Hippie Hippie Shake

With the summer and outdoor concert/festival season in full effect we are pulling all of our favorite "hippie" gauzy yumminess from the backs of the closet and draping them on our (faux) sun kissed bodies.  



From the time we were in middle school we were begging our moms and friends to drive us to thrift stores to score the perfect hippie top or dress.  And we are still just as obsessed but instead of scouring the thrift stores (one day, i tell myself, one day when all the kids are in school) we are scouring the inter webs.  

Designers all over are popping up all over with the newest kind of hippie duds....thank you Nicole Richie...thank you for making hippie cute again.  You may have used them as maternity dresses but no one cared, you looked perfectly chic.

There is nothing like the feeling of nothing on your body when its hot out and these pieces feel just like that.  Gorgeous yummy nothingness.

And PS nothing is cuter than these pieces with black tights and booties in the winter so thats a double score for your closet.  Its almost like you made money...right?! Get out there and get your hippie on!

Here are our picks of the season-

1. urban  2.barneys  3.ascot  4.shopbop  5.spell  6.spell  7.raga  8.free  9.ebay 

Not sure what shoes to wear?  Here are a few of our favorites to go with the gauzy dreams-

Converse- Seriously Con hightops go with EVERYTHING and hippie pieces are no exception.  

Booties- Just look at #two and #six above!  Booties are a great way to up the ante and outfit

Gladiators- We have never met a gladiator we didn't like!  And there is a slight modern throwback vibe when you pair them with these yummy clothes.

PPS Going to a fest or outdoor concert?  Check out our previous post on the essentials you may forget to pack!

xoxo TWH

The Minimalists

The Minimalists