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It is no secret that women spend countless hours thinking about their eyebrows. Not all women, but some. We definitely fall into the "countless hours" category. 

Because, let's face it.... Somewhere between Brooke Shields and her glorious thick brows and Cara Delevingne's deliciously full brows, the 90's happened.

And while the fashion world is revisiting the choker necklaces and floral dresses juxtaposed with flannel plaid that was Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis, many women who were young and naive in the 90's are living with the fallout of the over plucked brow.  Will an eyebrow, once so mistreated ever return to us?

Take heart ladies, if Drew can do it then so can we. many times we have been asked for a brow guide. Many times we have gone on searches for guidance only to end up puzzling over some diagram that looks like this. 

Sorry... We just can't. We look at this and feel as confused as we would looking at a menu in a foreign country where we don't speak the language. You can take a guess at the basic jist of it, but who knows whats going to end up on your plate. Or worse, your face. 

TWH can only offer this advice to anyone still suffering.... Put down the tweezers. Go for as long as you can without plucking.

Not. One. Single. Hair. Yes it will feel like you have two itchy caterpillars on your forehead but it must be done. We have done it, it sucks but it works. 

Los Angeles has a eyebrow guru and her name is Kristie Streicher she has a signature style called the feathered brow and it all starts with grow out. How can you look at a diagram and know how to follow it if your brows have already lost their natural shape and arch due to over plucking? Kristie's explanations actually make sense.

You can read more about Kristie and her Brow Rehab on Goop here

This is what Kristie's the feathered brow has to say. 


If you have always wanted a more natural looking, full eyebrow, then Brow Rehab is the answer. It’s a process that can require 3-12 months to complete. We begin by showing you what your eyebrow potential can be during the “grow out” phase of the process. There are various phases of hair growth that you will learn, each of which takes time and patience. Frequently, before and after photos are taken to document the process. Appointments are scheduled every 4-6 weeks with NO tweezing, waxing, or trimming between visits. That can be quite challenging for some, but committing to the “Brow Rehab” process will allow the greatest growth potential for your eyebrow and will help to coordinate the growth phase, ultimately allowing all the eyebrow hairs to grow simultaneously every 4-6 weeks. This is the secret to a natural looking brow.
$50 – $150

To see Kristie in person for your brow rehab you can find her here

Read one woman's experience on  groomed-la.com

Read one woman's experience on groomed-la.com

If you can't stand to let them grow out all at once we have heard of another method where you let them grow in one row at a time. Allow your hair to grow in one row at a time pluck the hair under that row until it filled in and continue so forth row by row until you have thick brows. 

We think this could work... But also think that once you pick up tweezers anything could happen. Tweezing is so fun it is hard to control yourself. 

The other option is to just fill in your brow. We love a thick heavy brow and use a slanted brush and a powder to fill in our own brows. 

Here are some of our favorite brow tools.

A. Even though we are encouraging you to put down the tweezers. When you need them, you better have the best. Tweezerman

B. We couldn't live without our Mac Angled Brow Brush use it to feather in a dark brow powder and make your brows pop. 

C. This SUPER affordable brow kit from N.Y.C New York Color is a long time favorite of ours. Buy one just to keep in your car for brow emergencies. 

D. T Leclerc eye brow pencil. The brow bush in the back and the perfect smudge proof pencil in the front. This is perfect for a simple quick and neat brow fill in. 

E. Sometimes your brows need a little landscaping, and when that happens we love our brow scissors from Tweezerman

F. Just kidding! Totally messing with you guys. We have never used this fun looking contraption, but we feel like if you need it... Go seek out the help of a professional. 

Remember you are not alone in the struggle... Along with bad tattoos and poor boyfriend choices the 90's and early 2000's left many women fighting the same struggle. 

But remember... If we can do it, you can do it!