Our favorite Instagram accounts to follow right now.

If you know anything about us here at TWH you know we are a beautiful mess of life.  We are inspired, grossed out and excited by a number of avenues.   With so many things we share in common it is no surprise that we also share a love of just about anything.  We are so not the pigeon hole type of people.  Our musical tastes are all over the board as well as our tastes in fashion and decor and we wouldn't have it any other way!  

So, when it comes to us sharing an Instagram account you better believe it is a perfect mash up of our brains!  We both constantly add new people to follow and since we are so similar in our tastes we never really know who follows what.  We tag each other back and forth several times a day on our own account to make sure the other has witnessed what we have (confused yet?...welcome to our brains).   Wanna see our newest accounts we are obsessed with that take us deep into the Rabbit Hole of time zap and wonderment?  

1. Dr Pimple Popper-  The name says it all.  Yes it's positively tummy turning amazingness of satisfaction.  Dr Sandra Lee Youtubes and Instagrams videos of her extracting pimples and cysts and we can not look away.  We both spend countless hours on this account each week before bed and we are sorry (not really) to our hubbies for begging them to join us on this totally captivating grossness.  

2. A Little Lovely Company- Their daily feed of cheery kids rooms mixed with their equally cheery products (loving their light boxes so much) like Japanese inspired cloud night lights and cute pillows keep us coming back and getting inspired through their sunshine-y-ness.

3. They All Hate us-  We have been in love with Elle and Tash, the girls behind this amazing account, for years now following their Tumblr of spectacular images of women, fashion and life and now their Instagram account has us even more obsessed with them then ever!  With a mix of inspirational quotes, beautiful images and woman and fashion gets us giddy daily.  Thanks for the electricity ladies!  Oh and PS we will take any and ALL of their Girl Gang gear!  And I mean...SPLASH?!?!?!?


4. Ettoresottass- This spectacular feed of art, design and interiors from all decades, designers and vibes makes us stop in our tracks daily.  If you needed to get inspired and go down a deep hole of glamorous places and spaces this is the account for you!

Our favorites change as much as our shoes so stay tuned for more!  What are your favorite places on Insta to get lost?  You can never have too much fun!

xoxo TWH