The Rabbit Hole- Nice Flair

We all need a lil bit....

We all need a lil bit....

If you're like us and you LOVE a lil bit of style, sizzle, fashion and flash... But you rarely have time to get your own laundry done and take a deeper look into your closet then the usual go-to's... So you keep throwing on your (cute, but over-worn) uniform, we have the answer for you.  

As of late our new uniform consists of drop crotch jeans or workout pants, sneaks and an army jacket or denim over shirt...  Cute? Yes...Easy? Of course... but it always feels like its missing a piece of who we are.  So- bringing it back, from when we were younger (like all great things), FLAIR!  Pins and patches and broaches...oh my!  

Imagine our delight a while ago when we started to insta stalk is run by just the coolest group of woman with unicorn princess, Jen Gotch at the helm.  She looks like what would happen if a unicorn, a fairy,  Rainbow Bright and a feral concrete jungle kitten had a baby.  Like a firework display went off and created a woman.  And her baby is her shop/online world dripping with fun.   


When we visited her "Girls Pop Up" we died and went to Heaven... And when we saw her array of flair it sent us to Nirvana. 

On another recent Insta Rabbit Hole session at 4:12am, a cute store called Valley Cruise Press came along in the explore section.  "Click" and "whoa!"  Pins galore...the cutest and first people to do emoji pins (perfect for my jinxy and I...ahhem...jinxy?) 

And then Coucou Suzette happened.  Like a flair covered dream!  After finding her on Insta and then clicking through to her Etsy store we knew we were MFEO.  Her sweet, delicate and sassy pieces sent us into a tizzy!  An eye pin and love patch later from her Etsy shop and our army jacket was complete.  

The best thing about having a little flair?  You can wear it anywhere and on anything.  It's a little sneak peek into who you are without giving away your whole beautiful story.  Oh and it makes your daily uniform a bit more exciting.

xoxo TWH