Netflix And Chill

Our children will never know how lucky they are to be growing up in this generation. I mean, when we were kids we had to wait a whole week before we could see the next episode of our favorite show! How did we live with the suspense? 

With Netflix, we don't have that problem at all... But you can actually fall into the dangers of binge watching. We won't lie.. Every once in a while it feels pretty good to watch 8 episodes of a series back-to-back. But as mom's we don't really have the luxery of time, so if you're going to waste it... Waste it on these shows. 

We are both in LOVE with The Unbreakable Kimmiy Schmidt.... And by love, I mean obsessed.

This very funny, very tongue-in-cheek show is written by Tina Fey & Robert Carlock and has been on Netflix since November 2015. If you haven't watched it yet then lucky you, because you have two whole seasons to catch up on. 

Ellie Kemper stars as Kimmy Schmidt a 29 year old woman who was kidnapped and locked in a bunker for 15 years. It may not sound like the set up for one pf the funniest shows we've ever seen... But it really is. With an amazing supporting cast of some of the best and funniest actors this show is worth every single wasted second of your day. You can go to the grocery store tomorrow, watch another episode. 

Next up is our favorite F*ed Up family drama Bloodline. 

Lucky for you season 2 just dropped on Netflix so now you have lots of episodes to watch that are just full of suspense and mystery. 

Plus, endless hours of Kyle Chandler.... And that alone is worth binge watching. 

My husband and I love this show and have been hard selling it to all our friends since season 1. The acting on this Netflix Original is off the charts.. Not one weak link in the cast and a amazing and chilling performance by Ben Mendelsohn. The twisted and layered past of the Rayburn family will pull you in and have you deeply invested in each one of the characters. 

If you're going to waste away your day or forgo a night of sleep then these are the shows to do it for. Please tell us what you can't stop watching, we would love to hear.



Our favorite Instagram accounts to follow right now.

If you know anything about us here at TWH you know we are a beautiful mess of life.  We are inspired, grossed out and excited by a number of avenues.   With so many things we share in common it is no surprise that we also share a love of just about anything.  We are so not the pigeon hole type of people.  Our musical tastes are all over the board as well as our tastes in fashion and decor and we wouldn't have it any other way!  

So, when it comes to us sharing an Instagram account you better believe it is a perfect mash up of our brains!  We both constantly add new people to follow and since we are so similar in our tastes we never really know who follows what.  We tag each other back and forth several times a day on our own account to make sure the other has witnessed what we have (confused yet?...welcome to our brains).   Wanna see our newest accounts we are obsessed with that take us deep into the Rabbit Hole of time zap and wonderment?  

1. Dr Pimple Popper-  The name says it all.  Yes it's positively tummy turning amazingness of satisfaction.  Dr Sandra Lee Youtubes and Instagrams videos of her extracting pimples and cysts and we can not look away.  We both spend countless hours on this account each week before bed and we are sorry (not really) to our hubbies for begging them to join us on this totally captivating grossness.  

2. A Little Lovely Company- Their daily feed of cheery kids rooms mixed with their equally cheery products (loving their light boxes so much) like Japanese inspired cloud night lights and cute pillows keep us coming back and getting inspired through their sunshine-y-ness.

3. They All Hate us-  We have been in love with Elle and Tash, the girls behind this amazing account, for years now following their Tumblr of spectacular images of women, fashion and life and now their Instagram account has us even more obsessed with them then ever!  With a mix of inspirational quotes, beautiful images and woman and fashion gets us giddy daily.  Thanks for the electricity ladies!  Oh and PS we will take any and ALL of their Girl Gang gear!  And I mean...SPLASH?!?!?!?


4. Ettoresottass- This spectacular feed of art, design and interiors from all decades, designers and vibes makes us stop in our tracks daily.  If you needed to get inspired and go down a deep hole of glamorous places and spaces this is the account for you!

Our favorites change as much as our shoes so stay tuned for more!  What are your favorite places on Insta to get lost?  You can never have too much fun!

xoxo TWH

The Rabbit Hole....Under the sea....



Maybe it's because it is almost summer here in Lala land or maybe it is because we are both born to be total beach bunnies...but what ever it is we are finding ourselves magnetically drawn to all things ocean and beach related.  And it seems that our Instagram "explore" feed totally gets us because we came across these 3 incredible deep sea inspired things.

The other week it was our quest for the perfect spring suit and this week we can not get enough of things that remind us of our long summer days spent at the beach.  Here are a few things that have us dreaming of that golden air and salty inviting waves right now...

1. Vaute clothings newest collection for Summer '16-  Created from eco-friendly recycled fabrics.  This planet, people and animal friendly clothing company has us all in a tizzy with their gorgeous Dolphin & Stars Vaute print and perfect pieces!   We.  Need.  Everything......   (PS they are having a pre-order sale!  20% off!)

SO dreamy it's BEYOND!  How stunning is this print!  

2. When we came across this account we actually gasped aloud.  How gorgeous are these giant stuffed ocean creatures from Big Stuffed?  Made in France, these dreamy sea animals would be right at home just hanging out all over the place.  It's like they are begging for a snuggle...and a nap partner

Now I need a stuffed sea animal snuggle induced nap... too good.

3.  This print from Society 6 artist Picomodi needs to be hanging up somewhere in our homes.  Every time we see we will be reminded of those long beach days we are longing for.  

Society 6

Where ever you find inspiration to get out and enjoy nature...find it!  Even if its from Instagram at 3 in the morning...when you can't sleep while dreaming about the warm sun soaked sand and coconut scented skin...

What are your favorite new Instagram discoveries?  Anything we should know about?  And don't say Dr Pimple Popper...because unfortunately we already know about that...(and we are embarrassedly obsessed)  Send us your fave Insta finds and we might write about them!

xoxo TWH

Sweet Toof...

The inside of our brains by  ...Becca Clason

The inside of our brains by...Becca Clason

To say that we are constantly planning or pretend planning a party in some sense of the word is putting it VERY mildly.  We pin, email, text, comment, tag each other daily when we see a cute idea for a party/tea party/GNO/dinner/ get the idea.  

DLF with Found Rentals....So dreamy it hurts!

DLF with Found Rentals....So dreamy it hurts!

Whether it's flowers floating in pink champagne or a moroccan pillowed dream, we obsess and immediately try to think of a party we can plan to do that idea.  

This one image had us all in a party tornado for the TWH launch!

This one image had us all in a party tornado for the TWH launch!

As we scour instagram during the wee hours of the morning or night we come across things that make our head spin and bodies tingle.  The cutest sweets for parties of all kinds....EVER!   And here is what happens-

A while back I was at a party for the Pop Up and this insanely cute girl was serving the most insanely cute cotton candy cones .  The cones glitter dipped and the cotton sprinkled with...well sprinkles and glitter!  Thank goodness for the Insta explore button..we found her!  

Bon Puf was started by 22 year old Cloe (yes she was 18 when she opened it...let the feelings of failure set in) because of her passion for cotton candy.  Each party they do, they bring a cart with 30 flavors, edible glitter and sprinkles and let the guests imaginations run wild.  

Come on!

Come on!

Like little clouds of happiness!

Then our love for chocolate covered bananas (we eat the Trader Joes bites nightly) was turned into an obsession after coming across this cute company.  Hannah's Bananas was started by another high school cutie after seeing a lack of gourmet party bananas.

Let the cuteness begin!

Let the cuteness begin!

Hannah Banana Cart

Hannah Banana Cart

Then we saw this cuteness from You Are My Fave and now we need a donut bar party!!

Thanks Instagram for always having our backs...and for making us mental...and inspiring us...and driving us crazy....and giving us great ideas....and getting us into a frenzzy.

Sweet Toof

Sweet Toof

Need more sugar from TWH?  Follow us!

xoxo TWH

Turquoise Dreams

Turquoise in America was originally found by Native American Indians of the Southwestern United States.

The Turquoise mines first set up in America were hand mined with primitive tools. Turquoise was originally found in New Mexico and Colorado. The earliest Turquoise Mine being in what is now known as Cerrillos, NM. Turquoise Beads have been found at the Chaco Canyon Site dating back over prior to 900 A.D. (

We have always thought Turquoise was one of the most beautiful stones we have ever seen, color variation and markings make each stone unique. 

We recently stumbled upon a Instagram page called @Turquoiseoverdiamonds and instantly fell in love. Turquoise Over Diamonds is a feed of beautiful photos of turquoise jewelry and can not only inspire you but introduce you to amazing jewelry designers and retailers. 

Song Yee Designs  - As featured on @Turquoiseoverdiamonds

Song Yee Designs - As featured on @Turquoiseoverdiamonds

One of our favorite designers we found while falling down this "Turquoise Instagram Rabbit Hole" is Paloma Stipp.  @paloma_stipp based in Sydney Australia... Because of course thats where pretty much everything dreamy happens. Paloma hand makes every piece in her workshop and if you follow along on Instagram you can often see pictures of her bandaged finger tips to prove it! Plus a portion of every sale goes to WaterAid

For a few years now we have been searching for the perfect vintage squash blossom necklace... Something beautiful that doesn't cost an arm and a leg... But, most vintage Native American jewelry is super expensive, because it's super well made and beautiful. 

Vintage Turquoise- Pintrest 

Vintage Turquoise- Pintrest 

Buying vintage turquoise can be a daunting task... How do you know what you're getting and if you are over paying? Here is a short video with some tips.

We also like to go through a shop we trust when buying vintage Turquoise. We love to browse the intro jewelry section at Prisim Boutique

There are also a lot of cool companies that are remaking and reworking vintage looking jewelry at a more realistic price. Some of these trades people's families like Greg Thorne have been doing this for generations. While still an investment, they are not as pricey as the actual 1940's & 1950's pieces. Plus, you can wear them forever. 

Greg Thorne Jewelry

Greg Thorne Jewelry

Turquoise is such a dreamy stone and if you are interested in the meaning of gem stones..  Here is what we found. 

The turquoise is the symbol of friendship. It also brings peace to the home. This stone is a very personal and meaningful stone to one who wears it. Turquoise takes on the characteristics of the owner. Turquoise carries great wisdom of basic truth within it.

ounds good to us. 


    The Rabbit Hole- Nice Flair

    We all need a lil bit....

    We all need a lil bit....

    If you're like us and you LOVE a lil bit of style, sizzle, fashion and flash... But you rarely have time to get your own laundry done and take a deeper look into your closet then the usual go-to's... So you keep throwing on your (cute, but over-worn) uniform, we have the answer for you.  

    As of late our new uniform consists of drop crotch jeans or workout pants, sneaks and an army jacket or denim over shirt...  Cute? Yes...Easy? Of course... but it always feels like its missing a piece of who we are.  So- bringing it back, from when we were younger (like all great things), FLAIR!  Pins and patches and broaches...oh my!  

    Imagine our delight a while ago when we started to insta stalk is run by just the coolest group of woman with unicorn princess, Jen Gotch at the helm.  She looks like what would happen if a unicorn, a fairy,  Rainbow Bright and a feral concrete jungle kitten had a baby.  Like a firework display went off and created a woman.  And her baby is her shop/online world dripping with fun.   


    When we visited her "Girls Pop Up" we died and went to Heaven... And when we saw her array of flair it sent us to Nirvana. 

    On another recent Insta Rabbit Hole session at 4:12am, a cute store called Valley Cruise Press came along in the explore section.  "Click" and "whoa!"  Pins galore...the cutest and first people to do emoji pins (perfect for my jinxy and I...ahhem...jinxy?) 

    And then Coucou Suzette happened.  Like a flair covered dream!  After finding her on Insta and then clicking through to her Etsy store we knew we were MFEO.  Her sweet, delicate and sassy pieces sent us into a tizzy!  An eye pin and love patch later from her Etsy shop and our army jacket was complete.  

    The best thing about having a little flair?  You can wear it anywhere and on anything.  It's a little sneak peek into who you are without giving away your whole beautiful story.  Oh and it makes your daily uniform a bit more exciting.

    xoxo TWH

    Instagram obsessions...

    Welcome back to down the rabbit hole, where we take you along on a little trip to all the things we have discovered on Instagram lately.  Because, when you can't sleep at night what else do you do besides prowl the discover button on Instagram? 

    1. Nach Bijoux - @nachbijoux

    Did you ever collect those teeny tiny porcelain animals when you were little? If you did you know what we are talking about and my sister and I collected so many we had a whole little shelf full. 

    Well, Imagine the excitement when this popped up on the explore page in our insta feed. Beautiful jewelry made of porcelain and each designed like a beautiful little animal. Readers.. Meet our latest obsession. Nach Bijoux. 

    Started by two sisters in France Nancy & Nadia Koch who come from a long family business of miniature porcelain animal artists. 

    (This has been translated from french on their website) 

    "Each piece is made ntirely by hand in our own workshops, manufacturing of porcelain to final assembly of the jewel. Thanks to the skill of our artists and our long experience, we master a unique manufacturing technique. All our jewels are signed and registered designs. We are the only ones in the world to offer such a collection with that level of quality.

    The brand embodies a new concept in the world of jewelry. The originality of our designs comes from the use of porcelain, alone or in combination with other materials (gold flash, leather, rope, pen, etc.). The universe is Nach animal, colorful and fruity! Everyone be seduced by one of our jewels. Our success: talent and craziness of our artists."

    Although we have been searching and searching, it is really hard to find the whole collection with shipping to America. Here is a retailer we have found that will ship to the States. (Although the price is high) has a large selection. 

    2. Lily Rose Depp - @lilyrose_depp

    Of course we are obsessed with this perfect face! Two of our favorite faces had some babies and this is one of the results! Perfect angel-elf-baby. Long have we both been in love with Vanessa Paradise, when Vanessa appeared whistling in the bird cage in the Chanel ad we were done for. Girl Crush Forever. 

    So of course we can't get over how stunning her daughter is. Seriously fun and probably a little creepy to check out Lily Rose Depp's Instagram page. It's worth checking out if only to marvel that a face like this actually exists in real life. 

    3. Millie Fairhall - @milliefairhall

    These beautifully carved reclaimed wood serving boards hand painted by artist Millie Fairhall drive us bonkers. We have been following this Instagram page for a while now and we love to see these beautiful pieces of art pop up in our feed everyday. 

    Each piece is unique and one of a kind. You can get yours here at her Big Cartel shop. 


    We hope you have enjoyed this little trip down the rabbit hole with us! Please tag us on Instagram at @thingsweheartofficial anytime you see something you think we will love. 

    Enjoy your weekend and happy graming!


    Down the rabbit hole... Lets get cozy edition.

    As I am writing this it is a rainy and overcast day... But here in the sunshine state, that could change within the hour.When you are reading this, it will probably be desperately hot and humid.  Doesn't matter, we will take a few hours of rain while we can get it!

    Not only are we in desperate need of rain here in Southern Cali, Erin & I are in desperate need of sweaters, ponchos and rain boots. Fall is here and we want to start dressing like it. 

    While laying here in bed with a touch of a tummy bug and a big cup of tea... taking advantage of the kids all being back in school.... Down the Instagram rabbit hole I fell. 

    Here are some of the amazing finds we want to share with you. 

    1. @ilovemrmittens

    @ilovemrmittens Instagram Photo

    @ilovemrmittens Instagram Photo

    So this one the TWH ladies have been obsessing over for a while now. Beautiful hand knit pieces designed by a Belgian born artist living in Australia. And, yes, we do think Stéphanie Caulier should be called an artist and not just a designer because each piece is really a work of art. 

    @ilovemrmittens - Instagram Photo

    @ilovemrmittens - Instagram Photo

    We took this quote off of the I Love Mr. Mittens website makes us love this line even more.  "It is also important to recognise I love Mr Mittens “Heartworking” philosophy. Each garment is hand knitted with love by Stephanie and her team. This collaboration of small, independent businesses (rather than large conglomerates) completes the vision of I love Mr Mittens to create a brand that provides a genuine contribution back to the local community. University students and retired pensioners alike, work with a common objective of executing Stephanie’s vision of how knitwear should be, simple, elegant, timeless and fashionable."

    @ilovemrmittens - Instagram Photo

    @ilovemrmittens - Instagram Photo

    We fell pretty hard for the beautiful illustrations of Hsiao-Ron Cheng when we saw them on the explore page of Instagram she strikes just the right mix of femininity and oddity that speaks to us. 

    "Hsiao-Ron Cheng (鄭曉嶸) is a 1986-born Taiwanese digital artist/illustrator. She started to work as a freelance illustrator in 2012 and soon get international attention. In the same year, her work has been shortlisted for Young Illustrator Award. Hsiao-Ron's clients range from fashion brand to design agencies worldwide."We fell

    @ORGANIXLA - Instagram Photo- "Crab Cake Burger"

    @ORGANIXLA - Instagram Photo- "Crab Cake Burger"

    UGGGHHH I'm dying to get over to try a restaurant more then I do Organix. Located in LA this Old World market and specialty grocer also has a vegan deli that makes me drool every day. Their Instagram feed is insane and total food porn. 

    Everything that would be super naughty to eat except it is organic and vegan.... So it's almost like the calories don't count because you feel good about eating it. 


    @ORGANIXLA- Instagram - Vegan Caprese Sandwich

    @ORGANIXLA- Instagram - Vegan Caprese Sandwich

    Seriously decadent looking! Now my tummy is growling. Cold weather always makes us crave comfort foods. 

    @ORGANIXLA - Instagram Taco Tuesday

    @ORGANIXLA - Instagram Taco Tuesday

    @PLUMANDSPARROW - Instagram

    @PLUMANDSPARROW - Instagram


    Speaking of cozy and snuggly days... We fell so hard for this Moses & market basket company we stumbled upon on Instagram! 

    These Moses baskets from Plum + Sparrow are enough to make me want a new born baby again.

    San Diego mama of four beautiful babes is the proprietor of Plum + Sparrow and these Moses Baskets sell out quick!! We are hoping to be able to lock one down for our dear friends who are going to have their first baby soon. 


    @PLUMANDSPARROW- Instagram 

    @PLUMANDSPARROW- Instagram 

    Follow this Instagram account for heart melting cuteness and to support another Mama making her dreams come true. 


    @PLUMANDSPARROW - Instagram 

    @PLUMANDSPARROW - Instagram 

    The sun is already peeking out and the rain drying up... Weather reports say this weekend will be in the 90's here in our Golden State... But our hearts will dream of real fall days, full of crisp air and golden leaves. Hope you enjoyed your trip down the Instagram Rabbit Hole with us. 


    The (insta) Rabbit Hole- Cat Scratch Fever

    Every so often (who are we kidding...SO often) we hit the little magnifying glass on the bottom of our Instagram window to see what we can find, laugh at or dream about.  In our newest series The (Instagram) Rabbit Hole, we share our favorite finds with you, because nothing is more fun than sharing amazing finds with the ones you love.

    In todays TRH, we are getting Cat-ty.  Like crazy cat lady style...only stylish, well groomed(ish) and not yet recluses.  

    We are quite obsessed with this find, Etsy seller, Minky Moo Ceramics.  So much that we separately found her on the same day with out knowing it, Instagrammed her crazy cute creations and then gushed about them to each other though out the day.

    Minky Moo  you have our hearts!

    Minky Moo you have our hearts!

    This speckled cat planter is really becoming a problem (along with everything else she does but we digress...this is a cat post) for us.  Where do we put it?  How many do we give as gifts? Who will be the lucky recipients of one? 

    On Sunday you may have seen this Instagram post we did and out of love for you our readers (and selfishly to fill our closets even more) we explored this company even beyond the crazy cute cat label.  

    Stay Home Club

    Stay Home Club

    Must.  Have.  This.  Tote.  

    No longer feel bad about your grocery trip to get ice cream and wine

    No longer feel bad about your grocery trip to get ice cream and wine

    And this card from Stay Home Club gets us all kinds of giddy.  Perfect for sending to your favorite crazy cat lady.  As if she needs the bottom translation.  

    Oh whats that you say?  You need the perfect sweatshirt thats cozy for your nights in yet is fancy enough to make you feel like you're about to have a night on the town?  Nope we aren't kitten you!  Thanks to our insta find of Bow and Drape you are covered!

    Need one that makes Taylor Swift look tame next to you?

    So feline-ing   this one  !

    So feline-ing this one!

    How ever you cat it up make sure its cute!  Stay tuned for more of The (Instagram) Rabbit Hole posts soon!  What are your favorite finds?

    Yep we had this...  .now you can too

    Yep we had you can too

    xoxo TWH