your guide to the forgotten festival items...don't leave home with out these!

In our past life at Woodstock 1969

In our past life at Woodstock 1969

Hey party people.  Its music festival season! With the Grand Daddy of them all in the US over, we at Things We Heart want to make sure you have the best time this summer at the rest of them, so we have a few things you might forget to pack but are oh SO important to remember when you're out at the fest all day. 

Woodstock 1969 -

Woodstock 1969 -

Here is the checklist you probably have already...

Headdress- √ (PS not the most appropriate thing in the world)

Floral Crown- √ 

Denim cutoffs- √

Gladiator sandals or cons- √

Hippie dress- √ (PPS we will gladly take any of these off your hands if you dont want them..we are total addicts and forever hippies at heart)

We love all things   Spell Designs

We love all things Spell Designs

Now that you have the essentials to looking en trend at a music fest this summer, we have a few must have items you can not go to a music fest with out and would have probably forgotten if not for us!.  You're welcome...

Powder Sunscreen-  What?  Yup this is real and really great.  I swear by it.  I first discovered mineral powdered sunscreen years ago from a friend with flawless skin at the no tell tale grease slick from a facial sunscreen.  Then I wore it everyday in India and burn and no goopiness just beautifully protected skin.

Speaking of sunscreen your poor lips need love too!  Those little lines around your lips are not just for smokers ladies...they are from age and the sun.  Super Goop (not Gwynth Paltrow Goop) but the brand has incredible products.  We love their hand cream/spf and sheer face sunscreen too. But their lip balm in a tube with SPF 30 takes the cake!

A fanny pack has come a long way from this....

Keep your belongings safe and chicly put away with the new gen of fanny packs.  This one is fanny-tastic.  (see what we did there?)  Drop your cash, id , supergoop, powder sunscreen and phone in...hands free and shoulder free cuteness.

Nasty gal   does it again...vegan leather!

Nasty gal does it again...vegan leather!

But wait?  You're in the middle of a fest taking a boat load of selfies and hopefully some pics of the bands and your phone says 10% left but there is another 5 hours of music and fun to go...whats a girl to do?  

Grab this insanely cute mobile charger from the cutest girls in the world at  Charges your phone in lightning speed up to 80%.  Thats 80% more snapchats and selfies people.  And its so cute, so theres that.

And how can you look impossibly put together with literally NO effort?  A great hat. We wear hats daily and often get a googley eyed at just the mention of a new Maison Michel.  

We love every hat Janessa Leone makes and they look impecably perfect with a smidgen of boho chic meets city chic vibe and covers your whole gorgeous face.   

Not into it?  This Edie straw cutie from Nasty Gal should do the trick.  

So where every you are going this summer and what ever music fest you attend...don't forget the real essentials.  Things We Heart style.  

PS we take care of you...will you take care of us?  pass us along to all your friends and family?  thanks lovers!