Beauty-full. Our daily beauty routines

We all want to stop the clock when it comes to aging.  Not the wonderful part of it, the beauty of wisdom and life experiences and the daily reminders of how far we came into being the amazing women we are, but the wrinkling dull skin part.   Yup that one.   

Fillers can only do so much until they make you look like a different person, a fish face or cat woman.  Botox and lasers can help "halt" the process but they are expensive and you have to keep going to keep the "anti aging" up and sometimes can steal all the emotions of life from your gorgeous face.  (not to mention not looking natural ad putting chemicals in your body)

You all know how important it is to drink water and your skin benefits just as much as your insides do.  But what happens when you need more than a little extra water?   Back to the basics is what we are doing.  Back to an easy beauty routine where the products we love help our mama skin get that glow back to when we used to get 8 hours of sleep and didn't run on coffee and kids left overs and sweet kisses.  

Here are our favorite products at the moment.  They are all easy to get, use and will help you get your glow back!  We promise...

AM/PM Routine-  In order of use. 

1.  CLEANSE-  Get rid of all the dirt, makeup, night creams in one easy step with our favorite cleaner, Purity by Philosophy.  It cleanses, tones and hydrates in one step.

2. SERUM-  So loving Murad's Gylco Firming Complex right now! Our skin looks dewy, firm and fresh every time we use it.  

3.  EYE TREAT-  We talked about Philosophy's Time in a Bottle before and we still love it!  It brightens, tightens (a little) and smoothes.

4. MOISTURIZE-  There are not enough words to explain how obsessed we are with Dr Jart!!!  This Ceramidin Cream is THE BEST THING EVER!  We feel plump and moisturized all day and wake up glowing!  Dream come true

5. PROTECT-  None of the others matter if you are not using an SPF.  Tarte's non-chemical Tarteguard SPF 30 is amazing.  Non whitening and besides protecting against damaging UV rays it helps you skin become smooth, firm and brighter with botanical ingredients.



How ever you take care of your skin, remember, you are beautiful.   Your glow starts from within.  


xoxo TWH