Celestial beings... Wear the stars

Why are we so drawn to stars...not "stars" like in Hollywood but real stars...the twinkling, sparkly celestial bodies that stop us in our tracks on a dark night and make us feel like a kid again?     

They are so etherial and when done right on clothes they are down right chic.  After all we are made of stars...arent we?   Here are our favorite ways to drape yourself in stars...

Ok, Ok this one does not count.  This is the inspiration behind this post and makes us feel like we were shot out a cannon.  



This Valentino Cape is beyond words it's so beautiful...only one word can help us not get into a frenzy...$8,000.   Sooooo...here are our favorite picks that we can actually have....

Oh!  Hello cute denim star heels!  - Free People

A few more for you and your mini me-

one// two// three// four// five// six//

And your your minis-

one// two// three// four//

If we are all made of stars....why not show it?  Sparkle bright like you were meant to!

xoxo TWH