Protect your neck

Bad vibes or negative energy have a way of sneaking into your life, no matter if it's in the form of self doubt you inflict upon yourself or if you're being thrown a bad mojo by a negative person.

Sometimes your going through a phase of life that is so challenging and hard you don't think you can make it.

We are all about clearing the air, trying our best to keep postitive and sunny and grabing at whatever can give us the strength to get through. 

The saying "life's too short" strikes way to close to home & we intend on spending everday as happy and fully as we can. 

Call us superstisious, but we have always been strongly pulled towards talismans to keep us and our loved ones safe from negitive energy in the world. Like Dumbo & his feather, if you belive it works, then it works. 

So next time the hair on the back of your neck stands up and you feel the bad mojo flowing grab one of these gorgeous charms to ward off any evil the world is trying to throw at you. 


Pull out the big guns with Jennifer Meyer's Evil Eye

Glow in a tiny Opal Hamsa from Minilali

Vintage pink Italian Figa deflectsbad energy right off of you

Stack this rose gold band in with your rings. 


Protect your loved ones by gifting this tiny Evil eye by Jewlen Jule

What are your go-to symbols of protection and positivity? 


You Say Peasant Like It's A Bad Thing......

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

There is something undeniably sexy and timeless about a peasant blouse. Over the years many of the most iconic, stylish and beautiful women have considered them a wardrobe staple. If you don't already have a few left over from high school, it's time to fill your closet with this easy to wear, easy to mix and match pieces. Paired with your old Levis or dressed up with all your gold jewelry, make sure you dip into the Peasant trend this summer. 

As always, we made it easy for you to shop the look by rounding up our favorites for you. 

The Reformation 

The Reformation 

Once again The Reformation, our favorite sustainable, eco-friendly fashion label has nailed everything we dream of. The Kiera Top is the perfect laid back yet unbelievably sexy piece that defines this look. 


Eri + Ali

Eri + Ali

Putting a modern spin on this timeless look is easy with Eri + Ali's beautiful jumpsuit. Easy and effortless this style will set you apart this summer, in fact it's so easy and effortless, it may be hard to wear anything else. 

Free People 

Free People 

The About Time top from Free People gives you just the right amount of coverage on top to go a little short on the bottom. We love the open lacework of this beautiful top. 

The General Store

The General Store

This delicious vintage piece from The General Store is making our hearts race in all the right ways.  It's a one of a kind, so get it quick if you are getting all the real deal feels. 


Flynn Skye

Flynn Skye

If you need us this summer we will be over here in this loose, flowing number from our girl Flynn Skye. Available at Prism Boutique  you couldn't find an easier, more perfect summer dress. 


This summer let's be proud to look like peasants, it's a really, really good thing. 





Don't gloss over it!

Officially addicted to glossy lips? We are right there with you, we keep lip gloss stashed in every purse, in our cars, in our husband's cars, and our desk so we are never without.

Red lips are fun for a big night out or a rough day after. (We love to wear red lipstick on a rough day, it feels like a protective mask) Nothing beats natural glossy lips for every day. 

As gloss addicts, we have done the research for you to compile a few of our favorite CRUELTY-FREE products because it can be hard to keep track and nothing feels better than looking good and feeling like you are doing your part to help the earth and all it's Earthlings. 

1. Kat Von D Beauty

We can't even stand how perfect these glosses are from Kat Von D Beauty, yes that Kat Von D, the gorgeous tattoo artist with the tiny stars tattooed around her eye that makes us crazy jealous in a good way.  The fact that they are 1000% vegan & cruelty-free is the icing on the cake, the colors are texture are dreamy. Forget the Kylie Lip Kit, go get yourself every-single-color.  


2. Tarte LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Gloss-

Available in 10 different shades each one as pearly and sparkly as the next, Tarte has nailed the perfect moisture-rich gloss. Just the right amount of shiny without being tacky. The most popular color is Fearless which is nearly nude with just a touch of color. 


3. 100% Pure Natural Lip Balm

Some days you just want a really simple lip balm, and these delicious and adorable lip balms from 100% Pure are giving us all sorts of butterflies in our tummies. Avocado, shea, and cocoa butter, these lip balms have been infused with fruit to put the perfect little stain on your lips. Choose from peach, strawberry, pomegranate, or cranberry. 

Shine on your crazy diamonds. 

Our favorite facial sunscreens. It's never too late to start being safe!

We all hear it...every day...wear your sunscreen!  As girls who grew up literally in the sun in sunny California, spending endless days at the beach or by a friends pool, we know as much as anyone just how important sunscreen is.  The suns rays are responsible for premature aging, skin damage, and the worst of all, skin cancer and melanoma which is one of the deadliest forms of cancer.  

SPF is really personal to us...not just for the vanity reasons because hey, we are getting older after all and would love to slow down the aging process as naturally looking as possible, but because we have both had to deal with our own scares.  Mieke and I have both heard the scary words "We have to test that".  A while ago, Mieke noticed an odd patch on my ear that looked much like a hot iron burn.  It turned out to be cancerous cells on the tip of my ear that had to be sliced away leaving my ear with a cute but not fun divot.  I now get my ear checked every 4 months and apply a Chemo cream to attack and kill the cancer cells.  Mieke had a spot on her nose that was pre-cancerous that she had to treat with Chemo cream that in essence burnt away her pre cancerous skin cells.  Had we used more sunscreen regularly we probably could have avoided that all together.   We were both lucky to catch and treat ours early.  So with that we are hear to tell you... WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!  

We have gone through a ton of different brands of facial sunscreen hoping to find the magic one. The one that doesn't look like we are coated in chalk or that looks like an oil slick.  And most importantly one that protects as well that is safe for our skin.  Oh yes...there are TONS of sunscreens more suitable for the trash than your body...and yes they are all from the big brands. We see you Johnson&Johnson, Neutrogena, Unilever etc...

Here are our favorites through the last 2 years

Tarte Tartegaurd SPF 30- I LOVE THIS!  It is totally mineral based, cruelty free and chemical free with almost zero white cast!  Most days people actually say I am glowing...and it's not's my sunscreen.  Its great under makeup (light dusting of powder is required so it doesn't look too "glowy"

Glossier Invisible Shield SPF 30- The newest kid on our block.  I bought this purely for using under makeup in the summer and it is incredible!   You wouldn't even know it was on.  It is lightweight, clear and not a bit greasy!  It is not mineral based so it's not the safest but Glossier is very good about what they do put into their products and this one is about a 4-5 on the safety scale.  (see below)

SkinMedica Total Defense & Repair SPF 30-  Mieke currently uses and loves this one in it's tinted form and this was one of my past go tos.  Not only does it protect you from harmful rays but it also helps repair your skin from past sun damgage!  WIN!  The tinted one can be worn as a sheer makeup so it's a triple threat.  While not mineral based, the SPF ingredients are about 4-5 on the safety scale.  (see below)

Avene Mineral Ultra Light SPF 50-  LOVE this one!  While rummaging through my cabinet I found an old bottle and remembered how incredible this is under makeup.  It is mineral based and 50 SPF so there is a slight white cast but a little blush and you are good to go.  It is not greasy and totally lightweight.  A perfect summer sunscreen.

Rodan & Fields Reverse SPF 50- Another incredible age rewinding AND sun protectant sunscreen.  Antiaging and anti sun damage?  We are so in!  Not mineral based but ingredients are 4-6 on the safety scale.  (see below)

IT Cosmetics Anti Aging Armour SPF 50-  As lovers of IT Cosmetics we can NOT wait to try this one!   So far we have loved all of their products and this one seems almost too good to be true.  But after doing the research it is not!  Mineral based, sheer, lightweight, skin perfecting and cruelty free...just ordered it and it's on its way to our cupboards.  

Chemical components and safety in sunscreens...

Actual image of a truck driver and the sun damage done to his side of the face from the drivers side window. 

Actual image of a truck driver and the sun damage done to his side of the face from the drivers side window. 

Tell us in the comments what your favorite one is!

xoxo TWH

Rebel, rebel you've torn your dress.

We have always been more of the Tom Boy sort of girls... You will never get us to give up our denim for too long, but when the weather turns warmer we love to throw on a good dress. 

Nothing can make you feel pulled together faster than the perfect dress, and as an added benefit you get all that wonder breeze action on a hot day. 

Here is a quick round-up of a few of our favorite dresses right now, from over a suit at the pool, to the perfect little black dress we've got you covered. 

A. Vamos a la playa

1. The perfect men's shirt dress will bring you to the beach or pool feeling completely cool. This one from Trovata Birds of Paradise is timeless. 

2. Sexy, gauzy, dreamy and the perfect shade of tomato red. Zara delivers again with this beautiful and light coverup. Perfect for the pool party that runs into moonlight cocktails. 

3. This little off the shoulder white number just may turn into our summer uniform.... We really can't think of anywhere you wouldn't wear it. 

4. We love 9 Seed so much and this gauzy delicious maxi dress is right up our alley. Nothing clingy about this loose and flowing number means we'll be cozy with the kids by the bay. You can grab this at The O'Dells shop

5. Faithful the brand dreamed up the perfect summer dress with everything we love. It is simple, feminine, loose and easy. 


B. Hot fun in the summertime

1. Oh, Ulla you really are our dream girl. Effortless and classy and unique, although not always an easy combination is just what Ula Johnson delivers with every collection. This LBD the COCO is perfect for a night out or a daytime brunch. 

2. Have we told you how much we love the color mustard, saffron, goldenrod, whatever you want to call it this color is super complimentary to both blondes and brunettes so we can all wear it. Faithful the brand Juel dress is on our summer wish list.  

3. Sexy slip dresses just seem perfect for the summer, and this beautiful merlot color is gorgeous. MLM label Mali slip dress

4. Are you obsessed with the sexy, carefree style of French girls? We certainly are and we are in love with the French line Rouje. Their clothing, including this Gabin dress will help sooth your inner francophile.


Throw on one of these beautiful and easy dresses and you are good to go. Nothing feels better. 





Ladies & Gentlemen...... DREAMCAR

This Mother's Day weekend, the Mamas are taking a back seat around here as we celebrate our men. These amazing men make it possible every day for us to be the best mother's we can be. Both of our families are truly lucky enough to be teams, our husbands get down and dirty with the kid care while making us feel like the only girls in the world while working every day to take care of endless business.

I don't know how we ended up with the best husbands on Earth, but we really did. So today we celebrate these beautiful, sweet, smart men. 

The day is finally here, DREAMCAR the full-length album is out today, available for purchase and streaming worldwide and we couldn't be more excited or proud. 

After years of keeping this Supergroup under wraps while they were writing, recording and having the best time being creative together, we are over the moon that you all get to hear this beautiful album.

From that first demo, we knew that what DREAMCAR was making was incredibly unique and special and we know we are biased, but there is NOTHING like this out there... This band has a sound that is new, yet you feel like you've already loved it forever.  

We are so proud of the love, creativity, integrity and talent that these artists worked so hard to infuse into every sonic inch of this record. 

Thank you, boys, for the gift of this music. Thank you for teaching our children that when you are passionate and work hard on your craft, nothing can stop an artist from creating- it's in your soul, you can make magic happen. 


DREAMCAR killing it at Coachella - Photo- Amy Dickerson

DREAMCAR killing it at Coachella - Photo- Amy Dickerson

While you have probably heard the singles, nothing beats going for a long drive in your car and really absorbing an album in its entirety.

Take the time to fall in love with this record, you will be so happy that you did. 

Photo: Steve Erle

Photo: Steve Erle

Here is how you can get your hands on this beauty. 

Your Local Record Store, Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Target 

Happy Mother's day weekend to all of you hard working Mamas out there! 

And we have a long, long way to go...

What a year! We could go on and on about every single bone we have to pick with our current administration, and if you follow us on Twitter, then you get to hear it all the time. 

As disheartening and maddening as this moment in our country is, we can't help but feel empowered and mobilized... Sort of like a bucket of cold water being splashed on your face... WE ARE AWAKE NOW!!! 

It seems every morning we are waking up to face another injustice or mistruth from our government. The dread and depression of November is gone, this winter & spring we feel empowered and emboldened. Our voices are loud and our numbers are many... We find so much comfort in the sisterhood of like minded women! 

Since this whole election cycle started we have found so many kindred spirits, its always so nice to share not only our outrage but our work.... To see a friendly mom or grandmother at school drop off and say... "Did you call your congress person?" "Here take these mailing labels for the postcards, you're going to be writing to your Senator quite a bit this year..."   Because this is nothing new, women have had to fight for countless years for what we know is right and just and human. 

So today, be proud of your fight. Be proud to be a member of the resistance! Wear your heart of your sleeve... Or your resistance on your chest. 

Today we have rounded up a few of our favorite badges of honor - or t-shirts- for all you beautiful, bold rebels out there fighting the good fight. 

A. First, we have the most iconic shirt from this year- The Future Is Female- Did you know this shirt was actually originally designed in the 1970's for Labyris Books, the first women's bookstore in New York City. The design endured and hit a new surge of popularity during Hillary Clinton's campaign for President.  Although in truth, this shirt represents so much more... It has become a symbol for our generation of what we can look forward to as so many marginalized groups of people take hold of their power & our countries future. 

B. Who doesn't love Ruth Bader Ginsburg? The 2nd women ever appointed to the Supreme Court, she has fought long and hard for women's rights and equal rights throughout her career. 

C. Ahhhh the amazing Dior - "We Should All Be Feminists" shirt.... So good... So expensive. We can dream, though can't we. A percentage of the proceeds go to Rhianna's charity.   

D. Strong As A Mother- We just fell in love with everything about this phrase. As mothers, we know that every day we have to be the strength for our families. Be proud of how hard you will fight for your children's future.

E. We Are The Resistance - Oh Carrie Fisher, how broken our hearts still are. We are so proud that you have come to symbolize strength and power and rebellion for all of us. 

F. Cory Booker 2020 - YES!!!! We can't say enough how much we love Cory Booker... I mean talk about a light in the darkness! This man shows up and fights for all of us every day... Women, Men, LGBT, Immigrants, Muslims, Animals... Cory Booker has all of our backs. Plus, please follow him on Twitter, because the way he explains things really helps you wrap your head around all the insanity happening in Washington these days.   

Fight on America. 


Ceramics. Or is it pottery? Either way we LOVE it!

POTTERY!!!  Dream come true

POTTERY!!!  Dream come true

Like it or not the 70's are back baby!  From the fashion to the furniture that era is looking better than ever.  One of our favorite things that the 70s brought us (besides John Travolta and rollerskating) is ceramics!  Yes ceramics have been around for centuries but not since the 70s have they been so on display.  We can not get enough earthenware, ceramics, pottery you name it.  Some are obsessed with pillows...we are obsessed with pottery.   

Hi dream boat.  Jonathan Adler at the wheel.

Hi dream boat.  Jonathan Adler at the wheel.

Jonathan Adler (our dream man) was our gateway drug into the world of ceramics for display and now we can not stop!  Here are a few we are obsessed with right now...even Insta stalking the "throwers" a sweet way of course!

Lux Eros-  Mieke grew up with Dessa from Lux and I didn't know that until we mutually shared an obsession with her earthy meets punker style.  We are currently craving her pyramid studded line of home wares.

A litte Lux right there

A litte Lux right there

Brian Giniewski- What is it about his delicious drips that has us all in a tizzy!?  We can not wait to get our paws on his tumblers for our coffee or succulents.

Essarai Ceramics- One look and you know EXACTLY why we are in love with him.  Crystals seemingly growing out of them?! Yes please... we will take 10.  Thanks.  He has a wait list so you can stalk him on Instagram you wait.  

Bridget Bodenham- Her Earthenware meets modern pots and vessels are basically the definition of us.  Its a very modern take on our favorite Earthenware look.  I have a few of her pieces and seriously gaze at them lovingly every day!  PS Anthropologie carries her line so ordering from the UK isn't necessary.

Right?  Succulents, cacti, plants, flowers never had it sooooooo good!  Which one is your favorite?  

xoxo TWH

Anti-aging light masks...

"A wrinkle merely indicate where a smile has been"- Mark Twain

Wrinkle.  It's a hard pill to swallow.  But why?  It truly is a mark of a life lived well.  A mark of laughter, experience, life lived and battles fought.  So why does our society despise them?  Is it because we all want to stay looking as young as we feel?  Or is it society saying we need to look "perfect" (what ever that is)?  Well what ever it is, most of us see a wrinkle and begin to obsess.  

Recently we each started hearing about LED red light masks.  A non-cancer causing UV free wave length of LED lights that are said to boost collagen and treat existing acne.  So of course we each bought one!  Younger looking skin with out shots, lasers or needles???  IN!  

Here are the top ones we found for your viewing or buying pleasure (links below)

one // two // three // four // five // six //

So follow us on our journeys to see if these wizards of science work!

Mieke- Week 1 

Mieke- Week 1 

Wrinkles or no are perfect.  You are beautiful. 

xoxo TWH

Pajama to live in "men's" pajamas

Being a hardworking woman ain't easy.  We take on the world and the world takes us on.  Our days start before the sun goes up and ends long after the moon has risen.  So when that cozy bed is calling us the last thing we want to worry about is being "cute or put together".  We want snuggly sweats, big tushed undies (cuz sleeping in a thong is seriously the most uncomfortable thing ever...sorry hubbies) and a worn out tee.  But then to be honest, it would be really nice to wake up and start the day looking kinda put together...kinda?!

And the irony is we sit here in vintage tees and sweats researching and typing this.  So this is more than a post...this is a call to action!  It's time to look great going to bed so you can look just as great (minus the sheet marks, puffy eyes and bed head) when you wake up.  It's more for us than our's like putting on lipstick or's like a pinch on the bum and a tiny shot of "I got this"   

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 6.01.30 AM.png

Now, throwing on some really lovely lingerie is amazing too but there are days where cozy is just where it's at..and our favorite way to be cozy and sexy at the same time is in men's pajamas (but the ones for us).  They are crisp, clean and cute!  Plus you can let it ALL hang out!  Look ma' no bra!  Here are our favorites right now... 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

Guess what looks great with these pajamas?  Converse or even sexy heels...get our drift...Out of the sheets onto the streets...

xoxo TWH

Sexy Not Silly

Valentine's day is approaching and this year as women we are feeling EXTRA empowered so we decided to take sexy back.

Lingerie is one of our all-time favorite things, the sensual, smooth, silky feel of the fabric makes you feel so confident. Except when it doesn't.

We hate the feeling of lingerie that is "too much"... It can instantly make you feel silly rather than sexy and that can really put out a fire. Corsets and garters and bustiers can be really fun if you are in the mood to be someone else, but today we gathered up a few sexy pieces that make us feel like beautiful, emboldened versions of ourselves and that is as sexy as it gets. 

Hello gorgeous! It's hard not to love this sheer ruffly teddy from Flora Nikrooz. This piece stricks the perfect balance between beautiful and naughty. 


There is something about a sky high slit up the leg of your nightie that just feels decadent. This Out From Under slip is dark and sexy. 


Striking that perfect balance between cute and sexy... Our favorite place to be. We are in love with this Chelsea28 top we want to wear it with our vintage levis. 


Dear Santa, Valentine angels, birthday goddesses, husbands and anyone who may be listening. This insanely beautiful Haori Kimono from Fleur du Mal is not only crazy expensive it's SUPER practical... Because every time you put it on, you feel instantly beautiful, strong, sexy and feminine AND it saves money because you wouldn't even need anything to wear underneath. 

Except maybe these heart booty Valentine's panties from Free People. 

Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you feel loved, valued, cherished and confident this year. 






V-day gifts for that cute dude in your life...yes some of them deserve gifts too.

3 weeks and counting until the totally made up day of romance is here!  Valentines day!   Now let us be clear... being forced to be romantic on one day when there are 364 other days to show it as well seems silly.  But hey...we love any reason to show your love, snuggle, eat chocolate and GET GIFTS!

But what about that awesome man in your life be it your boyfriend, guy friend, dad, husband, baby daddy...the guy that makes your life better just by being in it.  The guy that makes you blush, smile giggle and laugh (even scream, turn to fire and slam doors some times).  Valentine's Day should be a two way street..because hey...these dudes should shower us with love, attention and gifts EVERY DAY so it only makes sense if we return the favor :)  

Here are our favorite guys gifts to fit in everyones budget...

  1. Nixon Watch- How cute is this gold and black watch from Nixon.  We are such big Nixon fans and this watch is one of them.  Plus it won't break the bank!
  2. Vintage Helmet Bag- Mens messenger bags are so hard to find.  Well cool looking ones at least.  This one is perfect for the guy in your life that travels with his laptop
  3. Wooden Toothbrush- Just beginning to think you want him to move in or sleep over?  Well give him a set of "yours/mine" wooden toothbrushes to tell him its time
  4. Areaware Drink Rocks- LOVE these drink rocks for the gentleman in you life.  Not sure why we love these so much but they are awesome
  5. B&O Portable Speaker- Got a music lover?  Take it from us...guys LOVE these and the sound quality is incredible.  You can toss them into any bag for portable music that sounds like its on big speakers
  6. Tom Dixon Pen- Any design guy will love this gold pen.  Tom Dixon is a master of cool
  7. Sonos Speakers- Sonos changed the game to the way you listen to music/radio at home.  Put a speaker anywhere in your house and connect it to your phone and voila...instant sound system.  
  8. Sudden Instant Coffee- This isn't like any other instant coffee you know.  This makes Via by Starbucks taste like old water.  And the packaging is perfection and it gets delivered monthly!
  9. Norden Candles- There are 2 candles I would by over and over for everyone and every room.  One of them is any scent from Norden.  The perfect (unfruity unflowery) scents warm up the room without overpowering it. And when the candle is done you have a stunning earthenware vessel 

Valentine's Day may be a forced and made up holiday but it's also a really cute one that shines a light on anyone you love in your life and makes us remember how important they are.  Show your loved ones a lil V-day love...


Holiday Hostess Gifts

Tis' the season for holiday parties! Every weekend is filled up with a parties and thank goodness we aren't throwing one this year because it takes a lot of work! 

We all know how bad it feels to show up to a party empty-handed, so here are a few of our favorite hostess gifts. 

Wine, of course... But not just wine, make your party contribution stand out by adding a special touch to your favorite bottle of Rosè, we love this rose gold bottle stopper plus glass charm set from Umbra

A beautiful gift for someone you know pretty well is a box of vintage Christmas Ornaments. Now, we say you have to know them pretty well because you have to know that they will "GET IT".... 

We once wasted a ton of money and time searching down a vintage Fisher Price plastic record player for our friend's son... This was way before they re-released them... Anyway, we searched e-bay found one, cleaned it and we were so proud of that gift... But in the end, they just thought we had given them an old used toy! We learned a life lesson, vintage gifts only go directly to the vintage loving!

But trust us, for the right person this will make their heart soar! 

It's a well-known fact that everybody in the Universe loves a candle, especially this one. 

Le Labo candle in a beautiful black glass vessel is a gift that keeps on giving. The smell is out of this world the candle's aroma comprises a secret blend of 26 ingredients, including notes of amber, coco, vanilla, cedar, musk, and of course, sandalwood.

Now you can walk into any event fully armed and prepared to thank your lovely host & hostess.

Have fun, be safe.






Oh Christmas Tree!

I don't think there was ever a year we were more eager to wash the Thanksgiving dishes and get straight to Christmas. Our houses are pretty much ready to go and it's not even December. 

This year was a hard one for a lot of us and so the promise of a cozy-snuggle-by-the-fire and be close to the ones you love holiday seems like a dream. 

But this year we are wondering "What about the tree?" 

About 6 years ago we both bought white Christmas trees they were fun and fresh and unique and we LOVE them. Plus they were inspired by the most Christmas-y of all girls. 

Oh Winona- you give us heart eyes. 

Oh Winona- you give us heart eyes. 

This year I am craving something different, I have a longing for a beautiful, green traditional Christmas tree. 

A few things about this craving are giving me pause though and here is what they are. 

1. Nothing breaks my heart more than the drive down the alleys of California and looking at all of those discarded trees in the trash the week after Christmas. I mean, ever since I was a little kid I hated that sight, those poor trees. 

2. While I used to be a pro at stringing a Christmas Tree with lights, the years I have had a pre-lit tree have shown me that you don't need to have scratched up, sap covered arms all month! I know that may sound lazy but hey, I've got three kids to wrangle, I don't have hours to string and UNSTRING a tree with lights. 

So then I started thinking, maybe we should get a potted tree that way we don't have to cut down a beautiful tree. After a little research into this, I am finding it so hard to find a potted Christmas tree place! 

I found a few that rent and deliver which is super awesome. 

We love this idea in theory but it costs quite a bit and the selection isn't that large. Please fill us in if you have more information about potted tree vendors or potted tree rentals. 

Another option is purchasing another faux tree the problem with that is storage... My husband may kill me if I take up all of our garage space with faux Christmas Trees... But a girl can dream and here are a few of our favorites. 

The prettiest trees I have found are on and of course they are super expensive... But today (Monday the 28th of November) they are having a Cyber Monday sale and the prices are WAY, WAY discounted! 


Target always comes through with great style for a pretty reasonable price. 


This pretty little tree from Hayneedle comes with this basket base and is pre-lit. 

Luckily for me, my family won't let me put up the tree till December 1st... So I have a few days to think about it. 

What is your tradition? What is your plan for this year? Let us know in the comments.  Growing up I never would have considered a faux tree but now I see that it can make life a lot easier. 






You wear the (faux leather) pants in this family...

Our fashion icon wearing a fashion icon.

Our fashion icon wearing a fashion icon.

It's here!  It's really happening!  Fall is here and we can not be happier about it.  Sure sunny weather 330 days a year sounds dreamy but when are we supposed to get to be cozy and dress in layers?  We have never met a slouchy sweater we didn't like.  In fact we stock pile them for chilly days and nights.  Then when the temps dip past 65 we run straight home and throw on a faux fur topper.  

Kills it every time.  

Kills it every time.  

But what is our favorite part about the chilly weather...besides turmeric lattes, fireside snuggles and layers?  (Faux) Leather pants.  No piece of clothing is more versatile or iconic.  No piece can go from morning coffee and school runs to date night and dancing with the flip of a shoe.  They can be sexy, casual, work appropriate and elevate any single item in your closet.  

We find any excuse to wear them. The new versions don't look like plastic but high quality leather and the best part? No animals were harmed for the sake of fashion AND they are a fraction of the price of animal skin!  Double win!   

 Here are or favorites right now!  

one // two // three

Shoes are the real heros in every outfit.  They tell the story you are trying to tell.  They can take any outfit and make it casual, effortless, dressy, funky, chic...  Here are the top 3 shoes that look AMAZING with faux leather pants for every occasion.

one // two // three

We weren't kidding when we said ANYTHING looks great with these pants... Here are the tops in our virtual carts and in our closets right now that we can't wait to pair with our new "leathers"

one // two // three // four

How easy was that!?  One piece that can transition to anything you need it to be?  Done!

How would you wear them?  

xoxo TWH

Real Women Fake It!

Oh Stella McCartney, how we love you

Oh Stella McCartney, how we love you

There is a long-running debate of faux fur vs. actual animal fur and we have to say we fall solidly on one side. Ever since I was little I remember the feel of fur giving me the Heebie-Jeebies and in the 80's when I was a kid fur was everywhere. I would sneak my little hand out to touch it and then recoil inside at the feel of it under my hand... No movement and no heartbeat... It always just instinctively felt wrong. Faux fur in the 80's and 90's was pretty horrible in its own way... It looked like unbrushed hair and it felt like plastic.

But do you know what happened? Somewhere in the last 15 years, faux fur took on a whole new life, inspired by the desire to change the world and save the animals people with amazingly superior brains used special science skills that are WAY over our heads to perfect faux fur! 

Yes, you heard that right... Now you can wear sumptuous, soft faux fur with a beautiful drape and you can feel really good about it! 

For us, at Things We Heart that is really something to celebrate! We love to show that you can be chic and stylish without hurting a single animal, because make no mistake, those fur-keychains hanging from luxury handbags came from someone who needs it more than you. 

Sorry for the graphic photo friends, but that is actually the very least of it. We are not here to judge or cast shame on anyone if you or someone you love chooses to wear fur, that is their choice and they have a right to it. We are however here to try and educate you on the reality of fur. Because being educated about what you put in and on your body is what we are all about over here at T.W.H. 

For instance, did you know that 50 million (yes million) animals are violently killed every year for use in the fashion industry? 

Did you also know that even when you are trying to buy faux fur in many cases that faux fur is actually dog and cat hair? (I know gross! Just as gross as wearing a bunny or fox!) To make sure that the faux fur you are buying is actually faux follow these simple guidelines

If you would like to know even more about the realities of the fur industry - watch this video

Now that we have covered the educational portion of our post, let's move on to the fun part! Beautiful faux fur fashions! 


From left to right we break down a few of our favorite fall faux pieces. 

1. Give us all the pink! This fluffy faux dream from one of our favorite brands, Unreal Fur is the perfect match for your vintage Levi's. 

2. Sophisticated and fun, this lovely gray and pink number is also from our friends at Unreal Fur... Are you starting to see why we love them so much? 

3. Make a statement in this bright coat! As bold as it is beautiful Zara delivers on this one. 

4. Winter dreams come true in this long line striped faux coat. While researching for this post we found this amazing site called where EVERYTHING is 100% faux and 100% fashionable! 

5. We love a great scarf and we love Carven throw this over pretty much anything to step up your outfit. Thank you to the fashion forward brands like Carven for using faux fur. 

6. Silence + Noise came correct with this camo and faux fur parka! We can't wait to work this into our Mom uniform rotation for Fall. 

Remember, there is NO SUCH THING as cruelty-free fur... If a brand claims that they don't kill the animals, or that no creatures are hurt please take the time to research this claim. We have never found this to be a reasonably true statement.







Sweater Weather

Ok California friends, what we have been waiting for since September has finally arrived! Sweater Weather is here, at least till 11:30 when you have to peel your sweater off your sweaty body before you get heat stroke!

Alas, where  we live our Fall is fleeting and we will take it while we can! As we hear a collective dreamy sigh sweep through Southern California we pull out all our old cozy sweaters and realize we need a refresher on our sweater collection. We have put together some of our favorite knitwear choices to make shopping easy for you. 

 We love playing with proportion when we get dressed. If we have on something tight on the bottom, it's loose on top and if it's tight up top we want loose and flowy on the bottom. 

One of our favorite silhouettes has always been very voluminous tops with a great pair of old Levi's or our favorite faux leather pants. It's the balance that keeps your outfit interesting and modern keep that in mind as you shop this Fall. 

A. The cozy and roomy Storm Turtleneck Sweater from J.O.A would be perfect paired with denim cutoffs, black tights, and boots that never quit. 

B. Perfect for that Southern California in-between weather this pretty Joie Jolena sweater is topping our list. 

C. If you died and went to turtleneck heaven this beauty would be waiting to greet you. Pair this TopShop Chiffon Sleeve gem with a wide leg, high waisted trouser or some faded denim overalls.

 D. We love it when Fashion's it girls who really get fashion team up with great brands and this Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28 open backed sweater is case in point. 

E. Madewell continues to steal our hearts with this clever Convertible Turtleneck Sweater. Not only is this idea genius, the deep cabernet color is always one of our favorites for Fall. 

F. The Sarah Sweater from Heartloom couldn't be more on point for Fall 2016 with the cut-outs in the shoulders and the nice loose shape, but with the classic color and weave, something tells us this sweater will go on looking current for years. 

Grab yourself some chai tea and your favorite cozy sweater because Fall is officially here. 




Eleven Elevens & More Instant Halloween Costumes

Laura Izumikawa @lauraiz - You need to see this Insta Feed! 

Laura Izumikawa @lauraiz - You need to see this Insta Feed! 

These days with the run-around-can't-sit-still-always-must-be-doing-ness of the world, a quick and easy costume is just what the doctor ordered for Halloween. 

So when you get that last minute invitation to a fun Halloween party, don't stress, we have you covered with a few super simple... From your own closet costumes that are sure to be a hit! 

If your closet is missing a few items, we have got you covered. 

We always recommend a Goodwill hunt for Halloween costumes, but for your shopping ease, most of the items we are featuring today are from Amazon. Easy one stop shopping! 

We see you,  Millie Bobby Brown! We know! We know! We ALL want to be Eleven from Stranger Things... But, you need to be prepared that wherever you go this year, there will be at least 11 Elevens! This is pretty much the perfect easy-but-cool costume. 

Eleven: Stranger Things

Eleven: Stranger Things

You can also get real crazy and dress up like Joyce! 

Let's reach back a little further in time for a slightly more unique costume.

When Erin & I write our memoirs we will probably title it... Our life in Winona Ryder Costumes. Every year we can't help but jump at the chance to be one Winona character or another.... The list is so amazing.... Kim from Edward Scissor Hands, Lydia Deets from Beetlejuice, Lelaina from Reality Bites... And of course. Veronica from Heathers. 



Perfect for a group costume with some girl friends. The key is remembering that each Heather has her own color so just have each girl dress in either red, yellow, green and for Veronica blue. Bust out those blazers and tights! 

Blue tightsPleated SkirtChecked BlazerBlue Ruffle BlouseMary JanesCroquette Set

Are these getting too complicated? We have the world's easiest costume for you then. It's still pretty cute but it's sitting in your closet and it's a classic. 

Risky Business

Risky Business

Yep! The classic standby Tom Cruise in Risky Business. You know you've always wanted to do it. 

We hope we helped you out at least a little bit this year, the possibilities are endless and you don't have to buy a lot. Go look through your closet.... What can you find? A witch? Frida Khalo? A classic ghost in a sheet? Halloween is supposed to be fun so let's keep it easy! 


Velvet Underground...Our favorite velvet pieces for fall

Crispy mornings,  hot coffee,  opaque tights,  and snuggles by the fire...these are a few of our favorite things we look forward to every fall.  The moment we see a golden leaf fall from our favorite trees we dream about bundling up and pulling out our sweaters from the back of the closets and bathing in velvet.  Oh yes,  we said it...VELVET!  Admit it,  you loved the sound that made when it rolled off your brain.  Then you remembered these...

Juicy Couture Velvet Tracksuits....No words.

Juicy Couture Velvet Tracksuits....No words.

But no fear...seriously don't worry..those Juicy tracksuits are long gone.  The velvet we are talking about are the ones so stylish you won't look back at photos and cringe or look like Aunt Selma in a crushed velvet too tight dress.  The velvet we love is sumptuous, stylish and luxuriously bold.

Behold...the new velvet underground...

  • one-  Throwing this pink velvet daybed cushion in the corner of any room covered in pillows is like your own personal opium den...PINK!
  • two- This paisley velvet blazer takes your daily uniform of a tee and jeans and turns it up to 100
  • three- How pretty are these ink blue lace up booties?  See comment above..
  • four- Ditto for these embossed stunners!
  • five- Oh hello dream embroidered bomber!   We would wear you everyday
  • six- Love these velvet skinnies paired with a yummy sweater for fall.
  • seven-  Be cozy and sexy at the same time?  Yup with this rose colored body suit its possible.
  • eight-  This delicate velvet bow choker automatically up styles your outfit from day to night.
  • nine-  Seriously?!  WE NEED THIS VELVET MILITARY BLAZER!  Sorry to yell but come on!

These pieces automatically up the ante of any outfit or would you wear it?  

Happy Fall!  

xo- TWH

SWEAT(shirt)ER Weather

We still dream of having this sweatshirt and now even more..Will...our style guru forever

We still dream of having this sweatshirt and now even more..Will...our style guru forever

Most people in the US LIVE for the first day of fall...they can't wait for the first leaves that fall to the ground, pumpkin spice lattes, tights under everything... but us?  Oh we wait for it so we can wear our sweats to bed then roll to the streets like we meant it.  Nothing says fall like bed to street fashion :).  A few weeks ago we raved about our closets favorite coziest sheets to the streets items and we are on a roll.   

Look we are moms..wives, friends, shoppers, cooks, maids, cleaners, supports, hypnotists, but we are also cozy loving, fashion obsessed girls.   So what a better way to look cute night to day than a great sweatshirt!  



  1. The Great- Sweet but not sloppy..this embroidered star sweatshirt is perfect
  2. Mate the Label- Remember the tee we LOVE so much??  Here is its cozy mama
  3. Urban- Vintage french surplus sweatshirt...OUI! 
  4. Vintage- Nothing is more delicious than a vintage sweatshirt
  5. Monogram Studio- How chic is this beauty? 
  6. OC- Here it is... we are not label girls but this one is great...especially after seeing Will in it

The cutest part about rocking a great sweatshirt is what you pair with it.  Roll outta bed...throw your hair up and pair your it with great jeans...or even better some cute (faux) leather pants, sneakers and a great bandana...

Voila...insta chic and crazy cozy. Bring it on fall!

How would you wear it?