Instagram obsessions...

Welcome back to down the rabbit hole, where we take you along on a little trip to all the things we have discovered on Instagram lately.  Because, when you can't sleep at night what else do you do besides prowl the discover button on Instagram? 

1. Nach Bijoux - @nachbijoux

Did you ever collect those teeny tiny porcelain animals when you were little? If you did you know what we are talking about and my sister and I collected so many we had a whole little shelf full. 

Well, Imagine the excitement when this popped up on the explore page in our insta feed. Beautiful jewelry made of porcelain and each designed like a beautiful little animal. Readers.. Meet our latest obsession. Nach Bijoux. 

Started by two sisters in France Nancy & Nadia Koch who come from a long family business of miniature porcelain animal artists. 

(This has been translated from french on their website) 

"Each piece is made ntirely by hand in our own workshops, manufacturing of porcelain to final assembly of the jewel. Thanks to the skill of our artists and our long experience, we master a unique manufacturing technique. All our jewels are signed and registered designs. We are the only ones in the world to offer such a collection with that level of quality.

The brand embodies a new concept in the world of jewelry. The originality of our designs comes from the use of porcelain, alone or in combination with other materials (gold flash, leather, rope, pen, etc.). The universe is Nach animal, colorful and fruity! Everyone be seduced by one of our jewels. Our success: talent and craziness of our artists."

Although we have been searching and searching, it is really hard to find the whole collection with shipping to America. Here is a retailer we have found that will ship to the States. (Although the price is high) has a large selection. 

2. Lily Rose Depp - @lilyrose_depp

Of course we are obsessed with this perfect face! Two of our favorite faces had some babies and this is one of the results! Perfect angel-elf-baby. Long have we both been in love with Vanessa Paradise, when Vanessa appeared whistling in the bird cage in the Chanel ad we were done for. Girl Crush Forever. 

So of course we can't get over how stunning her daughter is. Seriously fun and probably a little creepy to check out Lily Rose Depp's Instagram page. It's worth checking out if only to marvel that a face like this actually exists in real life. 

3. Millie Fairhall - @milliefairhall

These beautifully carved reclaimed wood serving boards hand painted by artist Millie Fairhall drive us bonkers. We have been following this Instagram page for a while now and we love to see these beautiful pieces of art pop up in our feed everyday. 

Each piece is unique and one of a kind. You can get yours here at her Big Cartel shop. 


We hope you have enjoyed this little trip down the rabbit hole with us! Please tag us on Instagram at @thingsweheartofficial anytime you see something you think we will love. 

Enjoy your weekend and happy graming!