Don't believe me just watch.

Steve McQueen in his Rolex Submariner- You're welcome.

Steve McQueen in his Rolex Submariner- You're welcome.

For a long time it seemed like the boys got to have all the fun with bad ass watches, while us girls had to make due with delicate, dainty time pieces. 

Of course thats all been turned around and ladies love big chunky mens watches more then they love watches made for girls. When we decided to write a watch shopping guide we both gravitated towards the boys side. They are just so much sexier. 

Instagram Photo @pamelaloveNYC

Instagram Photo @pamelaloveNYC

A few weeks ago we spotted this beauty on Pamela Love's Instagram... This amazing jewelry designer is one of our favorite Instagram crushes and her turquoise Shinola watch sent us into a tizzy. The Stone Dial collection which have genuine stone faces and are available in Malachite, Tiger Eye & Turquoise. 

Shinola is an American company based in Detroit and everything is American made, which is rad. We love their story of supporting craftsman and artists and refusing to go manufacture "Off Shore" because it's cheaper. Companies that stand for something make us even happier to become customers. You can read more about Shinola here... They also make gorgeous bikes... Dreamy. 

We are super lusting after is this ridiculous Louis Vuitton Escale World Time Zone Watch.  Although at nearly $8000 this watch probably won't be in our stockings come Christmas this year. That's ok we would't even really be able to read the time on it. Can anyone?... It's just so damn pretty. 

Have you heard of Miansai? They make really pretty masculine jewelry that has a sort of nautical vibe. We love their hook & anchor bracelets on sailing rope. They remind us of growing up near the water. 

The watches Mianasi makes are clean and simple and some of the coolest we have seen. Another plus is that they have lots of amazing non-leather strap options. 

Speaking of dream watches, we are always on the look out for a good vintage watch... Luckily for one of us, her husband has a huge watch collection because he is watch crazy... So we can beg, borrow or steal all sorts of pretty vintage things. From elegant to Casio Calculator. 

Obviously eBay is an amazing vintage watch source if you are just looking for something fun. If you are really trying to hunt down a specialty item, like say a 1963 Rolex Submariner, you're going to need to find a reputable dealer. The vintage watch trade is serious business and people will pay upwards of $20,000 for a top notch vintage piece. So, it might be time to go raid the grandparents jewelry box and see if they have anything fantastic hiding in there. The right 1950's Mickey Mouse watch can earn you a pretty penny! 

So, whether you are looking for a watch for a loved one, or hinting to a certain tall, blue eyed, handsome loved one about the watch you would like for your upcoming 11 year wedding anniversary... We hope this shopping guide helped you out.