Oh Christmas Tree!

I don't think there was ever a year we were more eager to wash the Thanksgiving dishes and get straight to Christmas. Our houses are pretty much ready to go and it's not even December. 

This year was a hard one for a lot of us and so the promise of a cozy-snuggle-by-the-fire and be close to the ones you love holiday seems like a dream. 

But this year we are wondering "What about the tree?" 

About 6 years ago we both bought white Christmas trees they were fun and fresh and unique and we LOVE them. Plus they were inspired by the most Christmas-y of all girls. 

Oh Winona- you give us heart eyes. 

Oh Winona- you give us heart eyes. 

This year I am craving something different, I have a longing for a beautiful, green traditional Christmas tree. 

A few things about this craving are giving me pause though and here is what they are. 

1. Nothing breaks my heart more than the drive down the alleys of California and looking at all of those discarded trees in the trash the week after Christmas. I mean, ever since I was a little kid I hated that sight, those poor trees. 

2. While I used to be a pro at stringing a Christmas Tree with lights, the years I have had a pre-lit tree have shown me that you don't need to have scratched up, sap covered arms all month! I know that may sound lazy but hey, I've got three kids to wrangle, I don't have hours to string and UNSTRING a tree with lights. 

So then I started thinking, maybe we should get a potted tree that way we don't have to cut down a beautiful tree. After a little research into this, I am finding it so hard to find a potted Christmas tree place! 

I found a few that rent and deliver which is super awesome. 

We love this idea in theory but it costs quite a bit and the selection isn't that large. Please fill us in if you have more information about potted tree vendors or potted tree rentals. 

Another option is purchasing another faux tree the problem with that is storage... My husband may kill me if I take up all of our garage space with faux Christmas Trees... But a girl can dream and here are a few of our favorites. 

The prettiest trees I have found are on Treetopia.com and of course they are super expensive... But today (Monday the 28th of November) they are having a Cyber Monday sale and the prices are WAY, WAY discounted! 


Target always comes through with great style for a pretty reasonable price. 


This pretty little tree from Hayneedle comes with this basket base and is pre-lit. 

Luckily for me, my family won't let me put up the tree till December 1st... So I have a few days to think about it. 

What is your tradition? What is your plan for this year? Let us know in the comments.  Growing up I never would have considered a faux tree but now I see that it can make life a lot easier.