Costume guide.. Movie Edition.

Our favorite holiday is fast approaching and rust us when we say that we have been dreaming up costume ideas since the day-after last Halloween. We will randomly text each other throughout the year with fun costume ideas and now the time has come to put them in action. 

My boys at, 9 1/2 and 7 are pretty independent thinking about their costumes and my 4 year old is strictly obsessed with being a Vampire. But we used to do whole family themes which was SO fun. 

Hello insanely talented parents who can make Beetlejuice costumes! 

Fortunately for Erin & I, our husbands are pretty much stuck with our costume ideas and so we still get to have fun making up group costumes. Last year oddly enough without discussing it first, we both were dreaming of being some sort of incarnation of KISS and so this happened. 

photo: Things We Heart

photo: Things We Heart

This year here are some of the costumes we are dreaming of, both for your family or just for a grown up night out. 

With a few clicks into your online shopping cart and some Thrift Store scores you and your babes are on your way to an amazing Labyrinth costume. 


Wig, Wedding dress, Crystal ball & Striped baby p.j's all available on Amazon. But we can't stress enough how many amazing goodies you will be able to find if you just spend an hour in your local Goodwill or Out Of The Closet.. They always have the big fluffy white dresses. 

Mostly this one is exciting because we LOVE Wednesday. Could there be a cooler costume for your little one? Morticia is pretty fun for mom too... But we would rather be Wednesday. This is a great group costume for a large group... Just have fun fighting over who gets to be cousin it. Your fella will love to be Gomez Addams as well because all he has to do is put on his favorite black suit, draw on a skinny stash, grease back his hair and tack a rubber hand on his shoulder! Voila! 

Morticia dress, Gomez hand, Pugsley shirt, Wednesday dress... 


Last but not least is one of our favorite ideas for a group costume... 

Now you may think no one will get this right away, but sometimes it's the slow crawl costumes that are the best. As each member of your group arrives, it becomes more and more clear who you guys are. 

You are going to have to go big thrifting on this one. But what a fun day to get your crew together before Halloween and work out each character! 

Andy's skirt, Brand"s Sweats. Brand's Shorts are available on line. 

And just to leave you with total inspiration, check out this amazing Data costume! Who is this guy? We found this online and have no idea how to credit you, so if this is you give us a holler we love you! 

We hope you have an amazing Halloween! Please share your costume ideas and final pictures with us! 

Photo: Things We Heart

Photo: Things We Heart


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