Netflix And Chill

Our children will never know how lucky they are to be growing up in this generation. I mean, when we were kids we had to wait a whole week before we could see the next episode of our favorite show! How did we live with the suspense? 

With Netflix, we don't have that problem at all... But you can actually fall into the dangers of binge watching. We won't lie.. Every once in a while it feels pretty good to watch 8 episodes of a series back-to-back. But as mom's we don't really have the luxery of time, so if you're going to waste it... Waste it on these shows. 

We are both in LOVE with The Unbreakable Kimmiy Schmidt.... And by love, I mean obsessed.

This very funny, very tongue-in-cheek show is written by Tina Fey & Robert Carlock and has been on Netflix since November 2015. If you haven't watched it yet then lucky you, because you have two whole seasons to catch up on. 

Ellie Kemper stars as Kimmy Schmidt a 29 year old woman who was kidnapped and locked in a bunker for 15 years. It may not sound like the set up for one pf the funniest shows we've ever seen... But it really is. With an amazing supporting cast of some of the best and funniest actors this show is worth every single wasted second of your day. You can go to the grocery store tomorrow, watch another episode. 

Next up is our favorite F*ed Up family drama Bloodline. 

Lucky for you season 2 just dropped on Netflix so now you have lots of episodes to watch that are just full of suspense and mystery. 

Plus, endless hours of Kyle Chandler.... And that alone is worth binge watching. 

My husband and I love this show and have been hard selling it to all our friends since season 1. The acting on this Netflix Original is off the charts.. Not one weak link in the cast and a amazing and chilling performance by Ben Mendelsohn. The twisted and layered past of the Rayburn family will pull you in and have you deeply invested in each one of the characters. 

If you're going to waste away your day or forgo a night of sleep then these are the shows to do it for. Please tell us what you can't stop watching, we would love to hear.