The (insta) Rabbit Hole- Cat Scratch Fever

Every so often (who are we kidding...SO often) we hit the little magnifying glass on the bottom of our Instagram window to see what we can find, laugh at or dream about.  In our newest series The (Instagram) Rabbit Hole, we share our favorite finds with you, because nothing is more fun than sharing amazing finds with the ones you love.

In todays TRH, we are getting Cat-ty.  Like crazy cat lady style...only stylish, well groomed(ish) and not yet recluses.  

We are quite obsessed with this find, Etsy seller, Minky Moo Ceramics.  So much that we separately found her on the same day with out knowing it, Instagrammed her crazy cute creations and then gushed about them to each other though out the day.

Minky Moo  you have our hearts!

Minky Moo you have our hearts!

This speckled cat planter is really becoming a problem (along with everything else she does but we digress...this is a cat post) for us.  Where do we put it?  How many do we give as gifts? Who will be the lucky recipients of one? 

On Sunday you may have seen this Instagram post we did and out of love for you our readers (and selfishly to fill our closets even more) we explored this company even beyond the crazy cute cat label.  

Stay Home Club

Stay Home Club

Must.  Have.  This.  Tote.  

No longer feel bad about your grocery trip to get ice cream and wine

No longer feel bad about your grocery trip to get ice cream and wine

And this card from Stay Home Club gets us all kinds of giddy.  Perfect for sending to your favorite crazy cat lady.  As if she needs the bottom translation.  

Oh whats that you say?  You need the perfect sweatshirt thats cozy for your nights in yet is fancy enough to make you feel like you're about to have a night on the town?  Nope we aren't kitten you!  Thanks to our insta find of Bow and Drape you are covered!

Need one that makes Taylor Swift look tame next to you?

So feline-ing   this one  !

So feline-ing this one!

How ever you cat it up make sure its cute!  Stay tuned for more of The (Instagram) Rabbit Hole posts soon!  What are your favorite finds?

Yep we had this...  .now you can too

Yep we had you can too

xoxo TWH