throwing shade

It's so hot in Cali these days, with the sun beating down we are searching for the perfect hat to hide under. Wide brim, breathable material and totally cool.

We are completely obsessed with Janessa Leone right now and her amazing millinery work. These are some of our favorites from her newest collection. 

The Klint hat is toping our summer wish list and you can get yours from one of our favorite local boutiques, Prism

Have you ever seen a movie and the visual image left such a large imprint on your soul that anything that reminds you of that film is immediately appealing? We hope so, because thats what happened when a young Mieke saw The Lover. 

The Lover

The Lover

I have been obsessed with Jane March's look in that movie ever since. This straw beauty seriously fits the bill. *Side note- If you haven't seen this sexy movie... See it now.

Another one of Jenessa's designs that is making or hearts ache is the Panton. The perfect wide brimed Panama. The coconut color is perfect... Not quite brown and not quite cream and totally unlike last summer's seen everywhere white Panama hats. 

A slightly more thrifty option but still just as stylish is this roll up women's visor from Target. We sear by these! The easiest thing to throw in your bag and head out for the day! And they as super flattering as well, so thats a bonus. 

We both love our Baker Boy Caps too. You know when you want to look like Bridget Bardot,  

Or in our cases... Yentl. 

But that's neither here nor there... When we were these caps we FEEL like Bardot. 

Keep your pretty face shaded this summer! Spend your money on hats, not corrective laser treatments for sun damage! 

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