Slide along side

Spring is here and that means one thing....  Its time to talk about summer. 

How can you look stylish while still being able to sprint after your little ones poolside? We have got you covered! This summer instead of the usual Haviana's flip-flop tan lines that we sport through the summer months, we are pulling our house shoes out of the house and wearing them all the time. 

Super easy to throw on with skinny jeans and a tank top, or with a feminine dress on the way to the beach. Slide sandals are where it's at this year. We have narrowed down our top picks at every price point for you. 

Long have the classic Adidas slides been a staple of our closets and they really are so comfortable you can't go wrong. 


What could be better then a shoe that holds up to your wet and sandy toes? The leaf pattern from MSGM has us feeling all kinds of irie. 


Zara always manages to get it just right and these soft, black, vegan slides are just what we would expect from them. 

Affordable, bright and fun. You can not beat these electric blue Park Lane slides from ASOS. 


If there is one thing we can't get enough of it is comfortable yet fashionable footwear, if there is another it's rose gold. So thanks to Vince, we can now have both. 

The knotted chambray Cheap Monday version of the summer slide is another favorite. Perfect for some cut offs and a fisherman sweater on a warm summer evening. 


Adorable and stylish girl.. Via Pintrest- Who is she? Help us credit her. 

Adorable and stylish girl.. Via Pintrest- Who is she? Help us credit her. 

Maybe we jumped the gun on summer JUST a tad, but we can't hardly wait for those long summer days. Might as well get ready early. 

XOXO- Things We Heart