The Rabbit Hole....Under the sea....



Maybe it's because it is almost summer here in Lala land or maybe it is because we are both born to be total beach bunnies...but what ever it is we are finding ourselves magnetically drawn to all things ocean and beach related.  And it seems that our Instagram "explore" feed totally gets us because we came across these 3 incredible deep sea inspired things.

The other week it was our quest for the perfect spring suit and this week we can not get enough of things that remind us of our long summer days spent at the beach.  Here are a few things that have us dreaming of that golden air and salty inviting waves right now...

1. Vaute clothings newest collection for Summer '16-  Created from eco-friendly recycled fabrics.  This planet, people and animal friendly clothing company has us all in a tizzy with their gorgeous Dolphin & Stars Vaute print and perfect pieces!   We.  Need.  Everything......   (PS they are having a pre-order sale!  20% off!)

SO dreamy it's BEYOND!  How stunning is this print!  

2. When we came across this account we actually gasped aloud.  How gorgeous are these giant stuffed ocean creatures from Big Stuffed?  Made in France, these dreamy sea animals would be right at home just hanging out all over the place.  It's like they are begging for a snuggle...and a nap partner

Now I need a stuffed sea animal snuggle induced nap... too good.

3.  This print from Society 6 artist Picomodi needs to be hanging up somewhere in our homes.  Every time we see we will be reminded of those long beach days we are longing for.  

Society 6

Where ever you find inspiration to get out and enjoy nature...find it!  Even if its from Instagram at 3 in the morning...when you can't sleep while dreaming about the warm sun soaked sand and coconut scented skin...

What are your favorite new Instagram discoveries?  Anything we should know about?  And don't say Dr Pimple Popper...because unfortunately we already know about that...(and we are embarrassedly obsessed)  Send us your fave Insta finds and we might write about them!

xoxo TWH