Velvet Underground...Our favorite velvet pieces for fall

Crispy mornings,  hot coffee,  opaque tights,  and snuggles by the fire...these are a few of our favorite things we look forward to every fall.  The moment we see a golden leaf fall from our favorite trees we dream about bundling up and pulling out our sweaters from the back of the closets and bathing in velvet.  Oh yes,  we said it...VELVET!  Admit it,  you loved the sound that made when it rolled off your brain.  Then you remembered these...

Juicy Couture Velvet Tracksuits....No words.

Juicy Couture Velvet Tracksuits....No words.

But no fear...seriously don't worry..those Juicy tracksuits are long gone.  The velvet we are talking about are the ones so stylish you won't look back at photos and cringe or look like Aunt Selma in a crushed velvet too tight dress.  The velvet we love is sumptuous, stylish and luxuriously bold.

Behold...the new velvet underground...

  • one-  Throwing this pink velvet daybed cushion in the corner of any room covered in pillows is like your own personal opium den...PINK!
  • two- This paisley velvet blazer takes your daily uniform of a tee and jeans and turns it up to 100
  • three- How pretty are these ink blue lace up booties?  See comment above..
  • four- Ditto for these embossed stunners!
  • five- Oh hello dream embroidered bomber!   We would wear you everyday
  • six- Love these velvet skinnies paired with a yummy sweater for fall.
  • seven-  Be cozy and sexy at the same time?  Yup with this rose colored body suit its possible.
  • eight-  This delicate velvet bow choker automatically up styles your outfit from day to night.
  • nine-  Seriously?!  WE NEED THIS VELVET MILITARY BLAZER!  Sorry to yell but come on!

These pieces automatically up the ante of any outfit or would you wear it?  

Happy Fall!  

xo- TWH