American as apple pie.

We all know that blue jeans are about as quintessentially American as you can get. We also all know that nothing stands the test of time like black Chucks and white t-shirts. Classics that looked as cool on the T-Birds in Grease as they do today. 

Today we are shopping for another of our favorite classically American and totally iconic pieces... The sweatshirt. 


Be it a simple heather grey number ... Or an ironically adorable piece you throw on with your jeans we just can never have enough sweatshirts in our wardrobe. 

Here are a few that we are loving right now. For us, for the little ones and of course, for our better halves. 


1. Kenzo is a brand that always has some of our favorite sweatshirts, love the colors and the graphics are always bold and bright. 

Kenzo at Opening Ceremony

Kenzo at Opening Ceremony

2. This is one that we have been dying over for a while now! The Bill Murray sweatshirt from Reformation its randomness is what makes it so genius! This would also make an amazing gift.  

3. Back to the classics, there is something about a soft grey sweatshirt that is just irresistible to a girl! When you add pearls, it takes it to another level. I Just put this one in my cart over at Pixie Mart. Its the perfect easy throw on for school drop offs and running errands. 


4. For the baby cakes! This sweatshirt speaks right to our hearts. Plus it's on sale right now at Zara so if you buy it, it's like you're making money. The best part about this sweatshirt is the tomboy front is perfectly complimented by the sequin elbow patches. I think I know two little sweeties that need this one. 

5. My three little Beastie Boys were gifted with the most amazing "Stay Gold" Sweatshirts for Christmas from their Fairy Godmother.  Now the obsession has set in and I need to get them every cute sweatshirt in town. They are so easy and so cute, they love them, I love them, no fights! We all win.  

6. Can we also take a minute to address that Shaun White for Target is the best thing that ever happened to a mom of three boys? His sweatpants alone have saved my life. I also have some girlfriends that wear them in the 14 year old size! 

But I digress, sweat pants are a whole post in and of them selves, so I will get back on track here with the last selection for the men in our lives who are over 4 feet tall. 

7. The perfect Valentines day gift has a heart on it, but the MOST perfect Valentines day gift has a Comme des Garçons PLAY heart on it. If you are going to splurge on one of these little guys, a classic hoodie is the perfect way to do it. 

This is something I could wear over and over again for years... Yep, I said I.  Because what is the use of buying your fella something fantastic if you can't borrow it now and then?

Stay warm. Stay cozy. Stay Classic. 


XOXO- Thingsweheart