That 70's show- Flared Jeans are back baby!

The always perfect Kate the Great

The always perfect Kate the Great

We are denim babies.  Obsessed with it, born into it (one of our dads even owned a denim line in the 70s & 80s), and lives revolve around what looks best with it.  We have way too many pairs to admit and for some reason our virtual carts are filled with even more pair.  



We love whats happing right now in denim.  The flare is back!  No, not the 90's boot cut or even yet another new version of the skinny jeans.  We are talking gorgeously cut, leg lengthening, body slimming flares.   The clean lines and simple details modernize how we think of flares.  Now we know what you're thinking..."but I just figured out what to wear with my skinnies!"   Trust us, your skinnies wont be kicked out,  they still have a very important place in your wardrobe.  But your new flares will be your best friends at work, girls night, date night, shopping trips and coffee dates.  

By far one of the CUTEST girls ever...photog Vanessa Jackman in our ultimate dream outfit.

We have a few pairs already but can't help but covet a few more.  Help...we have fallen into love with flares and we can't stop thinking up new ways to wear them. 


Wear them with a stellar blazer and stilettos that look great under these flares and just as good with your skinnies or a dress.

Wear them with a nod to the decade they came from with this seasons cutest throwback blouse.

LOVE this one from Flynn Skye...chic, sexy, edgy with a vintage twist.  Need, want, have to have!

We love wearing them casually chic with a yummy thin sweater.  

Oh hi there CDG yumminess.   There is a chance we can not go on with out you..please come home with us. 

Or just throw them on with a casual button up thats as cute as it is stylish.  

The famous and perfectly perfect Madewell Courier in buffalo plaid

Trust us, polish up your look this fall with a great pair of flares and a cute top and strut your way past the ripped up skinnies knowing you have never looked better.   

xoxo TWH