In the pink

The incredible   Charley Harper

The incredible Charley Harper

Maybe it's because I have little girls or because I was a ballerina but there is just something so incredibly intriguing about a flamingo.  Is it the gorgeous pink color they become?  The graceful way they walk and eat? Or that their pink feathers look like a tutu?  What ever it is I just can't not be in love with them.

I love finding clothes for my girls with flamingos splashed across them and socks bearing their resemblance but its so not easy to find.  It either ends up looking silly or goofy and juvenile.  

Here are a few of our favorite ways to find a way to sneak in this majestic pink bird  into your kids life.

 Turn your littles feet into a pair of flamingo toes with these slippers!

I almost can't breathe at the vintage feel of this romper..

How chic is this tunic dress?  Wishing it came in mom sizes right now

Soft Gallery   at Minixstyle

Soft Gallery at Minixstyle

We are as in love with this Joni Lay print as we are with her blog Lay Baby Lay.  Its perfect for a nursery.

This little number has been in my Target cart for 2 years.  I think its time to buy it...I mean Halloween is right around the corner...right?!?

We have a few of Sharon Montrose prints in our house.  They work for any, living bedroom and with her insanely cute baby animals collection they are perfect for kids rooms too! This was the first of many of her prints we bought of hers for the girls.  

Really??  Really?  No words...just need.  Any baby bunny boy or girl would need this onesie by Bohem

That onesie not quite boy enough for your bunny boy?  No prob,  they make a perfect great print too that is so good.

Remember our Easter Basket post last week?   These beauties were in there and we love them so much they are back and begging for you to love them too...for the whole family!

Really Zara...really?  As if we don't own enough of everything you make already you have to go and create these for the kiddos.  Why don't we just forward our paychecks to you?   Love these for your badass boys and girls!

The flamingo may be the stinkiest bird around but they are by far one of the most magical.  And now its easier than ever to turn your stinky kids into a stinking cute flamingo lover 

Too much for my brain to handle

Too much for my brain to handle

xoxo twh.