Wall to wall goodness.

Decorating a room for kids is probably one of our favorite things to do. You can pretty much do whatever you want, when it comes to children rooms, there are no rules! 

One of our favorite additions to our kids rooms are gallery walls of beautiful, whimsical and inspiring art. 

Today we are going to share some of our favorite prints, photographs and original pieces made by artists we love. Whether you are starting a gallery wall from scratch or just mixing a new piece in to freshen things up, take a look at our top picks. 


We have talked here before about our love for Sharon Montrose and her Animal Print Shop and we just have to talk about her again. 

Amazing portraits of fantastic animals will always brighten your life. This Monkey is a personal favorite of mine.... It could be because it reminds me of my boys a little bit. 

The Animal Print Shop

The Animal Print Shop

Wild, free and undeniably cute this little guy just has us smitten. Check out the Animal Print Shop we know you will fall in love. 

There is something so soothing about the artwork of Mark J. Rebennack. Each of these lines was drawn on an exhale of his breath. The repeditive patten of steady and slow breathing reminds us of waves of water. The wash of pink just makes it perfect for a feminine, calm, modern room for your little girl. 

We actually own this original artwork and right now it is hanging in my 9 year olds bedroom. It is the perfect transitional piece for changing your little ones room into a more mature and edgy room. As long as my husband doesn't come steal it back for his music studio it will live happily alongside my new "teenager's" silver bass guitar. (They really do grow up fast these kids!) 

You can check out Mark J Rebennack's Etsy site, where you can contact him regarding orders. You can also follow him on Instagram @markjrebennackart to see what he's working on currently. Every piece is original and unique. This feather series is so beautiful, it would look beautiful to mix a few in different colors into your wall gallery. 

It is no secret we love pretty much everything vintage and that includes art and books. If you remember the Clare Turlay Newberry's books from your childhood then you would know how exciting it was to find this. Charcoal the kitten from the book April's kittens was always our idea of the perfect kitten. Along with the other beautiful animals that Newberry would draw. Never forget to source out vintage items for a unique look. 

Another one of our favorite current day artists who makes beautiful original art is Nikki McCauley.

Dreamy water colors that bleed together in just the right ways. We love her animals for our kids, but that is not all she does. Check out her website, she can make a crazy fantastical portrait of your kids in a dream like world. 

But seriously this giraffe is killing us. Needs to be in my house ASAP. 

We love the little display boxes where your kids can stash all of their little treasures and favorite knick-knacks. When I was growing up my mom had a little vintage shelf with tiny cubbies in it. My sister and I used to collect those little ceramic miniature animals you could get everywhere in the 80's and 90's and we kept our collection safe on display in that shelf. Perhaps that is why this idea seems so perfect. 

Display Wall-

Display Wall-

Of course, these days we would suggest something like these freaking amazing Beastie Boy Sabotage dolls. Whhhhaaaaat? My birthday is in June in case you wanted to send these as a gift. 

Abstract, impressionist, beautiful can't label it beautiful is what we would call this piece by Anna Ayeroff. The perfect finish to any gallery wall is a bright swath of color and this watery blue is so stunning. 

Last but never least, always add some of your own little Basquiat's art to your wall. The imagination and creativity of a child can never be matched. We love the way a formal frame on your little ones art makes it so perfectly imperfect. 

Have fun dressing up your walls! Don't be afraid to swap your art around, our households are constantly rotating art from room to room. Mixing it up can be so fun. 

XOXO- Things We Heart