A few things... 70's edition

"A few things" is a mini list of the things we are currently obsessed with. The items we keep adding to our virtual shopping carts while we virtually window shop, the food we are eating too much right now or an album we are playing over & over.. (Thank you for Wilder Minds, Mumford.) We want to share everything we love right now, with you. 

Welcome to the inside of our minds, here is what we've had bouncing around this month surprisingly, we didn't realize until after we wrote this post that everything bouncing around this month is a 7o's throw back. Get ready for houseplants, bellbottoms & health food. Groovy. 


It seems like right now we can not get enough house plants! Our living room looks like a greenhouse. Inspired by beautiful pictures like the one above from Design Love Fest, we have been slowly buying up beautiful plants and pots and having planting parties with our kids. 

My boys like to come to the garden store with me and pick out plants for their rooms. It is pretty amazing to see them name their plants, love & take care of nature. Another great lesson that we didn't even know we were about to teach on our first trip to buy some pretty plants. 

Some of our favorite that have survived beyond our wildest dreams are String of Pearls & Philodendron We love these because they actually seem to thrive when you leave them alone. 

Put them near a sunny window and don't over water and you will have happy beautiful plants. We also love these two varieties of indoor plant because we are obsessed with macrame hanging planters and these look beautiful in them. We can't get enough of this 70's throw back. 

Speaking of 70's throw backs.... We have been sort of obsessed with the Janis Bells from Novella Royale.  We have had a very interesting love/hate relationship with these pants. 

Our first reaction when we saw these legging-esq bell bottoms a year or so ago was sort of a "WTF are those Lady Miss Kier from Dee lite pants"? 

Then it was kind of like... "Well those are rad for 20 year old models, but maybe not for me." 

Then I found myself going back again and again to stalk them both on line and at my super cute local boutique Prisim. Once I add something to a virtual cart 20 times I realize I actually love it and it is worth buying. 

I did finally get a pair of these last week which I am super excited to wear once I get them hemmed about 2 inches... Because, I guess my legs are not as long as I like to pretend. But all in all, you have won us over Novella Royal, thanks for doing something no one else is doing right now. 


Recently after we work out we have been heading straight to the local juice bar and picking up a delicious Acai bowl. 

Vegan, raw and covered in delicious fruit... How could we not be obsessed with these crazy concoctions. Sure it FEELS like we are eating ice cream directly after a work out... But thats not a bad thing. 


Acai berries contain loads of antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats that are good for your heart so you can actually feel good about indulging in this sweet treat. 

What have you been obsessed with this month? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts. 

Enjoy your last few weeks of summer!