A tisket a tasket, fill that Easter basket.

It's that time of year again! Time to fill baskets with trinkets and candy and get our kids all fired up for hunting eggs! 

Every year we face the same dilemma, what can we put in these pretty baskets that won't just end up with a stop in the junk drawer before it finally hits the give away bag.

Our lives are filled with so many knick knacks already, we like to try and make Easter Baskets pretty simple and filled with things the kids will actually use. The kids are still excited and the baskets are still really fun- We promise. 

Here are a few of our favorite go-to items come Bunny Day. 

The Easter Bunny usually brings my kids a pair of Vans. 


A. You will most likely have to buy them new shoes this spring anyway if your kids go through shoes as fast as my boys do. 

B. I like to think of the Easter Bunny as a really cool dude who would totally rock some size 15 Vans.  

The Bunny also really like the Beach! (Obviously our Easter Bunny is from California.)

A really cute beach pail and sand toys is a cute alternative to a basket. Throw in a personalized beach towel and you are set for the summer. *The towels last FOREVER! I got my boys some a few years ago and we still use them all the time. 

Bunny themed clothing is another favorite and it's great because you really can wear it all year round. 


This yellow Bunny ear headband is a great play on the traditional stuffed bunny ears that end up in the dress up bin. 

We don't usually one-stop shop, but we can't even handle the bunny cuteness at the Gap! 

If you grew up anything like us, you will agree that every Easter Basket needs a giant chocolate bunny. It just DOES. 

We also love the idea of fresh flowers in an Easter Basket! You can grab a bunch of Daffodils at Trader Joes and go crazy decorating the house after the kids go through their baskets! 

Now if you happen to see my son, who turns 9 years old the day after Easter, don't mention that I told you this.... But he was very concerned that last year the Easter Bunny forgot to bring a stuffed bunny. I guess we are not ready to give up the soft snugglies yet. So, of course this year that "Bunny" better act right and bring a good stuffed bunny! 

As always, we are huge fans of anything Jelly Cat . Seriously the softest well made snuggly in town. 

And for you honey, because the Easter Bunny should remember everyone in the family, we love these beautiful chocolates in these amazing packages made by ZenBunni right here in California. 


Erin & Meeks *in our dreams

Erin & Meeks *in our dreams

Here is to finding ways to make the holidays fun and junk free! Hope you have a happy spring! 

XOXO- Things We Heart