt like plastic.

But do you know what happened? Somewhere in the last 15 years, faux fur took on a whole new life, inspired by the desire to change the world and save the animals people with amazingly superior brains used special science skills that are WAY over our heads to perfect faux fur! 

Yes, you heard that right... Now you can wear sumptuous, soft faux fur with a beautiful drape and you can feel really good about it! 

For us, at Things We Heart that is really something to celebrate! We love to show that you can be chic and stylish without hurting a single animal, because make no mistake, those fur-keychains hanging from luxury handbags came from someone who needs it more than you. 

Sorry for the graphic photo friends, but that is actually the very least of it. We are not here to judge or cast shame on anyone if you or someone you love chooses to wear fur, that is their choice and they have a right to it. We are however here to try and educate you on the reality of fur. Because being educated about what you put in and on your body is what we are all about over here at T.W.H. 

For instance, did you know that 50 million (yes million) animals are violently killed every year for use in the fashion industry? 

Did you also know that even when you are trying to buy faux fur in many cases that faux fur is actually dog and cat hair? (I know gross! Just as gross as wearing a bunny or fox!) To make sure that the faux fur you are buying is actually faux follow these simple guidelines

If you would like to know even more about the realities of the fur industry - watch this video

Now that we have covered the educational portion of our post, let's move on to the fun part! Beautiful faux fur fashions! 


From left to right we break down a few of our favorite fall faux pieces. 

1. Give us all the pink! This fluffy faux dream from one of our favorite brands, Unreal Fur is the perfect match for your vintage Levi's. 

2. Sophisticated and fun, this lovely gray and pink number is also from our friends at Unreal Fur... Are you starting to see why we love them so much? 

3. Make a statement in this bright coat! As bold as it is beautiful Zara delivers on this one. 

4. Winter dreams come true in this long line striped faux coat. While researching for this post we found this amazing site called where EVERYTHING is 100% faux and 100% fashionable! 

5. We love a great scarf and we love Carven throw this over pretty much anything to step up your outfit. Thank you to the fashion forward brands like Carven for using faux fur. 

6. Silence + Noise came correct with this camo and faux fur parka! We can't wait to work this into our Mom uniform rotation for Fall. 

Remember, there is NO SUCH THING as cruelty-free fur... If a brand claims that they don't kill the animals, or that no creatures are hurt please take the time to research this claim. We have never found this to be a reasonably true statement.